New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Who wants to meet our new INTERNeX crew members?

Let me introduce you to Lia. She’s from Herten in Germany and here with us for six weeks to volunteer at an animal resource centre. Back home she studies English and Geography to become a teacher. Vancouver wasn’t her first stop, she’s already been to Alaska for two weeks prior to coming here. There, she went on an expedition with her university, how cool is that? Her experience however was rather shocking. While the landscape was stunning it was the culture that gave her an uncomfortable feeling with easy accessible guns that made it possible to have shootings for fun in the backyard. The happier she was to finally come to Canada where she so far experienced that people are really nice. Her best friend who stayed a year in Winnipeg told Lia about her great time here and convinced her to see for herself. On her bucket list are Lake Louise, Capilano Suspension Bridge and other hiking trails around Vancouver. She loves exploring, hiking, playing volleyball, sports in general, cooking (especially pasta bolognese) and reading. Let’s make the six weeks count and show her how great Vancouver can be. 🙂

I’d also love for you to meet Isabel. She’s from Germany, near Munich and staying with us for two months to volunteer at a pre-school. Back home she’s studying to become a teacher in English and Arts. It’s her first time in North America and she picked Canada for various reasons, e.g. she likes the accent, plus she heard many good things about this country, that people are friendly, it’s safe with a high educational standard and there’s stunning nature around. I would say she isn’t wrong. 😉 Her first impressions confirm her expectations, she thinks Vancouver is beautiful with a mix of modern and historic buildings, the surrounding water and mountains almost everywhere you look. On her bucket list are visits to museums (especially arts) and parks, so if you have any recommendations send them her way! In her free time Isabel plays the piano and e-guitar. Additionally, she loves to paint and watch fantasy movies. Seems like we have a specialist with us, maybe she can be a great help on one of our trivia nights. 😉

We’re excited for the two to join our INTERNeX family! Make sure you say hello at our Whistler trip or next Pub Night!

See you there!


Laura 🙂

New “Kids” on the Blog

We are happy to announce many more Newcomers this week: Welcome Anne-Sophie, Nina, Niels and Marco!!

Anne-Sophie made all her way from Belgium to us. As a marketing student, she is looking forward to her marketing practicum and her time in Canada, a country that was recommended to her by friends and her university. For she is already an expert in Dutch and French, she’s in the perfect spot to perfect her English skills. But of course she is also excited for all the great nature this beautiful country has to offer and would like to travel to Vancouver Island, go snowboarding and see some Hockey games. Not to forget Anne-Sophie is super excited to meet lots of internationals – well, this is the best city to do that Anne-Sophie!


Niels, also from Belgium, is from the same university as Anne-Sophie and became interested in Vancouver during a Botswana trip. When he spent some time with internationals during his trip, he asked in the group what the greatest city was they ever went to and 6 of them replied: “Vancouver!” :D. So an easy choice for Niels who is also here for a practicum and is interested in travelling to the Rocky Mountains (he definitely wants to see a bear during his time here) and spend some time whale watching. Just like Anne-Sophie he is excited for snowboarding and watching Hockey games. Not to forget, he’d like to visit Stanley Park and compare the scenery of today to the pictures of when he was three years old and visiting the park with his family. Sounds like a great endeavour with lots to explore.

Another one of our newcomers is Nina from Germany. She’s staying in a homestay in Surrey where she is volunteering there in an animal shelter. Being concerned with Canada as her dream destination, she was especially motivated to come here because of the mentality of the people, but also for working on her English skills. As a biology student, she’s going to have a great time at the shelter in Surrey, which focuses on scientific approaches analysing and monitoring animal behaviour. Nina would also like to travel to the Rocky Mountains and see Banff National Park, Seattle and – of course – some Hockey games.

Last but not least, we welcomed Marco from Austria this week. He is also volunteering in the same domestic animal shelter as Nina in Surrey and will also be based there in a host family. He mentioned that he had always been amazed by Canada and the vast nature our beautiful country has to offer, which made him come here eventually. Just like the others, he is also excited to travel around and, how could it be any different, watch Hockey games. Seems like you guys should make some plans for that right away. 🙂

Great to welcome you all, have a wonderful start here in Vancouver and we’d love to see you at tonight’s Pub Night at Malone’s Social Lounge and Taphouse!!


– Felicitas

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New “Kid” on the Blog

Another week, another new candidate arrived:

Welcome Louise!!

Louise flew all the way into Vancouver last Saturday from Denmark. She is 21 years old and aspires to become a vet. Before diving deep into her studies, she decided to spend 6 months in Canada and gain some experience in domestic – but also wildlife rescue and rehabilitation with two of our stations in Surrey, as well as on beautiful Vancouver Island. It’s her greatest passion to work with animals and she couldn’t be more excited to start her volunteering experience with us.
For she has family located in Surrey, and is convinced that Canada is the place that she
fits in best apart from her home country, it was an easy choice for her to come here. Louise is interested in travelling around and experiencing the stunning nature that BC has to offer. Yet, she has no concrete plans yet. I am sure, however, you guys can team up with her to make some plans. 😉

Great to have you with us Louise, let the fun begin!!

Have a great week and hope to see y’all for Pub Night at the Old Spaghetti Factory tomorrow! ☺


– Felicitas

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10 Reasons to visit Canada

1. You finally learn how to apologize properly and not offend anyone ever 

Canadians are probably the most friendly and polite people you will ever meet. Besides having super nice conversations in the grocery store, the elevator, or bus, they are also extremely regardful. They accidentally bump into to you in the streets – they will 49025347617_52a4eedbdc_o.jpgapologize! You accidentally bump into them – They will apologize. You steel their cap – they will apologize for getting in your way. Even negative things or rejections can be wrapped into words so nicely that you won’t even notice a “no”. Whereas our parents had to teach us in a long and exhausting progress to say please and thank you, Canadians come out of their mothers womb already saying thank you.
Therefore, come to Canada and learn to be a kind human being ;-). 

2. Canada has breathtaking landscapes that are absolutely Insta-worthy. 

48002917013_6d72a5d56d_h.jpgYou want to travel and see the world? Or maybe you want to start your very own Instagram career as an influencer and simply don’t have the right pictures yet? Well either way, your Instagram-community will be flashed by the beautiful pictures you’ll be posting very soon. And the best part is, it even looks breathtaking with #nofilter! So it is actually quite a good view without your phone screen in between. With the incredibly blue lakes, the wide oceans, the snow-covered mountains and never-ending forests with lots of wildlife, you’ll never get tired of the unique scenery. Wherever you go, you will be speechless and the happiest human alive to actually be right were you are.  

3. There isn’t just one culture to experience, but so many different ones. 

Canada has an impressive and super interesting history (further more), it’s always been a country where people got together. And travelling to Canada today, doesn’t mean everybody you see out here is Canadian. Especially by living in the bigger cities, you will 48002916868_bc67fe5dcd_o.jpgfind a very colourful, mixed variety of people from different cultures and with different beliefs. And since everybody is not only super friendly, but also very open minded, you will get the very unique opportunity to get to know so so much. In fact, maybe it even opens your eyes towards your own culture. For example as a German, I often heard that we are so well organized, always on time and efficient workers, but also that we’ve got no humour, are unrelaxed, have a stick up our a** and always look like we’re about to scream at someone. Nope I am not gonna pop someones bubble and tell you which ones I would subject as true or not true. All I am saying is … some of them might be true :-D. What I am trying to say here is – you won’t only get to learn a lot about so many different cultures, but also about your own and in fact about yourself. 

4. It’s the perfect investment for your life

Some people invest thousands of dollars in shares, properties, or clothing, but here is a much better idea. Why don’t you simply spent all your savings on yourself, by traveling to this beautiful country. It’s not only the best choice for an investment, but it will also 9474585256_ba00db2cec_o.jpghelp you to finally get rid of all the redundant money resting in your bank account and loosing value every day (Sounding like a bank manager here)! And trust me, Canada has figured out good ways to make use of the money… #theyalesaloon #thecambie. Of course I am joking, it’s not that bad (or is it?!). No but seriously, wherever you go, you won’t get anything for free and instead of treasuring it up, you should get out there and see the world! Those are the experiences that are truly priceless. It’s an investment that isn’t risky, because you will never regret doing it!

5. You would have the most special 19th birthday you could have all around the world

In most countries it’s either the 18th or the 21st birthday, that is the one day every young human is desperately waiting for! Finally grown up and finally being allowed in Pubs and Clubs and drinking a beer or two. Well British Columbia for instance, isn’t only special because of the nature and the people, but also because the magical number here 49415873448_3113f39ccb_o.jpgis the 19 – not 18, not 21. It’s 19. Therefore, your 19th birthday in BC could be way more special than it would have been anywhere else in the world. Especially if you start your trip a little bit in advance, so you’ve got enough time to actually look forward to it and go big on your special day ;-). Who else could say that their 19th birthday was one of the craziest they ever had?! 

6. You’ll get to see the beautiful impressive wildlife 

Yeah I mean you get all these massive impressive animals here, all different kinds of whales, polar bears, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, seals, otters, beavers, moose, eagles …. (add a variety of amazing animals here). And yes of course it is pretty cool, just sitting in your car driving towards the next city close by and being forced to stop because this giant moose is in the middle of the road, giving you ‘the look’ to please move fromIMG_20190531_194523.jpg ‘his’ street, since he clearly was here before you.
But what I am referring to, is the other kind of wild life. I have to admit – I’ve never seen it before. The ‘wildest’ thing about this species is, how much it is actually being treated like a human. I am talking about the wild trolly-dog! Dogs in a handbag are so last season!! On this side of the globe, you gotta buy a trolly to “walk” your dog. Wait, wasn’t that the whole point of walking your dog, the actual walking part?!  Well what do I know right?! 

7. Canada has an incredible history 

As you might have known, at some point in history the Europeans decided to get on giant ships and try their best to get to end of this “world-disk”. By that, they accidentally made their way to the American continent and therefore also to Canada at some point after.  But long before that, you could actually find populations here – the Indigenous. Being here gives you the incredible chance of learning more about their struggles, perspective on life, and their beautiful, spiritual and inspiring knowledge of nature and how to live a life deeply connected to it. 

8. Third cleanest air in the world.

Just a fun fact on the side. It’s not only Vancouver that gets continuously rated as one of the most liveable cities on earth, but it turns out the air here is one of the best ones your lunges will ever get to breath in, too. Well if that is not a very strong argument for all the lung-tourist out there – I don’t know what is! 

9. Feel like you are part of ‘Riverdale”, I actually don’t know if that’s a pro or con argument

Having a milkshake at Pops, walking through the streets surrounded by dark green forests, fighting a grizzly (a la Archie) – everything is possible. Yes, now I will have to admit, that I actually watched ‘Riverdale’. For the ones that haven’t watched it, here’s a IMG_20190604_083244.jpgshort summary: A bunch of 17 year olds(?) is stuck between fighting drug lords, murder-dads, spooky fantasy monsters and, of course, growing up – the usual stuff, you know.  Even though I might be not the biggest fan of the show itself, I am a huge fan of Pops Milkshakes! And yes that is a very good argument to make your way Canada (trust me on this, it’s so worth it). In case you are a big fan, even better! Because the Riverdale cast hangs around Vancouver all (dramatic pause) the (another dramatic pause) time, so pack your bag and soon enough you’ll be fighting those grizzly bears together with Archie Andrews! 

10. Poutine!

There is not a lot to say. The argument is simple – Poutine! A mixture between the beautiful juicy gravy with a bunch of yummy cheese and those, kinda smashed, but still slightly crunchy fries underneath. A traditional Canadian food you will love!

That’s it for today! I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you all tomorrow! 


— Nadja xx 

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INTERNeX Canada: Volunteer program

Do you feel like you need new experiences? or that you’ve missed something but you don’t know what it is?Or do you just simply love animals and have a passion for helping those that are orphaned or injured? Don’t look further, because a Volunteer program could be the answer for you.

INTERNeX offers a volunteer program as one of our many options for working abroad, where you will be able to feed the passion for animals while doing good in a community.

The volunteering program is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in local communities and wildlife; you can help to rescue and rehabilitate injured animals as well as orphaned animals in Canada or Guyana!

But this is not only an opportunity to help animals, but it is also an opportunity to improve your English, experience different cultures, and travel to a different country!

There are a few requirements that you have to meet to begin your volunteer adventure. First of all, you should definitely have a passion for volunteer work and a love a lot  animals. You should also be physically fit and willing to work with animals! It is definitely a great opportunity if this area interests you!

A volunteer can quite exhausting at times but will definitely be very rewarding.

If you have a passion for helping animals, the environment, or a local community, then check out the INTERNeX website for more information or contact us at



INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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