Candidate Exposé – Roslyn Campbell

My name is Roslyn. I’m 23 years old and I’m from a small city in the heart of Scotland. I graduated from Abertay University in 2017, just before I went to Vancouver. I studied Media, Culture and Society there, a course that looks at analyzing the media and its relation to society.

Roslyn CampbellAfter visiting Vancouver in 2013 before I started university, I fell in love with this amazing, outdoor city. It had always been a dream of mine to come back. Since I wanted to expand my work experience after university, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. In Canada, I did a volunteer program where I focused on sustainability and increasing the company’s social media presence. In order to be successful there, you need to have a strong sense of independence and be self-reliable. You also need to be a team player. I enjoyed my time there a lot.

Although I had been in Vancouver once before, my second impression was that the city was even more amazing than I remembered it. I stayed at a host family, which helped me feel at home. I also attended (almost) every pub night organized by INTERNeX and I joined many of their activities and trips. I went to Seattle, Whistler, Banff, Salt Spring Island, Bowen Island and many more beautiful places. I made a lot of friends through these events and my experience would not have been the same without them.

Roslyn Campbell (words)The nature is definitely one of the things I like most about Canada, together with White Rock, Salt Spring Island and the people. It is my goal to come back one day. However, I really want to visit other places such as Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries as well. My ultimate dream is to go on a safari and explore a rainforest in Africa. For now, I am back in Scotland, where the first thing I did was cuddle my dog, as I had not seen her in 6 months.

INTERNeX was very helpful regarding the preparation for the program, as well as providing me with advice about the city, what places to explore and introducing me to new friends. I have already recommended it to my friends! I miss Vancouver and am already thinking about when I can come back.

– Roslyn Campbell

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Candidate Exposé – Anni Volder

My name is Anni Volder, I’m 27 years old, from Denmark and study to be a kindergarden teacher.

DSC_0556 - Anni VolderI decided to go to Canada, because I like nature and have family there. My first impression was the people, who were very kind, helpful and polite. The things I liked about Vancouver were the opportunities to get around, I felt safe in the city and around people. I am very satisfied with my stay, thank you.

I was volunteering at a preschool for my studies in Denmark. It was very useful and instructive as I am doing a Bachelor project. I worked at a Developmental Disabilities Association. I had many options for how I wanted and needed to work related to my project. For this job it is important to be responsibly, patient and open minded. As volunteer in practicum it was very useful for my subject. The staff and children were very kind to me when I arrived. When I was asking questions they responded to their knowledge and helped if I needed it.

The trips that were organized were very good and I enjoyed them. For longer trips, I suggest better communication between those who arrange the trips. I went to Whistler and one or two pub nights. The trip to Seattle, I think could have been arranged cheaper.

AnniI will remember the experience how to live there and to go to work. The nature and kind people. When I come home I will try to get over my jetlag and get my arms down from the experience. In the future I want to travel more, don’t know where yet, other than to come back.

I felt safe knowing I could contact INTERNeX anytime if I needed it. We met up with people all the time and had the opportunities to meet other people doing the same as you; being a stranger in another country.

– Anni Volder

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Candidate Exposé – Marie Olbrich

Marie OlbrichMy name is Marie and I am 19 years old. Back in Germany I finished school last year and I am planning to go to university this year, although I haven’t made a decision about what to study yet. I always wanted to come to Canada but in the end it was very spontaneous to come here.

Internex is great for me. The people I met through Internex are great and I can say that I made friends for life here. Internex is the partner agency of my German organization so that’s how I got in contact with them.

Currently I am doing an internship at a non-profit organization and I am working in the office but also take a few shifts as a volunteer during the shows. Every year they put on two great shows, which I am currently working at as well. I couldn’t wish for a better workplace. My colleagues are great and they became a second family to me. Here you need to be creative, have to work in a team and be able to multitask. You need to work independent as well.

I am living in a homestay and it is part of the program I choose, so Internex found it for me. My first impression here was as I imagined a northern American city. It also reminded me a bit of home as I come from Berlin, which is even a bit bigger than Vancouver.

I try to take part in as many activities as possible Internex organises, and always enjoy toMarie Olbrich (words) talk to the other students. The pub nights are a great opportunity to meet new people and keep in touch with everyone.

The Rockies were definitely one of the best experiences so far. I went to Seattle with a few friends and did a roadtrip through California and Nevada with people I met through Internex. Greater Vancouver has so much to offer as well and you don’t even need to travel too far.

Canada’s landscape and nature is just beautiful. Also the people here are quite friendly (most of the time). Difficulties I find is that the transit system is not the best and life in Vancouver is quite expensive.

Internex helped me to connect to other people here and to share experiences with them. I would recommend Internex to my friends and I already did ☺ I always loved to travel and I try to visit as many countries as possible. When I get home from this experience I will have a huge BBQ with my family.

– Marie

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INTERNeX Through the Looking Glass -Practicum Program

Amiel here again!
Missed my first post about INTERNeX? Check it out: INTERNeX Through the Looking Glass – Intro

The other day I found this quote by David Mitchell who wrote Cloud Atlas (some of you might have seen the movie) “travel far enough, you meet yourself”. I think this statement holds a lot of truth. When you travel you leave behind your old environment to step into a new one to broaden your horizons. You accumulate experiences you never could have if you had stayed at home.What’s on the menu today? Earlier this week I gave you an introduction of INTERNeX and what they’re all about. This time we’ll be checking out one of the INTERNeX programs you can sign up for: the Practicum Program.

What is it and how does it work?

First of all, most placements INTERNeX facilitates in and outside of Canada are unpaid. Does that seem shocking to you? Well, there is a deeper meaning to it. If you want to know what it is check out the Blog next week, when I’ll have a post about the differences between paid and unpaid internships.

INTERNeX is able to facilitate placements in almost any industry. So, it pretty much comes down to what you want to do and learn, be it for your post-secondary education or voluntary/personal reasons. That’s because a practicum is supposed to help you gain practical experience in the industry of your placement and ideally assist you in finding an environment you could see yourself working in in the future.
Before you can begin your journey though, there are several steps you’ll have to take first. The early stages are for discussing what your goals are and what you want to achieve. After which, you will be introduced to potential organizations that also demonstrate interest in you. Next, is the completion of the visa process and only once INTERNeX is sure you’re all set will you take off on your adventure.

The difference in how INTERNeX works compared to other international exchange agencies is the close contact they have with their candidates by accompanying and supporting them every step of the way. By doing it like this they help taking away a lot of that anxiousness you feel when you take your first jump into a different world.

With this we’ve reached the end for today but the next blog post is not so far off explaining the advantages of an unpaid internship over a paid one.


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INTERNeX Through the Looking Glass -Intro

My name is Amiel and I’m taking part in INTERNeX’ Practicum Program as a practicum student at INTERNeX. Wow, that almost sounded like a tongue twister! 😀the new guy

Alright, why am I here writing this blogpost and introducing myself? What I want to do today is tell you a little about INTERNeX from my perspective with the topics of: Who are they? And what do they do?

First, something about myself. I’m a German university student, in my final year before completing my Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration. Here in Vancouver, I’m currently about half way through my 4 month practicum working as a PR Coordinator on the one side but also doing Social Media Marketing on the other. I’ve already learned so much and had extremely fun experiences! Time really flies and there’s always much too little of it.

Now, who is INTERNeX?
The company was founded by Timothy Wells in 1998. In a nutshell, it’s an organization that gives you the opportunity to explore the world by helping you live and work in a foreign country. However, I believe it is so much more. INTERNeX is a global community of people eager to meet and learn about new places, people and their cultures around the world. Besides providing their services to the candidates they integrate all of them in weekly and monthly social activities, making it feel like you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends. It’s really incredible and I haven’t met or even heard of any other organization that does the same for its participants.

So, what exactly does INTERNeX do?
There are three main programs: Ranch Stay, Hospitality and the Practicum Program. They also give you the possibility to take part in a Volunteering Program through Fronteering (check out their website at: INTERNeX has a close and lifelong relationship with them. In other words a partnership.
Through the help of these programs participants who want to gain practical experience are able to receive placements well-suited to their needs. The mission is to promote personal success and assist the candidates in achieving their goals while nurturing cultural understanding in this multi-cultural community.

Well, that was all for today! This week was only an introduction into the world of INTERNeX. In case you want to learn more, check out my blogposts over the upcoming weeks in which I’ll be going into more detail about the programs INTERNeX provides OR just visit the homepage at:


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INTERNeX Canada: Exposé of the Week

Our star of the exposé of the week today is Melanie. She is from Germany and currently enjoys a very exciting 9-months trip in North America. She started off with a two-month internship in Vancouver in January and continued to Hawaii to take business English in a language school. Now she travels around BC and will start volunteering at a husky farm in July. Read what her experiences were in Vancouver and Canada!

Why did you choose to go to Canada?
I wanted to go abroad and have new experiences. I did not think about Canada specifically but it is an English speaking country and I have never been here before, so I decided to go.

What kind of internship did you do and what where your daily tasks?
I interned at a recruiting company that sends English language teachers abroad. My tasks were mainly administrative work and communication with our candidates. I welcomed new teachers who wanted to go abroad and helped them to prepare their documents for the program. I also worked with private language schools, particularly in South Korea.

Is your internship a part of your university program and is it useful for your career goals?
The internship was just for my own experience, it is not required for university. I think, it will be very useful for my resume. It is always good to have work practice and experience abroad.

What was the best think about your internship?
The best thing was that I improved my English and got used to communication in a foreign language. For example, making telephone calls in English is a challenging thing at first. My colleagues were also very friendly and helpful; it was fun working with them.

What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?
The best thing for me about Canada is the beautiful nature. Vancouver is so nice because it is close to both mountains and the ocean. And I like all the beautiful parks here in the city!

What trips did you do in your free time, were some organized by INTERNeX?
I have been to Seattle and Whistler and did many small trips such as Capilano Suspension Bridge or Stanley and Lighthouse Park. With INTERNeX I went to the Rockies, which was a very memorable trip! We had so much fun and I got to know a lot of nice people. I especially enjoyed the campfire we had, the Banff gondola and the Columbia Icefields! The nature is just stunning.

How did INTERNeX International Exchange help you organize your trip?
INTERNeX is a partner of the German organization I used to come to Canada. They helped me to find the internship and prepared me for interviews. My homestay was also organized by INTERNeX and I had a good time with the family. The help was is very useful in the first weeks abroad.

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?
Yes, I would. It is so much easier to adopt and find your way in a new country if you have help. I found it was very useful to have INTERNeX because it’s very difficult to find an internship on your own in a country you don’t know. INTERNeX also offers good possibilities to get to know people.

Thank you, Melanie, for sharing your international experience with us.



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