Picture of the Week

A short story about luck and bad luck.

On the last Weekend, the long Labour-day-Weekend I was with a couple of friends in Tofino. And we had a lot of luck: with good weather, with the great car that we have hired, with the great hostel, with the friendly people that we have met, with everything 🙂 a really funny and great Trip.

And then on Monday on the back Trip to Vancouver we have missed the 05:20pm Ferry in Nanaimo…
And the next one was starting at 7:30 pm…  so we had to wait about two hours on the Ferry-Station in Nanaimo….  bad luck 😦

But with the 7:30pm Ferry we had an unbelievable view of the Sunset over Nanaimo.
And here I have made this beautiful “Picture of the Week”:

“Sunset over Nanaimo”

Sunset over Nanaimo

And now I think it was luck that we missed the 5:20pm Ferry!

For more pictures of the Tofino-Trip click here


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