How was your weekend?

There’s no way to deny it: Today, it’s Monday. I’m back at work. Here I am, sitting at my desk, sipping my warm ginger tea and getting ready to write this blog post. The perk about Monday blog posts: I get to tell you all about my weekend! So, sit back and enjoy reading about what I did for the last few days.

It all started Thursday evening. At 7pm, our bus departed from the Pacific Central station. The destination: Portland! We left Vancouver, crossed the border, had a 1.5 hour stop in Seattle from where another bus brought us to the desired city. I’m not much of an in-the-bus-sleeper, so that was quite a sleepless night.

We arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected. At 5:30am, to be exact. We headed to the hotel straight away, where we enjoyed a good breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles, cereal, yogurt, coffee, tea, orange juice… I could go on and on. It was soooo good! I was already looking forward to the upcoming 2 breakfasts. When we were done eating and our food coma overcame us, it was time to explore the city. First, we walked along the water at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Then, we headed to the Pioneer Courthouse Square. Let’s join a walking tour! It was called ‘Secrets of Portlandia’. Our tour guide Erik led us through the city for 2,5 hours. He told us about the history of Portland and how it got its name (by a coin toss, by the way). But he also showed us famous places and buildings, as well as the food truck ‘Stretch the Noodle’, which makes Chinese noodles freshly in front of you (absolutely tasty).

After checking in at the hotel and refreshing ourselves, we went for dinner at an Italian restaurant. Since the day was very long already, we went back to the hotel afterwards. But not to sleep already. We spent an easy evening together with lots of different card games.

At 10am on Saturday, it was time for Miri, Elisabeth, Angy and I to go to the Lan Su Chinese Garden. The rest of the Portland gang went to have a tour on the USS Blueback submarine. It rained quite a lot in the beginning of the day, but suddenly the sun decided to show her face. The whole garden was brought into a different spotlight. The pavilions, the bridges, the water, the plants… It was just wonderful to look at.

Have you ever heard of the Voodoo doughnuts? It’s what Portland is very famous for. Funny named and shaped doughnuts that are delicious and worth standing in line for 20 minutes (or more) for. It’s exactly what I did. And yes, they were so good! After munching doughnuts, we wanted to try the other thing Portland is famous for: Beer! A few of the 21+ aged candidates joined me to the Pints Brewhouse. We ordered the 10 beers they had on their menu. Some were awesome, but others will not make it on my ‘I want to drink that again’ list.

In the evening, some of us played mini-golf. It was not just normal mini-golf, but mini-golf in blacklight with a pirate and underwater theme. Exciting! I did not win, unfortunately, but it was fun, anyway! When we got back to the hotel, we did the same as the evening before: playing card games and talking and laughing with each other. Around 3am, it was bed time. The next day was not that special. Breakfast, check-out, driving back to Vancouver by bus. And still: an entire day passed by with that.

This trip was fun and great! I enjoyed having you all there! Let’s share some memories and stories this Wednesday during PuB NiGHT at Mahony & Sons!

– Nadine

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Keep Portland Weird!

It’s finally time again: INTERNeX’s next monthly trip is taking place! In 2 days, we’ll all be sitting in a bus. And not only are we going away, we are going out of the country! Goodbye Canada and hello USA. Portland is our destination.

We’ll meet on Thursday, June 7th, at 6:15pm in front of the Pacific Central Station. From there, we will take the bus. A super exciting and fun 11-hours bus ride is ahead of us! The perfect time to talk to your seat neighbour, to listen to your favourite music, to read a fascinating book, to have a good night sleep, etc.

Rise and shine, it’s 6am and it’s a new day. Welcome to Portland Ladies and Gentlemen. We’ll go to the hotel directly to store our luggage (because check in is not open until 4pm). And because it’s so early and we’re all most likely starving, we’ll fill our bellies at the hotel buffet. At 10:15am, we’ll gather in front of the hotel. Time to go to downtown! A 2-hour walking tour will give us a first impression of Portland. Afterwards, you’ll have the chance to discover Portland on your own for 3 hours. At 4pm, we’ll meet up again so we all find our way back to the hotel. At last, we can check in! And now that you’re finally in your hotel room, you can rest for a while and freshen up! The next meeting time is 6pm, where we’ll gather in front of the hotel (once again). We’ll go for a delicious dinner in a restaurant. We’ll end the evening relaxed by chilling in the hotel. Games, laughs and talks included!

Good morning dear candidates! It’s for you to decide at what time you’ll enjoy breakfast. As long as you’re in front of the hotel at 10am, it’s all good. On Saturday, everyone gets to choose an activity (the choices are: the Chinese Garden, Pittock Mansion or the USS Submarine). After the activity, everyone has free time, the whole afternoon. Try to plan in some time to get snacks and drinks for the bus ride the next day. We’ll meet at 6pm at a restaurant in downtown (which will be announced at a later time). After our tasty dinner, we’ll head to another activity. It’s for you to decide whether you’d like to go roller skating or play mini golf in blacklight. After that, the 21+ people have the chance to discover Portland’s nightlife. Yay!

On Sunday, it’s time to go back to Vancouver. It’s up to you again at what time you want to eat breakfast. Check out time at the hotel is latest 11am. We will also meet at that time to go to the Greyhound station, so make sure you’re ready on time! This time, an ‘only’ 9.5-hour long bus ride is ahead of us! We arrive back at the Pacific Central Station at 10pm.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Passport (must be valid)
  • $6 USD in cash to cross the border
  • Your documents to re-enter Canada (work permit etc.)
  • Umbrella or rain jacket (unfortunately, the weather forecast doesn’t seem great)
  • Your bikini / swim shorts (there is a pool we could use)

So, Keep Portland Weird! (That’s the unofficial motto of the city, by the way) And I’ll see you tomorrow for our PuB NiGHT at The Relish or latest on Thursday at 6:15pm!

– Nadine

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INTERNeX HiGHLIGHTSIn this episode of our INTERNeX Highlights, we will talk about all the things we did in September, everything we have planned for October (and some more) and, of course, the biggest event there is for this month – Halloween!

Taking a look at the video, you will hear about our summer ending party at the HI hostel at Jericho Beach, about the Giant’s hockey game we went to, about the nice afternoon at the flea market, our big monthly trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and the sunny start of October.

Other than that, we will keep you updated on our plans for October (and maybe something big in November?). From haunted houses over frightening nights and our highlight of the month: The big Halloween party at the Blarney Stone! Especially for that, we will give you a few tips where to get costumes and how to dress up for this ever present monthly highlight.

Take a look at find out about the details 🙂

See you around,


INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

An amazing PuB and CluB NiGHT and a walk through Vancouver, enjoying beautiful weather: That was our weekend. I hope you had a good one as well but let me sum ours up for everybody who had to miss out on it.

On Friday, a few INTERNeX clients who were persistent to finish their working week with a group of nice people and good music met up in The Cambie downtown and enjoyed a few drinks. Even though it was PuB and CluB NiGHT, we were actually more chatting away then being crazy on the dance floor, but I just go ahead and say it was still a very nice night out. The music was a mixture between rock and the newest charts and something I can frankly not categorize, but it was fun watch a few Vancouverites dance to it 😉 Take a look at our Facebook pictures to get an impression…

After granting everybody one day off to get over possible hangovers, a small group of interested people met up again on Sunday. The task of the day was to explore some of Vancouver’s neighborhoods by foot. Luckily, the weather was absolutely beautiful: Loads of sunshine and no rain whatsoever! So our brave little group set out to explore and we started at the Vancouver Public Library. For all of you who have not yet taken a look at it: It is an impressive building resembling the ancient Roman coliseum and was built in the 90s.

Moving on, we went through Yaletown, Vancouver’s former meatpacking district. Though it’s taken years for the neighborhood to really catch on, it is now a funky upscale district of furniture shops, restaurants, multimedia companies, “New York-style” lofts, and lots and lots of clubs.

Continuing our excursion we were reaching False Creek and took the tiny Aquabus to set over to Granville Island, which is not really an island. It contains a collection of shops, restaurants, theaters, artists’ workshops, housing, a hotel, and still-functioning heavy industry. Right at the top of the Aquabus dock is the entrance into the Granville Island Public Market. And guys believe me: This is paradise! Everything that is edible was probably there. Mountains of fruit and candy. Just take a look at our pictures, it was just amazing!






After a short lunch break, who can resist eating if surrounded by food, we continued our walk. Strolling down the Island Park Walk, we had the chance to enjoy Vancouver’s beautiful skyline in the sunlight. Passing the Burrard Bridge, the Maritime Museum, and a 30 m (98ft.) totem pole, we finally arrived at Kitsilano Beach. One of the many beaches of Vancouver, offering a lot of free recreational activities, like for example volleyball courts.







So a relaxed afternoon came to its end and we have one more time a lot of pictures to share with you.

See you all again soon,



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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver – Free Walking Tours!

New to Vancouver?  First of all, welcome to this beautiful city!

I’m sure you have heard how amazing this city is, but it can be hard to find your way around when you have just arrived. Today’s smart saver is perfect for those who are new, or anyone who wants to explore the city of Vancouver more!

Joining a tour is a great way to get to know a foreign place because it includes a tour guide showing you where to go and answering any questions you may have!

The Tour Guys Walking Tours offer FREE WALKING TOURS of downtown Vancouver. They run Friday to Sunday in the winter and you get a choice of exploring three neighbourhoods – Chinatown, Granville Street & Gastown, and Downtown & Olympic Waterfront.

Their tour guides are full of energy and are so knowledgeable about everything Vancouver. They put on an incredible show and it won’t feel like you are in a regular, boring tour. You’ll find out why people are so in love with Vancouver and why it has been chosen as one of the most liveable cities on earth.

Check out the full calendar here! To register, all you have to do is select the date and tour you want to attend. You don’t have to pay anything! The tours generally start at 11am and lasts for 90 minutes. Please try to arrive 10 minutes so you won’t be left behind.

Vancouver is more than just skyscrapers, mountains and ocean – all things you have already been told about.  Take advantage of this free option to learn about its vibrant history and the eclectic culture that you can’t find anywhere else!



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