Review: Pub Night @ Steamworks

First of all: Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday! I was really happy to see you one more time 🙂
Yesterday we went for my “Goodbye Pub Night” to Steamworks.
Since our large table was downstairs and the Steamworks is bigger than expected, it was a bit tricky to get there.

At last everyone got it and we could enjoy food and drinks which was pretty good.
The Steamworks is worth visiting and if you are going to visit it, don’t miss the girl-washroom , hihi…… It’s really funny, you can share the toilette with your best friend. Come oooooon, that was always our dream, right??? Have a look at the picture 😀
View more pictures here.

I had a great last Pub Night, thank you guys!

Wish you still an amazing time here in Vancouver:) Enjoy it!

Don’t forget to sign up for the FlyOver Canada on Saturday and for the Halloween Party next Friday.

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INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

Today I am going to speak about one topic kind of private. When we were in Whistler a bunch of girls we spoke about that….and the topic is…

Canadian washrooms!

What is wrong with the Canadian washroom´s doors? I don´t know why but all the doors has a specie of gap!!!Of course through you can see the people outside…but if you can see the people outside is obvious that they can see you as well! It´s impossible to have a complete privacy inside!

But that´s not all, in Whistler, Julia one of our candidates told us that when she was in USA, a lot of “restrooms” didn´t have directly any door! Haha Yeah that´s much worse that a little opening!

In Spain and in the rest of the other places I´ve been, I have never seen that. Sometimes you have to knock the door to know if there is someone or not, that´s something you don´t need to do in Canada, you just see or not him/her!

But I would really want to know why? Are safer the doors with an opening? Are the Canadians worried about the wood?  Or are just North America people more exhibitionist than Europeans? 😉

Do you know why? Please let us know! 🙂



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