INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend

Last Saturday we went to Queen Elizabeth Park to make a picnic. This park, located between Cambie Street and Main Street, is one of the most beautiful gardens in Vancouver, and the second most visited after Stanley Park. So here you have our weekend chronicle:

Firstly we arrived there, the weather was awesome and the place is amazing, as you can see in the pictures. You can find there many groups of people walking around the park wearing night dresses because a lot of people come there to make their wedding pictures.

We took a stroll around the park and we visited the flower garden. There is a beautiful greenhouse too, but we didn’t enter, (only to buy ice creams) it was quite expensive… maybe other time! Just in front of the green house, there is a place where you can enjoy a fantastic view of Downtown.

After that, we found a kind of fountain that is often used by kids like a water park. But we are worst that the kids, so we jump in to the fount to run and play… I told you, worst than the kids. But it was so funny!

Finally we found a nice lawn to lie down, dry under the sun and eat our picnic. Personally, I was delighted because we don’t have a lot of opportunities to get a tan here!

So, I know that is Monday, the begging of the week, but don’t worry, we had a couple of amazing plans for this week guys! stay tunned!




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