Stop, Squamish time!

Only one… two… three more days until we are on our way to Squamish! Although you already know what we are going to do, let me provide you with some more details.

We will meet at 7:45AM at the Pacific Central Station (1150 Station St) in Vancouver. We will arrive in Squamish at approximately 10:00AM. Then, we will walk for an hour to the base of the Sea to Sky Gondola where we will start our hike. The hike will last three hours and is filled with beautiful nature, amazing views and there will be time to enjoy a little picnic. At the end of the hike, we will be on the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola where we can find the Summit Lodge. The perfect place to treat ourselves to a drink and celebrate we made it! 21062859398_0c95352186_n

After that, it is time to go to the next activity: the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge! The suspension bridge is 100 metres long and gives visitors a breathtaking view of the Sky Pilot Mountain and Howe Sound. When we have had enough of enjoying the sun (although honestly, could we ever?), it is time to take the gondola down again. But no worries, the trip is not over yet! When we are back at the base of the gondola, we will walk for about 20 minutes to have a look at Shannon Falls Provincial Park. Fun fact: Shannon Falls is the third tallest waterfall in British Colombia!

After visiting the waterfall, you will have the opportunity to have a Subway/A&W/McDonald’s (or bring your own) dinner before we head back on the bus. We will arrive in Vancouver at approximately 10pm. The day will consist of a lot of walking, however, it will all be worth it! According to the weather forecast it will be 26 degrees that day so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen! Also, make sure to bring enough food for the picnic and water to make sure you will not get dehydrated.

I hope you are just as excited as I am! See you tonight at the Beaver Bar!

– Angy

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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

This weekend was like the most of the weekend in Vancouver a non-stop weekend!

Saturday was Lies’ farewell! Lately the most of the girls of the PR team are coming back to their houses! Lies will be the last one in leaving us and she wanted to say good bye organizing a farewell party in her place!

Farewells are always fun but sad, you enjoy because it can be the last time you see that person and you don´t have time to waste but it´s so sad to say” goodbye” and not a “see you tomorrow”!

Sunday a bunch of INTERNeX people went to Lynn Canyon! The place was like the most of the parks of this city, amazing!  We crossed a suspension bridge; we walked around some trail until we arrived to a natural swimming pool where some people jumped from different and highs rocks!  It was so crazy to see that! The place was plenty of rocks! A bad fall would become a real tragedy!  But in the time we were there, everybody was having fun, jumping or just looking how the people jumped in that incredible place!

After the park we came back to the civilization and have lunch/dinner (in Spain eating something before nine is not dinner!) to recover some energy!

Thanks for the people that came yesterday! Visiting amazing places are always better with good company!



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How was your weekend?

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday! My weekend was absolutely awesome! As some of you may already know; I am from the Netherlands! This Saturday there was a huge party in my country, because it was the queen’s birthday. You can probably compare it to Canada Day here. When it is Queensday in the Netherlands everyone is dressing up in orange (our national color) and we are celebrating the queen’s birthday in every city of Holland! Here is a picture to give you an idea…

Since I and some other people in my house are Dutch, we had to celebrate this of course!! 😀 So, on Friday night a bunch of Dutchies went to the Roxy’s and celebrated Queensnight together. Most of them were of course wearing orange clothing and drinking Dutch beer!

On Saturday we had to wake up really early in the morning, because some INTERNeX candidates and I were going to make a boat trip! We woke up at 6 in the morning to go all the way to Deep Cove, where the boat was located. It was pretty good weather and we were sitting on the front part of the boat in the sun. We had a beautiful view, fresh air, some drinks and music. It was a perfect day and the experience was amazing!
We saw an amazing waterfall which you can only access by boat! The owner of the boat had a BBQ on this boat, so for lunch we made delicious burgers! Unfortunately the rain kind of ruined our lunch, but it couldn’t ruin our day anymore!  It was a really unique boat trip and also a little bit a farewell for Bart, because he will be leaving us this Tuesday!


On Sunday I had a nice relaxing day. Finally the weather was so good that I’ve been outside the whole day, just lying in the sun with some of my housemates! I even got a little sun burn – that is how beautiful the weather was on Sunday!!


Now I am curious how your weekend was! Tell us by leaving a comment :D!!

Have a good beginning of the week!!


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Go Camping at an AMAZING location!

Okay, if you haven’t been camping this summer – or at all for that matter – you NEED to go. Why? Two words: Garibaldi Lake. You may be thinking “Well, I don’t have car, it would be impossible to get there.” WRONG. Come on, where is your sense of adventure? What the heck are you doing in Canada if you’re not willing to go an extra mile, lose yourself in the wilderness and take a few risks? You’re here to have the time of your life so with a little effort, you may just have the experience of a lifetime like we did this past weekend, at Garibaldi Lake.

Our adventure went a little like this…

After work on Thursday, we made our way over to the local grocery store to get some food for our trip. Want a quick and easy lunch? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So easy, and so good. We were staying for two nights, which was three lunches, two breakfasts and two dinners. In total, our grocery bill was around $75.00 CAN. That’s $35.00 each for 3 days worth of food! We ate some pretty great food but be forewarned, cans of soup are very heavy…enough said.

Thursday night was spent packing our backpacks for the adventure to the campground. Believe it or not, camping doesn’t have to be expensive. Mette and I had no camping gear before this weekend. We borrowed two sleeping bags from a coworker (and bear spray) and bought a tent from Army and Navy for only $30.00 CAN. Because campfires are banned in many provincial parks, we had to plan accordingly. We were able to buy a package of small cubes that when lit, would provide flame for 15 minutes. These could be used to cook food and were very inexpensive. These would prove to be very handy in the wilderness. A few other things we bought were flashlights (from the dollar store – worked great)  a tarp (if it rained), a fishing rod (optional – $30.00 Army and Navy as well) and some cards. For the ENTIRE weekend, we only packed ONE pan. That’s right. When you carry everything on your back, you need to pack light. If you’re going to camp, also bring only one set of cutlery per person and one plate, you don’t need anymore than that.

As for clothes, we each brought very little. Again, when you carry everything on your back, think light. Bring a couple pairs of pants, a couple shirts and sweater and that’s it. You won’t need more than that. Some other things to bring are a first aid kit, toilet paper and garbage bags. After we were done packing for the night it was time to get some shut-eye before we embarked on an awesome adventure!

It was early Friday morning when my alarm clock went off and the sunlight was streaming through my bedroom window. I was still a bit tired from last night’s packing but knew the day ahead would be so much fun. Rolling out of bed, we both put on the most outdoorsy camping outfit we had – a plaid shirt. I also added a bandana for an added outdoorsy effect. The shirts were bought at value village – we wanted to look and play the part so we had fun rummaging through second-hand clothes. 🙂 Try it yourself!

At 7 a.m. we were on the bus downtown, and at 7:15 a.m., on the skytrain to catch the Greyhound. I told you you didn’t need a car to go camping! We bought round trip greyhound tickets for $35.00 CAN that would take us close to the Garibaldi Provinicial Park Parking lot. Some of you may be living in a home stay. You can always ask if they would be willing to drive you to your camping destination as well. Or, if there are enough of you wanting to go, you could rent a car for the weekend! We however chose greyhound.  At 7:50 a.m. we were boarding the bus, grinning from ear to ear.

Note: If traveling to Garbialdi Provincial park, the bus stops in Pinecrest, about 4 kilometres from the park. But, we politely asked the bus driver to drop us off at the entrance, which he did, and you can do the same. Most of the time they are very nice and happy to help out. As we got off the bus, we were ready to begin our adventure!

The Garibaldi parking lot was 2.5 kilometres from the highway. Once we arrived there, we were ready to begin the REAL hike – a 9 km journey to our campsite. Before we left, we registered ourselves in, and camping for the entire weekend was only $20.o0 CAN. Pretty cheap when you think of the costs of a renting hotel room or an apartment.

As we began the trek up the mountain, the scenery was breathtaking. Green trees, natural waterfalls and terrain stretched as far as our eyes could see.

Of course, with 50 lb bags on our backs, we worked up a sweat. The natural waterfalls kept us hydrated though.. Once we reached the top, after a 4 1/2 hour hike, the views were spectacular. After seeing these pictures you can imagine how fantastic our weekend was!

This picture was taken after we crossed a river and hiked up a few rocks. The trail was so beautiful! Mette can be seen in this picture! What a trooper! While on the way up, hikers were both ascending and descending, but each one that passed gave us a chipper “Hello!”. Of course they were in a good mood, it’s impossible not to be with such a great environment around you. We met hikers and campers from all over the world at this campground. Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and of course, Canadians!

View from the bridge. Spectacular isn’t it? On the right, a glacier can be seen that has been frozen for over 10,000 years! While we were camping we saw a deer, birds, a lot of fish (trout are spawning right now), and even some insects like black and yellow millipedes!

There is no other place I wanted to be at the moment this picture was taken. I felt relaxed, humble, and lucky to be standing in front of this magnificent view. I forgot all about the city, cars, traffic, work, home – everything, when I was away at Garibaldi Lake. Camping is an amazing way to strengthen relationships and create memories that last a lifetime. It is also a good time to take a few moments for self reflection. I learned a lot about myself this weekend – my capabilities, my goals and aspirations.  I am so glad that myself and the “insane dane” took the time to plan for a trip like this, as it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Thanks Mette for making this trip possible, I couldn’t have done it without you! And also, thanks to the INTERNeX Staff for lending us some gear, and for giving us a day off!

If you have a real sense of adventure, and want to hop up and go, a camping trip is the perfect thing for you. If you’re not in Canada, but are eager to travel and experience new things, why not do it through one of INTERNeX’s many programs? Work in the city, on a resort in rockies, or, complete an internship in your field of study. INTERNeX even has volunteer opportunities! Then, while you’re here, plan your camping trip ;). For more information on INTERNeX programs, visit our website!

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Lynn Valley

A bunch of us went to Lynn Canyon Park this weekend. For those of you that have never heart of Lynn Canyon Park, it is located in North Vancouver and it is know for its suspension bridge, leisurely hike or refreshing swim in one of the many popular swimming holes. The entree to the park, bridge and walks is free!

The suspension bridge is very narrow, but it offers a spectacular view of the river below.  Most of the hikes follow the river and takes you to some amazing waterfalls. You don’t have to be very fit to be able to do a hike in Lynn Canyon Park, most walks are well maintained and easy to walk on.

We had very nice weather making the day even better. Even though you are allowed swim in the water and the water looks like it is inviting you to come in, I would not recommend it just yet. I put my hands in the water and it was freezing! Hopefully the water will heat up so that we can go swimming in it in the summer.

We did almost all the hikes that are there and I really recommend doing as least some of the walks to everyone. There are so many trees and plants in the area that you get the feeling you are walking in a forest!

So if you are looking for something to do and love to be outdoors, go check out Lynn Valley!

– Manouk

VanDusen Botanical Gardens

Take some time to stop and smell the roses – literally!  If you’re looking for a relaxing day, head on over to the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. This spectacular 55-acre garden in the heart of Vancouver has matured into a botanical garden of international stature since opening to the public in 1975.

VanDusen’s collection includes 11,500 accessioned plants representing more than 7,300 plant families and 255,000 individual plants from around the world. Their plant collections represent ecosystems that range from tropical South Africa, to the Himalayas, to the South America and the Mediterranean, across Canada’s Boreal forests and Great Plains to plants native to our own Pacific Northwest.

The garden design features displays of plants in picturesque landscape settings. Specific garden areas are planted to illustrate botanical relationships, such as the Rhododendron Walk, or geographical origins, as in Sino Himalayan Garden. These areas are set amidst rolling lawns, tranquil lakes and dramatic rockwork with vistas of the mountains and Vancouver cityscape.

There is always something interesting to see, no matter what the season! My first trip there was also my first day in Vancouver! The hours for the month of May are 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

2010 Admission Rates

Regular Admission Spring Summer
Apr 1- Jun 30
(incl. GST)
Jul 1-Sep 9
(incl. HST)
Adult (19-64) $9.25 $9.75
Senior (65+) $6.75 $7.25
Youth (13-18) $6.75 $7.25

Early-flowering bulbs (crocus, snowdrop, narcissus), Spring Heath, Early Rhododendrons, Helleborus and Camellias are the flowers that will be blooming in the month of May.

Have fun!

– Laura