INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend!

Last Friday night we went to the Whiskey Bar for our Rocky Mountains after Party !! The Whiskey Bar, is a bar located in the heart of Gastown, with a cozy atmosphere, great music and outstanding staff !!

We could watch the video that Westrek made in the Rockies and it was without doubt nice to see how much fun we had over there ! Some of us appear jumping when we said the “unpronounceable” word! We all people who went to Rockies know what I’m talking about !!

While watching the video we took a few drinks and after that we rocked the dance floor.

We had so much fun and the music I have to say was really great !!

We also saw a lot of people we met during the trip and it was amazing because we could dance a little bit and also chat with them !

And during the weekend, we could rest  a little bit. Saturday started with a cloudy sky, but it soon cleared up and the afternoon was perfect for enjoying the beach, or a beautiful day in the mountains.

On Sunday, it rained a little bit the morning, but it also changed and the afternoon was nice to go outside and rest a little bit in a park for example. (I actually missed a little bit the rain in Vancouver..hehehe)

So, what did you do during your weekend?

I wish you an amazing week everybody!



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