PuB NiGHT Review: The Relish Pub

Thank you everybody for joining us last night at The Relish Pub for our first PuB NiGHT of the year. It was so good to see that everybody survived the holidays and there were even some new faces!

At the Relish Pub we had some drinks and enjoyed some nice food. Some people enjoyed the daily drink specials like Stanley Park Amber beer and the whiskey deals. After we had some drinks and food we decided to take the bus to The Met to of course close our night with some karaoke.

26610713_1838158142892323_212067677_oSongs like “Hotel California”, “Angels” and “Summer nights” were sang. After some songs and more drinks we decided to call it a night.

Again thanks for joining and we hope to see you all on Saturday for the Lord of The Rings Trilogy event!


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Review: PuB NiGHT at Malone’s

Yesterday’s PuB NiGHT was great again! We were with such a big group, thank you all so much for coming!

Malone’s is a combination of a social lounge and a taphouse, where you can eat, drink and play pool. On Wednesdays you get a discount on wine and whiskeys. The food is also really good!

18813338_10155348718102103_844142440062610732_n.jpgWe first had two tables, but after a while so many showed that we also took the other table next to us. It was really great to talk with you guys about the camping trip and for some their USA trip. It is always nice to hear so many great stories about your time here in Vancouver and Canada. As it was one of my last PuB NiGHTs I got kind of sad that I have to say ‘see you later’ to all of you so soon, I love our PuB NiGHTs and events together!

I hope to see all of you again tomorrow at the Richmond Night Market!

– Janel

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Review: Pub Night @ The Lamplighter

Yesterday we had a great Pub Night at the Lamplighter.

It was really great to see so many new faces ( and of course also “old” faces) again.
After really great burgers and whiskey for free (YEEEAAAH we’ve got whiskey for free) the bingo games started.
Every Wednesday there is a special night at the Lamplighter with bingo games.
Our table was full of bingo’s papers, markers and beer.
Some of us were really into the game and super excited. Even though we were close to, we never won. Too baaaaad! We are pretty sure that the other tables were cheating. 

However we had a great Pub Night and enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere at the Lamplighter.

Guys, Halloween is sooon! Don’t forget to sign up for the Halloween Party at Blarney Stone. Tickets will be sold out really fast…..

If you don’t have any costume for Halloween yet, join us for our Halloween shopping this Saturday, October 18.

Hope to see you next Wednesday for my last Pub Night 🙂 


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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend?

Hey there,

How are you doing? It was a short week because of BC-day on Monday. So we can start to discuss the upcoming weekend, my very last weekend here in Vancouver…

Rocky Mountain After Party
Tomorrow (Friday) West Trek is organizing a after party for the Rockies trip. We have enough free entree passes available at our office, or on Friday eve at 8:30pm at the location. West Trek will show their special made videos, and there is time to say goodbye, hello to others! You can find more information about this event in Facebook!

  • Where: Whiskey Bar, 303 Columbia St. Vancouver MAP
  • When: 8:30 Friday August 9th (video will be shown at 9)

Waterfight in Stanley Park
On Saturday August 10th there will be a huge waterfight in the middle of Stanley Park! ‘Who wants to have a big waterfight this summer? Raise your hands, and pull your trigger finger, cause we’re going to get soaked. And no one is going to stop, ’til this town runs dry!’ See their event page for more info !

  • Where: Lumberman’s Arch, in Stanley Park MAP
  • When: Saturday August 10th at 1 p.m.

Viva Vancouver!
Every weekend the city of Vancouver is organizing an event on Granville St. Downtown. Viva Vancouver is lot’s of different activities like salsa dancing, hula hoops and much more! They close Granville St. for car traffic so you can sit and relax on the special placed terrace. Check out the whole calendar on their website. 

  • Where: Granville St. Downtown Vancouver MAP
  • When: Saturday August 10th & Sunday August 11th (next weekend too)

So that’s it! Our recommendations for the sunny weekend. If you are doing other things we would like to hear about this!
Have a happy weekend !! 🙂



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Go Camping at an AMAZING location!

Okay, if you haven’t been camping this summer – or at all for that matter – you NEED to go. Why? Two words: Garibaldi Lake. You may be thinking “Well, I don’t have car, it would be impossible to get there.” WRONG. Come on, where is your sense of adventure? What the heck are you doing in Canada if you’re not willing to go an extra mile, lose yourself in the wilderness and take a few risks? You’re here to have the time of your life so with a little effort, you may just have the experience of a lifetime like we did this past weekend, at Garibaldi Lake.

Our adventure went a little like this…

After work on Thursday, we made our way over to the local grocery store to get some food for our trip. Want a quick and easy lunch? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So easy, and so good. We were staying for two nights, which was three lunches, two breakfasts and two dinners. In total, our grocery bill was around $75.00 CAN. That’s $35.00 each for 3 days worth of food! We ate some pretty great food but be forewarned, cans of soup are very heavy…enough said.

Thursday night was spent packing our backpacks for the adventure to the campground. Believe it or not, camping doesn’t have to be expensive. Mette and I had no camping gear before this weekend. We borrowed two sleeping bags from a coworker (and bear spray) and bought a tent from Army and Navy for only $30.00 CAN. Because campfires are banned in many provincial parks, we had to plan accordingly. We were able to buy a package of small cubes that when lit, would provide flame for 15 minutes. These could be used to cook food and were very inexpensive. These would prove to be very handy in the wilderness. A few other things we bought were flashlights (from the dollar store – worked great)  a tarp (if it rained), a fishing rod (optional – $30.00 Army and Navy as well) and some cards. For the ENTIRE weekend, we only packed ONE pan. That’s right. When you carry everything on your back, you need to pack light. If you’re going to camp, also bring only one set of cutlery per person and one plate, you don’t need anymore than that.

As for clothes, we each brought very little. Again, when you carry everything on your back, think light. Bring a couple pairs of pants, a couple shirts and sweater and that’s it. You won’t need more than that. Some other things to bring are a first aid kit, toilet paper and garbage bags. After we were done packing for the night it was time to get some shut-eye before we embarked on an awesome adventure!

It was early Friday morning when my alarm clock went off and the sunlight was streaming through my bedroom window. I was still a bit tired from last night’s packing but knew the day ahead would be so much fun. Rolling out of bed, we both put on the most outdoorsy camping outfit we had – a plaid shirt. I also added a bandana for an added outdoorsy effect. The shirts were bought at value village – we wanted to look and play the part so we had fun rummaging through second-hand clothes. 🙂 Try it yourself!

At 7 a.m. we were on the bus downtown, and at 7:15 a.m., on the skytrain to catch the Greyhound. I told you you didn’t need a car to go camping! We bought round trip greyhound tickets for $35.00 CAN that would take us close to the Garibaldi Provinicial Park Parking lot. Some of you may be living in a home stay. You can always ask if they would be willing to drive you to your camping destination as well. Or, if there are enough of you wanting to go, you could rent a car for the weekend! We however chose greyhound.  At 7:50 a.m. we were boarding the bus, grinning from ear to ear.

Note: If traveling to Garbialdi Provincial park, the bus stops in Pinecrest, about 4 kilometres from the park. But, we politely asked the bus driver to drop us off at the entrance, which he did, and you can do the same. Most of the time they are very nice and happy to help out. As we got off the bus, we were ready to begin our adventure!

The Garibaldi parking lot was 2.5 kilometres from the highway. Once we arrived there, we were ready to begin the REAL hike – a 9 km journey to our campsite. Before we left, we registered ourselves in, and camping for the entire weekend was only $20.o0 CAN. Pretty cheap when you think of the costs of a renting hotel room or an apartment.

As we began the trek up the mountain, the scenery was breathtaking. Green trees, natural waterfalls and terrain stretched as far as our eyes could see.

Of course, with 50 lb bags on our backs, we worked up a sweat. The natural waterfalls kept us hydrated though.. Once we reached the top, after a 4 1/2 hour hike, the views were spectacular. After seeing these pictures you can imagine how fantastic our weekend was!

This picture was taken after we crossed a river and hiked up a few rocks. The trail was so beautiful! Mette can be seen in this picture! What a trooper! While on the way up, hikers were both ascending and descending, but each one that passed gave us a chipper “Hello!”. Of course they were in a good mood, it’s impossible not to be with such a great environment around you. We met hikers and campers from all over the world at this campground. Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and of course, Canadians!

View from the bridge. Spectacular isn’t it? On the right, a glacier can be seen that has been frozen for over 10,000 years! While we were camping we saw a deer, birds, a lot of fish (trout are spawning right now), and even some insects like black and yellow millipedes!

There is no other place I wanted to be at the moment this picture was taken. I felt relaxed, humble, and lucky to be standing in front of this magnificent view. I forgot all about the city, cars, traffic, work, home – everything, when I was away at Garibaldi Lake. Camping is an amazing way to strengthen relationships and create memories that last a lifetime. It is also a good time to take a few moments for self reflection. I learned a lot about myself this weekend – my capabilities, my goals and aspirations.  I am so glad that myself and the “insane dane” took the time to plan for a trip like this, as it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Thanks Mette for making this trip possible, I couldn’t have done it without you! And also, thanks to the INTERNeX Staff for lending us some gear, and for giving us a day off!

If you have a real sense of adventure, and want to hop up and go, a camping trip is the perfect thing for you. If you’re not in Canada, but are eager to travel and experience new things, why not do it through one of INTERNeX’s many programs? Work in the city, on a resort in rockies, or, complete an internship in your field of study. INTERNeX even has volunteer opportunities! Then, while you’re here, plan your camping trip ;). For more information on INTERNeX programs, visit our website!

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