What to do on the weekend

Now that it finally stopped snowing, there is no reason to stay inside anymore. This time some of us even got an extra day of weekend, as Monday is Family Day. So get outside and get the most out your extra long weekend!

First of all, there is 24 hours of Winter on Grouse Mountain this weekend. It starts at Saturday and continues till Sunday. During this event you can ski during the day and night together with the INTERNeX family. It will be a totally different experience with skiing for sure! However, there are also a lot of other events such as the Light Walk, snowshoeing and ziplining. Some of us are going to do the Light Walk instead, so if you are not feeling like skiing this weekend, you should definitely join us on the Light Walk.

You don’t feel like seeing any snow after this week? We definitely get that as well! Instead of the 24 hours of Winter, you can also go ice skating at Robson Square for free or $4 if you have to rent some skates. You are able to do this from Friday till Monday. Is ice still too cold for you? Then check out the Second-hand Book Sale at Nikkel National Museum & Cultural Centre in Burnaby between noon and 4 pm.

After all that cold, you should definitely get a hot chocolate during the Hot Chocolate Festival. There are lots of hot chocolates specials throughout Vancouver the whole weekend long. Furthermore, Saturday is the first day of the International Wine Festival in Vancouver. The International Wine Festival contains a lot of events such as auctions, dinners and tastings. After a long week, this may be the perfect way for you to prepare you for next week again. However, if you do not have time for the International Wine Festival this weekend, you can still check it out till the 19th of February.

On Family Day there are also a lot of events such as Family Day at Grouse Mountain and Skiing at Manning Park. At Family Day at Grouse Mountain you get 50% off from the admission to the mountain and at Skiing at Manning Park you also get 50% off on ski and trail tickets. This is a cheap way for you to get active and make the best out of your stay!

Have a great weekend and see you on Grouse Mountain!

– Iris

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Review: PuB NiGHT at Malone’s

Yesterday it was time for my very first PuB NiGHT and Tess’ as well. This week’s PuB NiGHT was at Malone’s and a lot of you guys turned up which was great! Thank you all for coming! 🙂

Malone’s is a combination of a social lounge and a taphouse, where you can eat, drink and play pool. On Wednesdays you get a discount on wine and whiskeys, but be careful, because it’s not on all the wines they serve. The food is really good!  But if you are short on the money, you might want to eat before going there!16196245_1611135515568560_1655226480_o

We started off the evening with not that many people, but slowly more came and we ended up with more than 20 people at our table! Which was amazing! I already met some of you last Saturday at the Bourbon, so it was nice seeing all of you again. Beside Tess and I there were a lot of other new people to meet, so we spend the entire evening getting to know each other, which was a lot of fun.

I hope to see all of you again this weekend or on our next PuB NiGHT!!

– Danielle

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Pub Night Review

Who would have thought that some of us got most inspired by the movie Into The Wild?

Speed friending was good fun yesterday at the Morrissey! We know now what colour underwear some of us were wearing and that we love our parents so much that we all see them as our heroes, sweet!

Lately we have been seeing some new faces and it is nice to get to know each other a little better. So that’s what we did. We paired up and started a conversation using a whole bunch of prepared questions. Each talk took four minutes and after this given time everyone moved one seat in order to talk to the next person. Four minutes seems quite long but after a few rounds we found out that chatting for four minutes is not enough and passes by so quickly that we decided to make it five minutes (and sometimes even longer).

Tell us, what is the most interesting you found out about someone you talked to yesterday?

After Speed Friending we hung around a little and some of us decided to go to English bay to check out the Northern Light. Unfortunately, we did not get a tiny glimpse the of this so-called aurora borealis.

Next week we’ve planned great stuff for you guys! Pub night will be on Tuesday, guess where we are going and what we will be doing! Wednesday is Canada Day and we are going to have a blast!

Hope to see all of you on Saturday for our barbecue!


Pub Night Announcement

Next Pub Night is a special one…. it is my (Sophie) last Pub Night, because I have to leave Vancouver on Saturday:(((((((((((. ( Yeeaaah you don’t have to see me again then, haha :D).

Since so many people like this Pub and I haven’t been there yet I chose Brew Pub Steamworks for my last Pub Night on Wednesday, October 22, at 7 pm. Steamworks is placed next to the Waterfront Station. Have a look at the map here.
They offers soup and salad as well as burgers, pasta and pizza for reasonable prices.
You get also great cocktails, beer ( for example Kanadische Koelsch) and wine. Special on Wednesday is Bellini for $5.99.

I really hope to see many many many of you for my last Pub Night. I hate to say goodbye, but I would like to give all of you a big hug before I’m going to leave this amazing city.

Sign up for the Pub Night here.

Looking forward to see you one more time on Wednesday!!!

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What to do on the weekend?

It’s weekend again, this time we have listed for you a special “Flight of the Dragon”, the Vancouver International Wine Festival, Indoor Beach Volleyball and in Toronto it’s your last chance to go ice skating where a DJ is playing music.



Vancouver International Wine Festival

If your are totally into wine, this is probably the best event for you at weekend. The Vancouver International Wine Festival will ends on Sunday the 2nd of March, so you should hurry up. The Wine Festival brings 178 wineries from 14 countries and a total of 1,750 different wines will be poured. See their website for more information and if you lucky you can taste some wine fore free.


Flight of the Dragon

This weekend is your last chance to do a “Flight of the Dragon”, a new flight ride experience never before seen outside of China. The “Flight of the Dragon” is just for a limited time till Sunday the 2nd of March. You get the “Flight of the Dragon” for the normal FlyOver Canada price. The tickets cost around $20 and FlyOver Canada is at 201-999 Canada Place. During the “Flight of the Dragon” you get a spectacular impression about the landscapes and scenery of China.


Beach Volleyball

Everybody knows that the winter in Vancouver is long and you want to feel like we are having summer right know? Why not head to 6 Pack Indoor Beach in Richmond where you can play Beach Volleyball. For $15 you can drop-in and have a full time there. Drop in times range from 10am-6pm  and then late night from9:30pm to 2am. The Indoor Beach is located at 15-13180 Mitchell Rd. Richmond.


NHL Fan Festival

March 2 Vancouver will host the 2014 Heritage Classic, a game between the Vancouver Canucks and Ottowa Senators, tickets start at $100 and go up to $300, but don’t worry a free fan festival will be held on the False Creek waterfront before the game, from 9am – 1pm. Expect to find interactive hockey attractions, lots of freebies and giveaways and masses of Canucks fans. Check the website for all the attractions.



DJ ice skating
On the skating rink at Harbourfront Centre will be the seasonal final on Saturday 1st March with the DJ-P-Plus. So it`s your last chance to skate with an great DJ. It`s even more fun than just dancing on an dancefloor. The skating rink at Habourfront Centre brings the party outdoors where you can enjoy a great night out and the best thing is that the entry is for free. The open hours are on Saturday from 8:00pm – 11:00 pm. The skating rink at Habourfront Center is at 235 Queens Quay West.


I wish you all a beautiful weekend with a lot of joy!

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