10 Reasons to visit Canada

1. You finally learn how to apologize properly and not offend anyone ever 

Canadians are probably the most friendly and polite people you will ever meet. Besides having super nice conversations in the grocery store, the elevator, or bus, they are also extremely regardful. They accidentally bump into to you in the streets – they will 49025347617_52a4eedbdc_o.jpgapologize! You accidentally bump into them – They will apologize. You steel their cap – they will apologize for getting in your way. Even negative things or rejections can be wrapped into words so nicely that you won’t even notice a “no”. Whereas our parents had to teach us in a long and exhausting progress to say please and thank you, Canadians come out of their mothers womb already saying thank you.
Therefore, come to Canada and learn to be a kind human being ;-). 

2. Canada has breathtaking landscapes that are absolutely Insta-worthy. 

48002917013_6d72a5d56d_h.jpgYou want to travel and see the world? Or maybe you want to start your very own Instagram career as an influencer and simply don’t have the right pictures yet? Well either way, your Instagram-community will be flashed by the beautiful pictures you’ll be posting very soon. And the best part is, it even looks breathtaking with #nofilter! So it is actually quite a good view without your phone screen in between. With the incredibly blue lakes, the wide oceans, the snow-covered mountains and never-ending forests with lots of wildlife, you’ll never get tired of the unique scenery. Wherever you go, you will be speechless and the happiest human alive to actually be right were you are.  

3. There isn’t just one culture to experience, but so many different ones. 

Canada has an impressive and super interesting history (further more), it’s always been a country where people got together. And travelling to Canada today, doesn’t mean everybody you see out here is Canadian. Especially by living in the bigger cities, you will 48002916868_bc67fe5dcd_o.jpgfind a very colourful, mixed variety of people from different cultures and with different beliefs. And since everybody is not only super friendly, but also very open minded, you will get the very unique opportunity to get to know so so much. In fact, maybe it even opens your eyes towards your own culture. For example as a German, I often heard that we are so well organized, always on time and efficient workers, but also that we’ve got no humour, are unrelaxed, have a stick up our a** and always look like we’re about to scream at someone. Nope I am not gonna pop someones bubble and tell you which ones I would subject as true or not true. All I am saying is … some of them might be true :-D. What I am trying to say here is – you won’t only get to learn a lot about so many different cultures, but also about your own and in fact about yourself. 

4. It’s the perfect investment for your life

Some people invest thousands of dollars in shares, properties, or clothing, but here is a much better idea. Why don’t you simply spent all your savings on yourself, by traveling to this beautiful country. It’s not only the best choice for an investment, but it will also 9474585256_ba00db2cec_o.jpghelp you to finally get rid of all the redundant money resting in your bank account and loosing value every day (Sounding like a bank manager here)! And trust me, Canada has figured out good ways to make use of the money… #theyalesaloon #thecambie. Of course I am joking, it’s not that bad (or is it?!). No but seriously, wherever you go, you won’t get anything for free and instead of treasuring it up, you should get out there and see the world! Those are the experiences that are truly priceless. It’s an investment that isn’t risky, because you will never regret doing it!

5. You would have the most special 19th birthday you could have all around the world

In most countries it’s either the 18th or the 21st birthday, that is the one day every young human is desperately waiting for! Finally grown up and finally being allowed in Pubs and Clubs and drinking a beer or two. Well British Columbia for instance, isn’t only special because of the nature and the people, but also because the magical number here 49415873448_3113f39ccb_o.jpgis the 19 – not 18, not 21. It’s 19. Therefore, your 19th birthday in BC could be way more special than it would have been anywhere else in the world. Especially if you start your trip a little bit in advance, so you’ve got enough time to actually look forward to it and go big on your special day ;-). Who else could say that their 19th birthday was one of the craziest they ever had?! 

6. You’ll get to see the beautiful impressive wildlife 

Yeah I mean you get all these massive impressive animals here, all different kinds of whales, polar bears, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, seals, otters, beavers, moose, eagles …. (add a variety of amazing animals here). And yes of course it is pretty cool, just sitting in your car driving towards the next city close by and being forced to stop because this giant moose is in the middle of the road, giving you ‘the look’ to please move fromIMG_20190531_194523.jpg ‘his’ street, since he clearly was here before you.
But what I am referring to, is the other kind of wild life. I have to admit – I’ve never seen it before. The ‘wildest’ thing about this species is, how much it is actually being treated like a human. I am talking about the wild trolly-dog! Dogs in a handbag are so last season!! On this side of the globe, you gotta buy a trolly to “walk” your dog. Wait, wasn’t that the whole point of walking your dog, the actual walking part?!  Well what do I know right?! 

7. Canada has an incredible history 

As you might have known, at some point in history the Europeans decided to get on giant ships and try their best to get to end of this “world-disk”. By that, they accidentally made their way to the American continent and therefore also to Canada at some point after.  But long before that, you could actually find populations here – the Indigenous. Being here gives you the incredible chance of learning more about their struggles, perspective on life, and their beautiful, spiritual and inspiring knowledge of nature and how to live a life deeply connected to it. 

8. Third cleanest air in the world.

Just a fun fact on the side. It’s not only Vancouver that gets continuously rated as one of the most liveable cities on earth, but it turns out the air here is one of the best ones your lunges will ever get to breath in, too. Well if that is not a very strong argument for all the lung-tourist out there – I don’t know what is! 

9. Feel like you are part of ‘Riverdale”, I actually don’t know if that’s a pro or con argument

Having a milkshake at Pops, walking through the streets surrounded by dark green forests, fighting a grizzly (a la Archie) – everything is possible. Yes, now I will have to admit, that I actually watched ‘Riverdale’. For the ones that haven’t watched it, here’s a IMG_20190604_083244.jpgshort summary: A bunch of 17 year olds(?) is stuck between fighting drug lords, murder-dads, spooky fantasy monsters and, of course, growing up – the usual stuff, you know.  Even though I might be not the biggest fan of the show itself, I am a huge fan of Pops Milkshakes! And yes that is a very good argument to make your way Canada (trust me on this, it’s so worth it). In case you are a big fan, even better! Because the Riverdale cast hangs around Vancouver all (dramatic pause) the (another dramatic pause) time, so pack your bag and soon enough you’ll be fighting those grizzly bears together with Archie Andrews! 

10. Poutine!

There is not a lot to say. The argument is simple – Poutine! A mixture between the beautiful juicy gravy with a bunch of yummy cheese and those, kinda smashed, but still slightly crunchy fries underneath. A traditional Canadian food you will love!

That’s it for today! I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you all tomorrow! 


— Nadja xx 

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Hello Monday!

Hello Monday, Hello INTERNeXer!
I am sorry, for being so awfully quiet these past days. Due to a personal reason, I had to step back for a few days.
However I am back on track now, so lets see what happened these past days. There was a lot going on, so here is a quick overview of the breaking news:

(While reading the following part, please imagine a deep, male voice, reading it to you in a overly dramatic way and a typical breaking news music in the back).


>>INTERNeX became very famous among the Chinese community in Vancouver; Vancouver didn’t know how to stop – we wanted snow, we got snow and catastrophically panicking INTERNeXer, what is going on?!  Read more to get all the juicy details 😉 
Starting off, with the new cultural extension we’ve currently reached in social media. Yes, as you might have seen. The weekly INTERNeX events reached an outstanding new level. 460 people responded to this weekends event of the Chinese News Years Celebration together with the INTERNeX gang! Apparently putting myself in the mouth of a Chinese dragon, is the secret to successful marketing on Social Media ;). So if you are planning on going this weekend, you better be there early. The McDonalds entrance of the International Mall might be incredibly packed :P.
Moving on to the incredible amount of snow, surprising Vancouver last week. If you got the chance to actually leave your house last Wednesday, you can count yourself to the lucky ones – or not, depending on your perspective. Walking through downtown, kinda brought up memories of the first episodes of The Walking Dead. No, there weren’t any zombies involved, no blood or any of that nasty stuff, it was more like we’ve already moved past that stage. Vancouvers Downtown was quieter and more peaceful than I have ever seen it before. Basically no cars, no busses and no people were on the streets and everything was covered in beautiful, calming white. And there was no end in sight! I absolutely loved it, but easy to say for someone who doesn’t depend on public transport right?!
I hope you got to enjoy the beautiful white as much as I did. And I am absolutely sure you did, as most of you got a “snow-day” anyways.
And of course, this post is also meant to calm down all the panicking INTERNeXer among you! I know I have been triggering your nerves extremely.
I have been challenging you and I have been testing your patience to the last bit! But now I finally got very good news for you people.
As I wasn’t in the office these past days I wasn’t able to put the information online concerning the upcoming Pub-Night. My deepest apologies for that, I know you have been waiting for this ever since the last Pub-Night was over and especially because some of you weren’t even able to join because of the snow!
Anyways, Pub-Night is not cancelled nor did I forget about it (how could I, it’s always been my priority :P).
This weeks Pub-Night will be at ‘The Two Parrots’ on Granville Street. We’ll meet there at 7pm. And the best part is, that all minors are more than welcome to join as well. So please don’t forget to bring your ID’s.
Have a wonderful week.
See you soon!
— Nadja xx
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Year Review – Part 3

And here the story continous – let’s take a closer look to July, August and September 2019!

As July came around it was time to put our hiking shoes back on and make our way around Lynn Canyon, one of our favorite places to visit here at INTERNeX. LynnCanyon1.jpgLocated in the district of North Vancouver we certainly let our watches behind as we missed the first bus (oops) but that just gave us more time to get to know each other 😉 when we finally arrived everyone was super excited to cross the famous Lynn Canyon Bridge, defiantly something to see while you are here in Vancouver. (https://internexcanada.wordpress.com/2019/07/08/how-was-your-weekend-106/)


Vargas2.jpgTrading in our hiking shoes for our camping tent, we enjoyed the most beautiful weekend camping on Vargas Island. I never knew how much Tetris can help you in life until we had to pack all of our stuff into only 3 cars while still having to fit our bodies in there. It was going to be a challenge to get back into the cars on the way back as we enjoyed many tasty foods on the island such as burgers and s’mores (s’mores are a must when you are camping). Enjoying each other’s company with an island fire and a beach party was something you won’t forget. Unfortunately, every weekend has to come to an end, but the memories will stay with us forever (https://internexcanada.wordpress.com/2019/07/16/how-was-your-weekend-107/).


VanDusen1.jpgWe always love getting our INTERNeX team together and what better way to do it than to enjoy a day at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden. The weather was on our side this day as the sun wash shining bright and the beautiful atmosphere of the botanic gardens filled our eyes with colour (https://internexcanada.wordpress.com/2019/07/22/how-was-your-weekend-108/).


INTERNeX has finally grown out of its teen years and we wish it a very happy 20TH ANNIVERSARY!!! A surprise party had been organized for Tim. We thank Tim for all of his hard work and everything that he has done for INTERNeX and everyone involved. We had organized many people from all over the world to come and experience this special moment with us and surprise Tim with some familiar faces. With both current and former INTERNeX people the night was then all about celebration (https://internexcanada.wordpress.com/2019/08/01/20th-anniversary/).Anniversary1.jpg


Rockies1.jpgMoose bus adventures always have our back when it comes to our Rocky Mountain Trips. On Friday we started our very long bus trip but our spirits were always lifted by our driver, Mike. Here at INTERNeX we always love a good challenge, why not jump in every lake we find (I think we underestimated how many pretty lakes there were in Vancouver haha…) Everyone enjoyed the scenes even if they didn’t swim in every lake though. After the long exhausting trip on the bus we still felt the need to share a drink or two or three that night – this lead to the very quiet bus ride the next morning 😉 (https://internexcanada.wordpress.com/2019/08/20/rocky-mountains-trip/).


DeepCove1.jpgSunny and warm days are for hiking and exploring. The INTERNeX team arrived at Deep Cove then hiked up to Quarry Rock to admire the view. Its always nice to reward ourselves with some delicious Honey Doughnuts and goodies. Although we still had a long bus ride ahead of us back to vancouver we had another amazing day with the INTERNeX team (https://internexcanada.wordpress.com/2019/08/26/how-was-your-weekend-109/).


BikeTour1.jpgBike tours are a great way to see more of Vancouver. We met at the Waterfront Station where we started the tour and we thank Vancouver for holding the thunderstorms till later (https://internexcanada.wordpress.com/2019/09/09/how-was-your-weekend-111/).





A MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO >>LILLY (https://internexcanada.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/the-pr-team-has-a-new-member/)

Lilly has spent many countless hours planning these events and writing Blogs to keep all of out INTERNeX team informed and entertained during their stay in Vancouver. She has done an incredible job and should be congratulated on her work. Thank-you Lilly from all of us here at INTERNeX.




– Sabrina

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Candidate Exposé – Alan Bittencourt

My name is Alan, I’m a 22 years old guy from Brazil. Currently I’m studying Mechanical Engineering in Salvador – Brazil.

I always had a dream of living in another country and also the English became a necessary language in my future working area as a mechanical engineer, so I mixed a dream with a necessity and… I found Canada. I had to choose between some other countries and Canada, but I saw something more interesting in Canada and definitely I’m happy that I chose the best.

img_4280.jpgI didn’t choose INTERNeX, it was a partnership between INTERNeX and the company from my country. But if I had to choose, INTERNeX would be my choice. INTERNeX was extremely helpful introducing Vancouver to me and giving me support to find a job in my first days. I participated in the program Working Visa Holiday. I chose this program, because it gave me a working visa, giving me an opportunity to live in Canada by myself with my work, while I studied English and travelled in Canada. I worked at The Chopped Leaf in Downtown Vancouver. It was a salad restaurant which had a big variety of salads, sandwiches etc. The work wasn’t easy, because we didn’t have time to stop, but the good communication with the costumers and co-workers always made my work and my English better everyday. Working in a restaurant seems to not have a specific necessity of characteristics and skills, but it’s wrong. You need to be energetic, a good listener and always open to learn new ways to do things.

When I arrived in Vancouver I lived in a homestay for a month and after that I found a basement on a website which I stayed until my last day in Canada before coming back to Brazil. Cold and rain, that was my first impression about Vancouver, but shortly after I fell in love with every detail of Vancouver. I could check why Vancouver was one of the best cities in the world to live. Beautiful mountains behind the big buildings, green area, good people and multiculturalism made me impressed. The safety always made me impressed with Vancouver and Canada. As my first time living far from my family and in my own place, I had to learn everything about housekeeping and cooking and also mix working and studying, what made my routine sometimes too tiring.


I attended to several activities with the INTERNeX team. Every Wednesdays were full of good moments and unforgettable times. The Rocky Mountains trip stays in my mind everyday. Definitely my best moments in Canada, INTERNeX was present directly or not. If I make a real list of activities, it would have more than 20 pages. But my favourites activities were: Hiking, snowboarding, pubs, nightclubs, cycling and outdoor activities. I was always open to new activities though. In Canada I travelled through the Rocky Mountains and stopped in some cities like: Jasper, Banff, Kelowna, Kamloops etc. And also visited some cities to the north of Vancouver such as Whistler and Squamish.

The most memorable thing about Canada are the friends I made. I arrived in Canada alone and came back to Brazil leaving a family in Canada and spread in the world. I made friends I can count on them and they will be always in my best memories of Canada. The first thing I thought I would do when I came home was enjoying my family and the beach, but I just study everyday so far hahaha.

After this experience I definitely know that my travels will not stop. I didn’t decide yet, but New Zealand and England seam good places to travel, but for sure Canada will be one that I want to go back.

– Alan

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INTERNeX Through the Looking Glass -Destination Colombia

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected
for the rest of my life.” By Michael Palin. Can his words be any truer?

Amiel here with the latest INTERNeX Destination after Wednesday’s post about Ireland. We’re back in the Americas but not quite home. We’re going further to the south where the conquistadors came to take the land many, many years ago.


Colombia, the gate to South America. Just pick a climate and you’ll find it there. It has deserts, jungles, coast lines or snowy peaks, you name it. And each of these areas is bursting with colors and beauty.
This piece of Latin America used to be known as a country riddled with crimes and powerful drug lords. However, it has been reinventing itself in recent years and Medellín, City of Eternal Spring, was even nominated one of the most innovative cities in 2012.
In the same year Colombia was even crowned as the happiest country in the world. Why do you think that is? Well, they have the second highest biodiversity of animal and plant life in the whole world. They have the best coffee and beautiful natural phenomena like Caño Cristales. Colombia is also pretty rich in culture with Cali, the capital of Salsa or the legend of El Dorado.
This country has so much to offer, I can’t even tell you about it without writing a book or two. That would make anyone proud of his or her country happy right?Colombia

So my suggestion? Check out Colombia for yourself! You will most certainly be blown away by what you see there.
I for one can’t wait until I get the chance to visit my Colombian friends I made during my time in Peru.

Salud y hasta luego!

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