Create your own skis or snowboard!

Hi everyone!

I found an organization (plank) that creates skis and snowboards and they will be giving workshops to help you with creating your own. So have you ever dreamed of having your own custom skis or snowboard and would you like to create a ski or board that is set perfectly to your personality? Now is the chance to give it a shot and build one yourself! Everyone can create perfect custom designed skis or snowboards, even without ever been on the snow yet. If you are as passionate about everything related to snow as they are at Plank, you do not want to miss this opportunity!

Starting November 2010, Plank will be organizing workshops on how to build your own snowboard or skis in Vancouver. They will explain how to design your own ride from A to Z and within a few weeks you will have your custom ride.

The workshop will start at 6pm, located at the INTERNeX Staff House.

Plank will show you how to shape and digitally customize your ride in a 4 Hour session

Check out the prices, starting at:
Snowboard:          CAD 250.00
Skis:                     CAD 275.00

Included are all the materials you will use to create your very own personal, in Canada made, ride.

Any extras like personal graphics, different core types or carbon strips we can discuss as additional. Plank uses high quality materials. It will be an amazing experience, and after the job is done you will have a memory, that will last forever.

If you’re interested contact Plank at!



Laugh your head off!

Yesterday we posted a story on the website about The Laugh Shop in Calgary. But people in Vancouver can also enjoy a fun evening full of laughter! Check out the new Improve Centre on Granville Island.

The improve Centre is open every Wednesday to Saturday and holds shows that are entirely improvised by stand-up comedians. The stand up comedians compete each other, which make for a fun filled show!

Even the price of a ticket is something to laugh about. With prices starting from only $5.00 you can have a cheap fun filled evening.

Think you can do it yourself?

Think you are funny and would like to give stand up comedy a shot? Not to worry: every Saturday from 1.30 – 3.30 pm the Vancouver TheatreSports League holds workshops at the False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island. For only $11.00 (plus tax) you can show off you talents.  Be sure to tell us if you are thinking about signing up, we would love to come see you!

The Improve Centre location

The Improv Centre is located on 1502 Duranleau Street, Granville Island. For directions how to get there and more information about the shows, check out their website.

– Manouk