Experience IT Review – Museum of Anthropology

On Thursday evening we went to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC for a more cultural evening, thank you all for coming!

20217312_10203374196551397_520178885_nThe Museum of Anthropology houses one of the world’s finest collections of First Nation art from the Pacific Northwest. Besides that they also have big collections from different cultures from all around the world and a wide range of temporary exhibitions.

When we got to the museum we first walked into an amazing room with a lot of totem poles and first nation stuff, then we went to the Amazones and saw a lot of accessories. After the Amazones we saw calligraphy from different cultures and we went into a black box where they made the calligraphy come alive, which was amazing to see. They also had a lot of object from cultures all over the world and we saw different kind of plates, like the Dutch Delfts Blue.

After the museum we decided to go to Wreck Beach where we got to watch an amazing sunset.

Thank you all for coming and I hope to see you at PuB NiGHT!

– Tess

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What to do on the weekend

It’s almost weekend! The weather is supposed to be amazing and there are fun things to do. Here’s some inspiration to get you started!


On Saturday we will go to the TD Vancouver Jazz Festival. The festival lasts for two weeks and there are events all around town. Fora lot of the events you do need tickets, but on Saturday there will be free concerts on Robson & Georgia. We will meet in front of the London Drugs on Georgia Street at 12 PM.

Another event that’s happening this weekend is the Dragon Boat Festival. This will take place on Saturday and Sunday with various locations all around False Creek. There will be boat races and free concerts.

On Sunday you can go to Greek day on Broadway. This is a street festival on Broadway from MacDonald to Blenheim with food and entertainment.

Or if you would rather take it easy you could always just go to one of the many beaches around Vancouver. You can go to English Bay, Second Beach, Third Beach, Sunset Beach, Kitsilano Beach, Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks or Wreck Beach if you don’t mind the optional clothing.

Just like every weekend this summer there’s the Richmond Night Market, Summer Illumination Night market and several Farmers markets on Saturday and Sunday.

I hope to see you all tomorrow at the Jazz Festival!

– Danielle

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Canada Day!

Tomorrow’s a special day, as we should all know by now. It’s Canada’s birthday!

The country came into being in 1867 after the three colonies Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada joined into a federation on July 1st. So Canada’s just shy of becoming 150 years old.

This July 1st is on a Wednesday and at Canada Place the first event of the day is called Waterfront Party which will be from 10am to 6pm featuring various entertainments like live music, activities for children, street hockey, an armed forces show, a circus show and lots of food carts, as well.
Next up is the Canada Day Parade. It begins at West Georgia and Broughton Street at 7pm and ends at 8pm.
Finally, to finish the day with a bang, there will be fireworks at 10:30pm which we’ll have a great view of from Canada Place.

So, this is the plan. We’ll be meeting up at 1pm at Waterfront Station.
Following this, we will walk over to Canada Place to check out all the fun shows and activities they have going on there.
We should definitely check out the parade at 7pm, as well.
And after we’ve had our fill, it’s pretty much a free for all since some might want to have a look at the Canada Day Party at Wreck Beach while others will want to stick around for the fireworks.

Looking forward to an awesome Canada Day Birthday Party!

Your PR Team


INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts

Today, fun facts about the best beaches in Vancouver!

In Vancouver, we have very few sunny days. So, when the weather is nice, it is almost compulsory to hang out outside. Going to the beach is probably the best option in summer. So, here you have a round-up of the funniest things to do on Vancouver’s different beaches!

English Bay: All the info you need in our INTERNeX Explorer video.

The perfect thing to take: a huge iced coffe.

Where: MAP

Second Beach: All the info you need in our INTERNeX Explorer video.

The perfect item: a funny float(from Dollarama) for the Second Beach Pool.

Where: MAP

Kitsilano Beach: The most glamorous of Vancouver’s beaches. It’s like Venice Beach in LA, everybody go there to watch and be watched. It’s very good for swimming (the water is very tranquil) and you can also go to the Kits Pool.

The perfect item: A cool swimsuit.

Where: MAP

Spanish Banks: Pretty far away from the city, this is the perfect beach if you are looking for tranquility and silence. It is perfect for barbecues and long walks, too.

The perfect item: Your other half…It’s a romantic spot.

Where: MAP

Jericho Beach:  Located on the north of Jericho Park, this beautiful beach is ideal for play tennis (there is a tennis court), for riding your bike and for walks at sunset. here are also picnic tables and playing fields. The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is held here.

The perfect item: The perfect thing to take: An Aztec-print T-shirt and a big beard, for the Folk Music Festival.

Where: MAP

Wreck Beach: Located in UBC, clothing is optional here. For many people, it is one of the best nudist beaches in the world..  It is full of students and has a strong hippy vibe. Just behind the beach is the rainforest, which is very beautiful to see. I strongly recommend going to this beach at sunset; everybody celebrates the sunset by shouting, dancing and doing strange Yoga-type dances.

The perfect thing to take: An open mind. There are a lot of naked people… Not for the faint-hearted!

Where: MAP

Please be careful when you are out in the sun!


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INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming INTERNeX Events

It’s a new month and the summer is FINALLY here!! The INTERNeX PR Team has a lot of exciting things planned for this hot month 😉

BEACH DAY -July 15th @ 2pm

Anyone who wants to join us for a lovely day on Wreck Beach is more than welcome. We will sit by the volleyball nets so that we can play a few games during the day and for those who just want to lay in the sun or take a dip in the ocean, that is possible too!

Meeting point: In front of the MacDonald’s on University Boulevard

Time: 2pm

What to bring: Swimming costume, towel, lunch/snacks, water & SUNSCREEN

Disclaimer: This is a nude beach so please use your own judgement to as whether or not you are comfortable going. People will be both clothed and not clothed depending on their comfort zone, just a forewarning.

See you all on Sunday for a relaxing day on the beach 😀 For more information please visit the Facebook event.


Our big trip for July is going to be a two day white water rafting trip to Chilliwack.  West Trek will take us rafting between 3 – 4 hours down the Chilliwack river where we will experience some breathtaking rapids.

When: Friday, July 20th – Saturday, July 21st

Price: C$189 (INTERNeX) & $199 (Non- INTERNeX)

What’s included:
– 3-4 hours of rafting
– Expert rafting guides
– Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– Transportation to and from
– Campfire and marshmallows
– Beach volleyball
– Tons of fun 🙂

For more information please visit the Facebook event and if you would like to SIGN UP send us an email to pr@internexcanada.com!


Join the INTERNeX PR Team for the first day of the Festival of Lights. The country for this day hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m sure it will be spectacular. If you wish to see the other days there will be another country competing on August 1st and another country on August 4th. Keep and eye out on Facebook for our meeting spot and at what time.

And of course don’t forget our weekly pub nights every Wednesday!

I hope to see you all at one of our events!



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INTERNeX Canada: SmartSaver Vancouver

We all know that Vancouver is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in North America, but there is no better place to be in the summer if you want FREE fun! Do you want perfect summer activities that are outside in the sun, with a lot of people, a lot of music, a lot of action, and FREE? No, your demands are not too high – check out this Summer Events SmartSaver with all FREE happenings!

Summer is Vancouver’s season for festivals! You can see some of the best music events and celebrations at no cost.

Vancouver International Jazz Festival
There still are some free events at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Listen to awesome jazz at the David Lam Park Jazz Weekend and North Shore Jazz:

David Lam Park Jazz Weekend
Place:David Lam Park (Roundhouse Mezzanine, David Lam Park Stage, David Lam Park – Exhibition Hall, David Lam Park Family Zone)
Time: Saturday, June 30th, concerts take place between noon and 9pm
North Shore Jazz
Place: North Shore Jazz, Civic Plaza (14th & Lonsdale)
Time: Saturday, June 30th, 1pm

Carnaval del Sol
Carnaval del Sol is coming to downtown’s Granville Street! Granville will be closed to traffic from Hastings to Smithe Streets and filled with Latin music, food, dancing, and performances! One of the biggest summer parties, outdoors and free!
Place: Granville Street, Downtown Vancouver
Time: Saturday, June 30th, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m

East Side Pride
Another street festival with free live entertainment, food vendors, and lots of community fun is Vancouver Pride Society’s summer event East Side Pride.
Place: McSpadden Park, Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Time: Saturday, June 30th, start 11am

Surrey Fusion Festival
Join Surrey’s biggest two-day multicultural celebration! The Surrey Fusion Festival is free and offers 40 international pavilions celebrating music, food and culture, a World Music Stage and a Celebrations dance stage!
Place: Holland Park, Surrey
Time: Saturday, July 21 – Sunday, July 22

Caribbean Days Festival
Experience tropical cuisine, Caribbean culture, music and more at the Caribbean Days Festival in North Vancouver. The free events include a Multicultural Parade and a Waterfront Party concert with live music.
Place: Waterfront Park & Lonsdale Quay Plaza, North Vancouver
Time: Saturday, July 28 – Sunday, July 29

Along with the festivals more free events are happening in Vancouver:

Canada Day celebrations
Canada Day is always a huge free party all around the city with a lot of street festivals, parades and fireworks! Join the INTERNeX crew for Canada Day celebrations and a fun day without any costs! Check out our event on Facebook.
Place: All Vancouver! We will start our celebration at Spanish Banks
Time: All day! Meet us at Spanish Banks Loop at 10am

Sunday Afternoon Salsa dances
Are you a good dancer or want to be one? Attend these free outdoor Sunday Afternoon Salsa dances in Robson Square, open to everyone, regardless of skill level. There is dancing throughout the afternoon, free lessons at 3pm and dance performances at 5pm!
Place: Robson Square, across from the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
Time: Sundays, July 1 – August 26

Richmond Night Market
Enjoy some food and action at the Richmond Night Market with over 300 vendors, live entertainment, and nightly crowds of thousands. This Asian-style night market is a must-see and admission is free!
Place: 8351 River Rd, Richmond BC
Time: Friday & Saturday 7pm – 12am; Sunday & Holidays 6pm – 11pm, May 18 – October 8, 2012

Vancouver Beaches
Summer is beach time and Vancouver has a lot to offer! Barbecuing, volleyball or sunbathing: these beaches are right around the corner, beautiful and free:
English Bay Beach, Kitsilano Beach, Spanish Banks, Jericho Beach, Wreck Beach
Place & Time: up to you! Watch out for INTERNeX beach events on our blog and facebook.

Have a nice time and save your money!


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