How was Pub Night?

Yeehaw!! I don’t even know where to start…it was sooo much fun! Last night we went to the Yale Saloon and I think it’s the first country bar I’ve been to and probably not the last one. 😀
I was told to brace myself for a lot of action and yeah…it wasn’t a “relaxing” Pub Night with only food and some drinks at all.


Right after ordering our first drinks the fun part already started. We did Line Dancing! I really didn’t expect it to be so much fun. For those of you who didn’t know yet: Line dancing is a choreographed country dance.img_5910
So first an instructor taught us the choreography step by step and when he said that we’re gonna do it with some music now I was really nervous because I didn’t feel ready. And as expected I messed up in the beginning because it was so much faster than before! But since the steps are repeating I could get myself back into it. It still was a little chaos on the dance floor though 😀

img_5905After a couple more drinks my highlight of the evening started…the BULL RIDING. Some of you guys said it’s a ritual for the new ones to do it so I had no choice but I’m glad I tried it. Let’s stick with “tried” because I wasn’t really good at it, although I guess it is the thought that counts – right? 😉
My biggest worry was not even getting on the bull but I did it (well not really elegant but never mind!)
It was so great to see how everyone cheered for the others! I love the INTERNeX team spirit! ❤
Furthermore we played some pool and some guys even used the punching bag to show how strong they are (or not? – just kidding :D) I really enjoyed it and hope you had as much fun as me!

So this was definitely NOT my last time at the Yale Saloon and I can’t wait to go back.

Thanks so much! xx  


– Alina

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PuB Night Review

What a fun (and late) night!!! I honestly wasn’t planning on having a big one but with the atmosphere of everyone enjoying theirselves it was hard to keep away from the drinks :). 


I have been having many ‘firsts’ lately and I experiences what a night out at the Yale Saloon was like, and I loved it! It was too great to catch up with everyone again and talk about our week. The food went down a treat and was well needed for a big night of dancing and bull riding. It was so great that the +18 were able to join us for dinner and have a go at the line dance. It seems to be that the most wanted drink for the night was Jagerbombs, there were a few fireballs here and there but personally fireballs remind me of my second night in Canada (wasn’t a good one) hahaha. 


After few more Jagerbombs and bull riding competitions we were then ready to move onto the Roxy where we enjoyed live music of some old favourite hits. While dancing I look into the distance and oh my, what did I see…… but a beautifully set up beer pong table, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing this table. It didn’t take long till we had taken over one whole half of the club with this intense beer pong game. As the night went on the live music forced us to the d-floor and the last of us danced and sung the night away. Before we knew it we were at Roxy Burgers at 2:30am reminiscing on our fun night and laughing over some burgers and fries. 

Thank-you everyone for such a great night, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I have been feeling a little homesick lately but you guys bring my mood back up and I appreciate you all ❤ 

Don’t forget >> 

Christmas Party is next week 18th of December 

– Please press going on the Facebook event so we can prepare for the amount of people showing up.

– Please bring a plate of food to share

– Remember to bring your Secret Santa present worth $5 – $15

– Remember to bring your own drinks

Merry Christmas and I will see you all next week xo 

– Sabrina

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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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No New Kids on the Blog

As the time is coming closer to Christmas, we don’t have any new arrivals to welcome in our group for this week.
But we do have very exciting events ahead of us and a fantastic group to enjoy those with. Starting with tonights Pub-Night in the beloved Yale Saloon. As this only became a tradition this summer, this might be the perfect ending for the last Pub-Night of the year. So let’s get on that bull and show of once again. Apperently, Jager-Bombs are on special tonight… that’s all I am saying guys! 

Furthermore we are finally going skiing this weekend. As last week had to be cancelled because of the unfortunate conditions, I cannot wait to finally get in that snow. IMG_4962.jpg
In our Facebook event you’ll find all the information needed, as well as the link to get your day pass for Grouse Mountain.
As there has been issues with selecting Saturdays ticket, you might only be able to get your ticket on the Mountain on Saturday.
If you didn’t rent equipment yet, you might want to consider Yes rental ( as they also sell Mountain Passes!  

If you do have questions or storage issues, please don’t hesitate to message us. 

See you all tonight! 


– Nadja x 

International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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Christmas Party!!!

Whats St, Nicholas’s Favorite measurement in the metric system?

– The Santameter!

Before the office closes for Christmas, you might have heard we will be hosting a
Christmas party for everyone to enjoy next Wednesday 18th of December .


You are all invited to the INTERNeX Annual Christmas Party!!! We kindly ask that everyone could bring a plate of food with them to share with everyone. Obviously, there will be a secret Santa because what is Christmas with no presents??? Be sure to bring a gift worth $5-15 in order to participate in our fun Secret Santa game. You never know who will end up with your present so be sure to keep that in mind when looking for something to buy.

Please bring your own drinks, there will also be a drinking game or two so make sure you bring enough to last you the night 🙂

To make planning a lot easier for us please make sure you click ‘going’ on the facebook event.

Remember to bring :
– plate of food to share
– bring your own drinks
– a gift worth $5-$15

Im looking forward to a great night 🙂

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to message us or come talk to us tomorrow night – PuB Night at the Yale Saloon! 

– Sabrina xx

International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

PuB-Night Review

And it’s over again – my favorite day of all weekdays.
This week we went to the Moose’s Down Under and again it was great to see that so many people joined us last night! Thanks for that!IMG_4755.JPG
Besides that, we actually got a lot to celebrate last night. Starting off with our newest arrival Simon, being introduced to our group. Since we are a super friendly and easy-going group, he became part of the group very quickly!
Furthermore we actually got a birthday to celebrate and one to “belate-celebrate”. (I don’t know if that is an actual thing … I guess now it is!)
So Happy Birthday once again to Sarah and Laura!
After a few drinks and some really nice food, we went on to the next location. There was no need of discussing which place it will be and I am pretty sure you know already. So just a bus drive later we found ourselves in The Yale Saloon once again.
As they had Jager Bombs on special and since we are always appreciating ways to safe some money, we didn’t loose much time make use of this offer. And after this it seemed like the right thing to do, to sign up for the Bull-riding competition …. Just in case you want to see some more pictures and videos than I will provide up here, check out our Instagram story! After all, we were the lucky winners of a $50 gift card for drinks. Truly the best price to win! 8e2b481b-97bb-40f9-bad9-b38ea8618d44.JPG
The Jager Bombs we got out of this, even gave me enough confidence to try out Line-Dancing. And thanks to the very patient teachers, it kinda looked like some real Line Dance after all!
Thank you guys, I really enjoyed it. 
I am already looking forward to next week!
Next PuB-Night will be at the Beaver, 7pm.
See you there! 
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-