Whistler Trip Review

There should be a holiday dedicated to all the brave people who show up to work on Mondays, especially after spending an awesome weekend in Whistler.

We started our Trip to Whistler at 7am at Canada place were we waited for the bus to pick us up. However for most of us we had to wake up at 6am, which is way too early for a Saturday morning. We were with 12 INTERNeX candidates and around 10 others. Once we were on the road, everyone had to decide what they want to do during our stay in Whistler. There are so many activities you can choose out; bungee jumping, zip trekking, snow tubing, skiing/snowboarding, peak2peak gondola. Three brave candidates decided to go bungee jumping, a couple others decided to go zip trekking and going on the peak2peak gondola and then there was a group who decided to go and shred the fresh powder snow.

Once arrived in Whistler we had to take a shuttle bus to Whistler Village. Our Tour guide hooked us up with all the tickets for the day and we were ready to enjoy our first day in Whistler. The weather was not to bright, but still everyone had a great time. We met each other again at 5pm to go to the Coast Hotel, take a relaxing moment in the hot tub while it was snowing, have a nice home-cooked dinner and chatting about our day. At 9pm it was time to take the free shuttle bus down to whistler village for a wicked party at tommy Africas.

The next morning most of us slept in and enjoyed the breakfast before checking out and than made their way to the next activities. The once who went on the peak2peak gondola had a beautiful sunny view, the zip trekkers enjoyed a three hour walk/zip trek through the forest on the mountain and the skiers and boarders shredded the fresh snow. At 4pm everyone managed to be in Whistler village and we went for a last beer before heading back to Vancouver.

For more picture click here and if took some pictures you want to share, send them to us or post them on Facebook. This was definitely on of the best weekends we had so far and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Who is up for another crazy weekend in the Rocky Mountains next month?

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INTERNeX is happy to introduce our partner and summer party gold sponsor West Trek Tours today! See our Summer Party event page for more information on this party of the summer 2012! Thank you West Trek Tours for supporting this awesome event.

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INTERNeX candidates and team themselves experienced the awesomeness of West Trek trips several times! Rafting tours on one of the wildest and craziest rivers in Canada were so much fun. Camping and romantic get-togethers with a campfire added to the perfect adventure feeling these weekends. And it’s happening again! West Trek is organizing another White Water Rafting trip with their best guides and equipment! Winter or summer, the Rocky Mountains West Trek tour will be the best travel experience of your life! Be on the Rockies party bus and you will never forget the roads of Canada. Nearly every INTERNeX candidate enjoyed the incredible nature and parties on the Rockies West Trek trips! The next one is happening on the August long weekend, 3rd to 6th of August!

If you want short adrenaline-filled adventures, West Trek Tours takes you skydiving and offers discounts for a lot of other exciting activities. Having hotels and activity providers as partners West Trek gets you incredible deals on bungee jumping and zip trekking, whale watching and surfing, sightseeing, gondolas and much more. This way you get the best value for your trips and your student wallets!

Wherever you go, the Rockies, the US or Tofino; whatever you do, hiking, sightseeing, or surfing; you will leave a West Trek Tours trip with new friends and amazing memories!

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Happy travelling!


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