Hostel International and Moose Travel Network Promo trip to Whistler

Guess what we did the other day? Well, our PR Team went on a trip to Whistler!
It was a promotional tour organized by Hostelling International and Moose Travel Network.

We started out meeting at Doolin’s Comfort Inn and took off at 3.30pm.IMG_1036
After about an hour drive we made an intermediate stop at Shannon Falls which has really beautiful scenery. Following our break there, we moved on to the HI-Whistler Hostel close to 2010’s Olympic Village.
At that point we were all pretty hungry, so Remy (one of our tour guides from Moose) fired up the BBQ while the rest of the group was shown the hostel’s facilities.
After eating our hamburgers, hotdogs and salads, everything became quite fast-paced. We quickly got ready because we wanted to catch the bus for a night out at the Village which turned out to be a Pub Crawl! That’s right. We visited several bars and clubs where we could 1 free drink at each one! We even ran into countless bachelors and bachelorettes. The Pub Crawl was crazy fun!

The next morning breakfast was pretty early from 7.45am-8.15am. The reason we forced ourselves out of bed after such a night? That’s because we had a mission. We had to return to Whistler Village. This time, it was in order to go zip-lining. Now, what is that exactly? First, you are strapped into a harness from which you will then hang and ride across a wire hundreds of meters above ground at speeds up to 80km/h! I have to admit that I have a slight fear of heights which made me quite nervous on the first zip line. However, a few seconds after jumping off and realizing I’m not going to die, the experience was incredible!

For anyone out there who’s fighting against a fear of heights as well, this is a great first step to conquering it. I was even a little disappointed that we could only go for 5 times.

Afterwards, we had a drink at the Longhorn Saloon and made our way back home to Vancouver, stopping at the Porteau Cove for an in-between break.


Thank you Moose Travel Network and Hostelling International for this great trip!

Hostel International and Moose Travel Network Promo trip to Whistler

This past weekend INTERNeX was invited to join Moose Travel Network and Hostelling International for a trip to Whistler.
Whistler is located about 1.5 hours from Vancouver and is famous for it’s slopes. During winter time the village is packed with people who like to go skiing and snowboarding. But year round there is so much more to do around Whistler, such as mountain biking, hiking, and zip lining! Also, in 2010 the Olympic Winter Games were held in Whistler and that is why Hostelling International decided to build a place where the athletes could stay: Hostelling International Olympic Village. After the Olympic Games the hostel opened to the public and now hosts many international travellers who come to visit Whistler.
The Moose bus was waiting for us on Granville Street and took us to Whistler at 3pm last Saturday June 6th. We had a group of about 13 people which we got to know better during the ride. On our way we stopped at the Shannon Falls, which was amazing, because the weather was absolutely perfect and there was no rush whatsoever. Everyone strolled around for a bit and after half an hour we continued our journey to Whistler. The sea-to-sky highway is incredible. It runs 400 kilometres from the US border, through British Columbia, all the way up north. As mentioned before, the highway is amazing! It runs along the Pacific ocean which means that there are so many beautiful views on the ocean and the surrounding nature.
When we arrived in Whistler the group split up and went to their rooms to put away their belongings. After that Claire, working for Hostelling International, gave us a tour through the building and told us more about the Olympic Games and how the hostel hosted the athletes. The building is quite new, as it was only built in 2010, and looks great!
Both Moose Travel Network and Hostelling International had prepared a barbecue dinner for the group including many beers! We sat outside in the sun on the patio while we enjoyed our beers and burgers. It was a cozy atmosphere. Anthony, working for Hostelling International as well, had organized a Bar Hop for our group, and so we left the Olympic Village for Whistler Village and had a great night out with many more drinks and great people!
The next morning we had to wake up early for an exciting day. We were going to go zip-lining. Zip-lining is when you fly down through the forest while being tucked into a harness. So much fun! Ziptrek Ecotours organized an Eagle tour for us. With awesome tour guides we started our journey through the forest experiencing different lines. The first line was most exciting as no one actually knew what to expect – but it is amazing and went sooo fast! People even conquered their fear of heights, what an achievement!
The zip-lining tour took about 2.5 hours and after that we decided to have a drink to enjoy Whistler a little longer. We ordered some beers and Caesars which made our hangover disappear. As soon as we hit the road back to Vancity most of us fell asleep immediately. Along the way we made another stop at Howe Sound to enjoy the sun a little and stroll around for a bit.
We arrived back in Vancouver at 4.30pm and there’s nothing left to say but thank you Moose Travel Network and Hostelling International for this trip to Whistler. We enjoyed!

INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Last weekend Mercedes and I went to Whistler, an amazing ski resort near to Vancouver, where the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games took place. We passed two incredible days enjoying the authentic taste of the Canadian nature.  I already knew that Canada had incredible woods, but, believe me, you need to go there to see it by yourself.

First, we stopped in the Shannon Falls (at Shannon Falls Provincial Park)to see the third highest falls in the province of BC. The place, as you can see in the photos, is very beautiful. There was a lot of families having a picnic day and playing sports.

Then, we arrived at the HI-Hotel. We had a BBQ during de sundown with enormous burgers (really, the best hamburger I never tasted), Canadians beers, and a great company.

Afterwards, we went to Moe Joe’s, one of the most famous clubs in the village. There was a pool table and a dance floor with DJs. Mercedes and I spent the night dancing and jumping with the other people.

But the next morning, we didn’t have time for sleep, because we had to take a bus to do trekking. Do you know something about trekking? Well, we didn’t. Somebody told us something about to be hanging from a cord. Ouch… I was a little scared. All my life I have been afraid of heights. Mercedes was very happy; she is braver than me. But, believe, was one of the best things I’ve never done! Hanging so high, gliding so fast, among the enormous trees, with the beautiful forest under your feet…you can feel like flying!


Finally, we went to the village to eat something and take the bus. We were so tired but very happy. In Vancouver, we came back to our houses with the feeling that we were we were in love with Canada more than ever.

Thanks to the organizers to invite us! If you want to go to Whistler, please contact with our PR Team!





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INTERNeX Canada: > W H I S T L E R < announcement!

Attention!  You’re just about to encounter this fall’s hottest offer!

Together with our awesome partner West Trek Tours, INTERNeX will take you and your friends on the ultimate weekend getaway to Whistler on October 13th and 14th! I’m sure you have all heard about this crazy place before, but it is certainly something you wanna see with your own eyes. Nature by day and party by night is probably the best combination ever and Whistler boasts plenty of both. On this 2-day trip you will have enough time to enjoy as much nature, adventure and nightlife as you can possibly take.


INTERNeX candidates:  $109

Non-INTERNeX:  $115


Saturday, Oct 13th (depart 8am) – Sunday, Oct 14th (arrive 7pm)

This is what you get for your money:

  • Deluxe highway coach round trip transportation incl. viewpoint stops
  • 1 nights hotel accommodation @ Tantalus Resort Lodge in Whistler Village (6 people per luxury style apartment suite = 1 queen bed, 2 single beds, 1 sofa couch + kitchen to prepare your own food -> keeps the costs low!)
  • Hotel features heated outdoor swimming pool, sauna and HOT TUB (Don’t forget to bring swimming suit and drinks!!)
  • Nightclub entrance
  • FREE tour of the village andoptional hike to Lost Lake
  • A friendly Canadian tour guide
  • All tips and taxes

Optional things to do (not included in price, discounts available):

  • Bungee Jumping – A total adrenaline rush as you test your nerve by throwing yourself off a perfectly good bridge to plunge 53m (160 ft) over the Cheakamus river.  $120 – SAVE $10!
  • Ziptrek – The “lighter” version to a bungee jump: Speed up safely attached to zip lines and whizz down through the dramatic landscape in between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

Friends + fun + awesomeness -> This will be a weekend to remember! Come and make your own memories with us!

Just join the event on facebook to make a reservation!! Please contact the INTERNeX PR team at if you have any questions and let us know if you’re going to bring along friends too, you’re more than welcome to do so. 🙂

See you guys tonight at the Lennox Pub!



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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Welcome back after another weekend!

The INTERNeX PR Team had such an awesome weekend and I was lucky enough to take part on an amazing trip to Whistler thanks to Hostelling International and Moose Travel Network.

We were picked up on Friday afternoon and set out on Moose’s coach bus out to Whistler.  We made two stops on the way, the first was the Britannia Mine in Squamish.  Being from Vancouver, I had always passed this on the way up to Whistler, but I never had the opportunity to stop and take a tour.  The mine was so interesting, full of history and we learned a lot, I am really glad I finally had the chance to check it out!

Next we stopped at the beautiful Shannon Falls for a breathtaking view of the waterfalls and some good photo-ops. From there we went straight up to the Hostel and before we knew it we arrived at Hostelling International in Whistler.  I was shocked at how nice this hostel was, when you picture a hostel, you don’t envision a swanky chalet amongst the mountains, but this was exactly what HI Whistler was!

The hostel was so beautiful, new, clean and even heated floors to top it off! Moose provided us with a great BBQ and then went off for a night out in Whistler Village. We had an awesome time dancing the night away!

Everything on Friday was so great, but he highlight of the trip had to be zip trekking on Saturday morning, this really was once in a lifetime experience!  We went on the bear tour which included 5 Zip Lines inside the Lush forest with views of creeks, snowy mountains and of course breathing in some of the freshest air in the world. The Zip Lines were thrilling, a bit scary, but most of all awesome!


We want to thank Hostelling International and Moose Travel Network for giving us such a great opportunity to experience Whistler.

If any of you are interested in visiting Whistler this Spring/Summer I would highly recommend using these companies!  The HI Whistler Hostel is by the far the nicest you will stay in at Whistler and you can do so at very reasonable prices.

Moose Travel Network also offers a great tour up to Whistler, also at a very good price.  They provide you with transportation to and from with some entertainment along the way as well as optional excursions and activities.

If you want to check out these options or do some travel research, here are the websites:

Hostelling International

Moose Travel Network

Our weekend was so awesome and we’re sure you guys had tons of fun too! What did you guys get to up this weekend? For those who took part in the Amazing Race, let us know what you thought 🙂



INTERNeX International Exchange
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