Orientation Week with the Scandinavians

img_5661This week was a busy and great week with all the Scandinavians in Vancouver. They were here for only 3 days; right now they are heading to their work in a ski resort. Most of them arrived on Tuesday evening and already met each other at the airport and went straight to their hostel.

On Wednesday we had a long day full with orientations. We picked them up at 8 AM, went to the SIN office and after that to the bank to get them a bank account. When all of that was sorted out we walked to the INTERNeX office and ate pizza. After the lunch break we did the INTERNeX orientation, sorted them out for PhoneBox monthly plans and gave them an introduction about TaxBack. Finally all parts of the orientation were done and we went to the Bismarck Bar for a PuB NiGHT where the other candidates from INTERNeX also came along to enjoy a great PuB NiGHT.

On Thursday we did a Stanley Park Tour which was a long walk, but lots of fun. We first walked to the Waterfront, from there IMG_5654.JPGon we walked to Stanley Park where we started of with seeing the Totem Poles, afterwards we walked into the actual Stanley Park. We saw a lot of beautiful things, a really big tree where we could stand in and the Lost Lagoon. We also saw squirrels and even a raccoon!! Then it was already the end of the tour and went back to the hostel to get ready for the Canucks game. We gathered around 6 PM at the INTERNeX office to get the tickets and went to see the game. The Canucks lost, but it was still a great experience to see a hockey game!

On Friday we planned another PuB NiGHT at Blarney Stone to end the great time with the Scandinavian candidates before they leave to the ski resort. We had lots of fun!

We hope you all will have a great time working at the ski resort!!

PuB NiGHT and Next Events

My very first pub night was a success! Thank you all for showing up! I had a great time meeting all of you! Yesterday’s pub night was organized at the Tap & Barrel in the Olympic Village. pub-night-24nov

So many people came that we even had to take more tables to fit everybody. Everyone was nicely chatting with each other and meeting the new INTERNeX people, including me.

The deal on the beer also was a good one! I saw a lot of people enjoying their Mainstreet.

Later in the night when everyone began to go home or to another bar. I also finally went home to get a good night of sleep, hopefully my jetlag will be over next PuB NiGHT and then I will show you how Dutch people really go out!

Next events

On Saturday there will be CandyTown in Yaletown. It’s a Christmas market with lots to do! CandyTown themed cocktails, horse-drawn carriage rides, ice sculptures, food trucks and a ‘All I Want for Christmas’ gift market to pick up gifts for the holidays!

Next week’s pub night will be a welcoming night for the 16 Scandinavian people which are coming here to Vancouver! It will be at the Bismarck Bar, to have enough space to fit all of you!

More info on CandyTown and the next Pub Night will be at the events on our Facebook page!

Thanks for last night guys and I hope to see you Saturday or next week!

– Janel

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Web: http://www.internexcanada.com
Email: pr@internexcanada.com

New PR-Coordinator in Town

My name is Janel and I’m a 20-year-old Dutch student in International Leisure Management at the NHTV in Breda, the Netherlands. meI love organizing events. Which is also why I will be your new PR-Coordinator for the next 7 months. I will support INTERNeX with their PR tasks like organizing Pub Nights, weekly events, monthly events and more! You can also always come to me if you have any questions!

Another hobby of mine is playing or watching soccer games. I also really like watching and playing other sports. Meeting new people, going out with friends and do activities is also one of my main hobbies. So I’m definitely a person that always wants to be busy and do anything.

I also love travelling and exploring new things. In the beginning of this year I went to Venice, Italy, for 5 months. I was studying there at the Ca’ Foscari University. I had a great experience there and I really want to make your experience here in Canada amazing too!
Last Friday I arrived in Vancouver and I already like Canada. The people are really kind, the city is big and the nature is beautiful around here. So hopefully we will see a lot of it during the time we are here!

I am looking forward to see you all tomorrow at the next Pub Night. And I hope that we will have lots of fun together in these coming 7 months!

Hopefully see you soon!!


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-
Web: http://www.internexcanada.com
Email: pr@internexcanada.com

INTERNeX explores Vancouver Aquarium

Do you know that Canada’s largest and officially first public aquarium is located in Stanley Park here in Vancouver? delfinaquariumIt’s one of the five largest aquarium in North America, covers approximately 9,000 square metres (97,000 sq ft) and has a total 9,500,000 litres of water in 166 aquatic displays. It includes 9 different outdoor and indoor galleryes witch houses around 300 species of fish, almost 30,000 invertebrates, and 56 species of amphibians and reptiles. They also have around 60 mammals and birds. The aquarium is a major tourist attraction here in Vancouver so on Sunday it’s INTERNeX’s time to explore it. Our partners at WEST TREK TOURS have special price on tickets for only $25 (nomal price is $36 for adults and $27 for students), so if you want to come and join us on Sunday please contact us or swing by the office for WEST TREK ticket. You can also book it here on the link below:


We’ll will meet in front of the aquarium entrance at 1PM

Hope to see you all on Sunday :o)


Road Trip to Portland

Last weekend INTENReX went on a Road trip to Portland. Early Friday morning we drove two minivans out of Canada and reached the pacific coast highway in The United States. We drove along, made some pit stops on the way until we finally reached Portland in Oregon. The city is known for their parks, bridges and as well for its eco-friendliness and its microbreweries and coffeehouses. Someone would call it the hipster city of USA. We made it to Portland around 6 pm and our first destination was the Rose garden, the oldest public rose test garden in the United States which features more than 7000 rose plants of 550 varieties, were we enjoyed the sunset. After a long day we were all hungry and it was time for dinner at Pacific Pie where we got some delicious handmade Australian Pies. Thank you all at Pacific Pie for your pleasant service at your awesome restaurant🙂 After the dinner we checked in to our Hotel, Aladdin Inn and Suites. During the evening people had a good time at their hotel rooms, either chilling in their pajamas with a beer in their hand or having a room party🙂


If you ever go to Oregon, you should know that there is no sales tax, so Saturday morning it was time to go shopping. Just 20 minutes out of the city you find the Woodburn Premium Outlet where you find more than 100 stores with exclusive brands at savings of 25-65%. After we almost emptied our credit cards we had a big surprise for the group and invited everyone for dinner at the elegant restaurant Clyde’s Prime Rib. The food was delicious and the place was fantastic. Later on we had time to explore the city, and check out the nightlife in Portland. Sunday morning we left our hotel early and headed down town. First of all we went tpoertland1o the famous Voodoo donut shop, known for their good unusual donuts, and believe me they were good😉  Than we took a walk around Portland Saturday Marked were we could see and buy all kinds of different handcraft from local people. Afternoon before we drove back to Vancouver, we had a guided walking tour around the city “Secrets of Portlandia” a stand up comedy tour about Portland’s history and culture were we learned about Portland’s fascinating evolution into the culture capital that it is today.

We found Portland an interesting city, and I’m sure someone would found it weird, so it’s nothing that we wouldn’t have missed. Thank you all guys for joining us on the trip, and we hope you found Portland as interesting as we did🙂

Vancouver Fashion Week

fashionweekHey everyone. INTERNeX  have some free day passes to Vancouver Fashion Week. If you are interested to get a ticket for the fashion week you can come to the office and get it for FREE (the normal price is $75). We will go on Friday, so hope you can all join us there. If not we have tickets for the whole week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to). So come to the office, get your ticket and get dressed up for this fabulous event.



(Ps. the tickets have different timing, 4:30pm, 5pm 5:30pm and 6pm and we can not guarantee tickets for everyone at exactly the same time)


See you  on Friday🙂

Roadtrip to Portland is coming up soon…

As you probably you know by now, INTERNeX is going to Portland on a roadtrip.
Our accommodation in Portland for the trip is the 3 star, newly renovated motel Aladdin Inn and Suites, located 10 minutes from down town. We will stay 4 persons in one big room with two queen size beds. Among other things the hotel offer free continental breakfast (which is included), free wireless internet, free local calls, guest laundry and free coffee all day :) It’s 100% non-smoking hotel and there are many restaurants within walking distance.
You can check out their website her on the link below:
Down below you can read an extended overview of the program of the trip.


We’ll meet at Avis Rentel Car on Hornby street down town

The IDEAL place for Instagram enthusiasts!
As we land in Portland the first activity we’ll do is the very beautiful rose garden (just take a look at the picture, woaw right?!) Portland’s international Rose Test Garden is the olderose-gardenst public rose test garden in the United States and features more than 7000 rose plants of 550 varieties. The rose garden came to be nearly a century ago when a citizen convinced the local government to set up a rose garden to preserve the species of European roses that would be killed off during the World War one bombings. It opened in 1917 and from the beginning hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world have come and enjoyed the sights and scents of the beautiful garden. No wonder why Portland got the nickname, “City of Roses”
The most delicious pies you can get!
After visiting the rose garden it will be time for some food and what could be better than a Classic Chicken Pie or an Apple Pie Sundae for dessert? The Pacific Pie restaurants started back in 2009 when the owner from Australia was missing delicious meat pies from his home country. Since then the restaurant has kept on serving amazing handmade pies to the citizens of Portland. If you can’t wait to see the yummy pies, click on this link http://www.pacificpie.com/
PS. If you are not really into pies the restaurant also makes other delicious meals like soups and salads

EXPERIENCE PORTLAND – Friday night after dinner we will have some free time in Portland. The city has a wealth of vibrant places and neighbourhood to experience and explore all of them unique. In Portland, people hang out in coffee shops, ride bikes, visit the art gallerie14192081_10154450800292103_3573164015685164374_ns or enjoy the variety of brewpubs with generous happy hour menus.

You can check out this coffee shops: World cup coffee, Coffee time, Ken’s Artisan Bakery, Vivace or Anna Banana’s (for the Vegans)

If you are 21 or over, we recommend these brewpubs: The Blue Moon, Lucky lab beer hall, Bridge Port or The Rogue Brewery & Ale.


FUN SHOPPING EXP14196127_10154447942092103_6605411704838309856_oERIENCE AT WOODBURN PREMIUM OUTLET MALL
On Saturday it’s shopping time! We are going to visit one of the largest tax free outlet centers in the west of the US. With more than 100 stores include Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil, the North Face, Guess and much more… And the best thing? You can find exclusive brands at savings of 25% to 65%! So don’t miss the chance to catch your perfect deal and save money!

On the Saturday night we will go out for a dinner at the restaurant Clyde’s Prime Rib in Portland. The place is one of Portlands oldest and most distinguished restaurant were casual elegance and classic style come together. Their number one goal is to delight their guests, with a wonderful dining experience in there elegant dining room, with a roaring fireplace and dazzling chandeliers, and enjoy their live jazz, R&B and blues. It’s a guaranteed an evening that we’ll not forget anytime soon. The menu offers slow Rosted Prime Rib of Beef, tender steaks, fresh seafood, succulent chicken and pork, pasta, salads, sandwiches and other fine dishes and deserts. See more about the restaurant on the link below :)

THE HOLLYWOOD THEATRE 14212680_10154454700052103_7042996371040716907_n
Have you always dreamed about stepping into an old Hollywood theater where people dressed up for seeing a movie and had an amazing night. Saturday evening we will go few years back in time and visit the Hollywood Theater in Portland. It’s a true Hollywood theater back from 1926, where we will go and see an old vintage movie preserving a historic Portland landmark. Check out their website on the link below :)http://hollywoodtheatre.org/

Saturday night we will go out to a very special nightclub in Portland. The club is named THE ESCAPE were there will be a special “7 fa14222141_10154455149447103_2643802467215780766_nces of the apocalypes” theme for the night. Don’t worry if you are younger than 21 because it’s open for all ages.





Sunday morning we will go on a walking tour around Portland. Think of the tour as stand-up comedy about Portland’s history and culture were we will laugh our butt off and learn about Portland’s fascinating evolution into the culture capital that it is today. The tour is about 2 hours long so remember comfortable shoes.

LETS GET A SUGAR SHOCK AT VOODOO DOUGHNUT SHOP – of course you know doughnuts but these ones are crazy! On Sunday after the walking tour we are going to Voodoo Doughnut shop. This shop is known for their unusual doughnuts as well as for their electric décor and their iconic pink boxes. They m14241666_10154474185532103_445804381674756105_oake for example vegan doughnuts and bacon doughnut that are just so yummy!
In total the Voodoo Doughnut Shop offers over 100 different varieties so there’s plenty to try.




  • To be able to drink alcohol in Portland you need to be 21 or older
  • No sales tax = cheaper prices
  • Based on information provided to us, you might not need the ESTA visa however you should check it out before leaving
  • Remember good walking shoes and toiletries
  • Remember Passport and your work permit if you got one

The PR team is excited and we hope you are too!