Candidate Exposé – Sebastian Herzog

Sebastian Herzog1I am Sebastian and I am 20 years old. Sweet 19 when I arrived from Germany. I am planning to study economics in October 2017.

I decided to come here since Canada, and especially Vancouver seemed to have a great variety of mountains, beaches and a beautiful city itself to offer. After staying here now for quite a long time I still haven’t explored everything around the area.

Internex was introduced to me by a German agency, where I applied for my time abroad. Using Internex is great, as the agency’s office is not back in your home country but just around the corner in the city where you stay.

I decided to do an Internship at a charity company. The management at Internex offeredSebastian Herzog (words) me specific and personalized Internship positions where to apply. This was great, as you end up in the right place and you likely do what you wanted to do. Having an appropriate level of English is necessary in this company. Always stay open minded to tasks that you might never did in you live as well as not being afraid of doing responsible assignments. I would definitely stress out that you grow with your tasks at the company. The practicum was not required for my university program, but I do find it still useful.

During my time in Vancouver I stayed with a host family. Looking back I am really satisfied. We did some trips together including camping and lots of hikes, which were awesome. Staying in a home stay where a fellow Internex candidate is staying is a bonus as well. Someone can show you around and later you can introduce Vancouver to the following student.

In the beginning Vancouver seems really big but by now I would say it feels like a familiar town where you now every second corner.

Sebastian Herzog4I attended lots of activities organized by Internex. They where well organized and there was lots of variety. It is even more an opportunity to get to know the country and know people from all over the world. The list of places I visited will never end, so some main places are; Whistler, the Rocky Mountains and Kelowna.

I cannot tell what I enjoy the most here, but there are quite a lot little things, which makes this time special. For example getting up every morning, seeing the downtown skyline with the bay in the background and all that in front of beautiful mountains looks just great.

Running out of money is a struggle that most of us have here I guess. I’ve probably never been that broke in my life than at some points here. Sorry mum for that.

Traveling to Whistler and seeing all the waterfalls and frozen lakes on the way will always stay in my memories. Besides that I saw a wild black bear next to our tent at the camping ground, which is awesome looking back on it.

The first thing I will do when I get back home is seeing all my friends and family again.

– Sebastian

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Candidate Exposé – Kristina Roeder

Kristina RoederMy name is Kristina Roeder and I’m 20 years old. I am from Aachen in Germany and I’m also studying in Aachen. My studies include German literature, linguistics and philosophy and I’m a fourth semester student.

Exploring Canada was on my bucket list for a really long time. I saw a lot of amazing photographs of the countryside and heard just positive things about Canadians beforehand and I can say that my expectations were really not disappointing. The nature and especially the Rocky Mountains are just amazing and I’m really glad that I chose Canada and Vancouver.

A German agency gave me the INTERNeX contact information and after my first Skype meeting with Timothy I was sure that I was going to make use of the INTERNeX services. My internship company was really good and the weekend trips and Pub Nights were amazing.

I did an internship at a theatre and I enjoyed it. The team was really nice and it was good getting a look into the company and their work. I chose doing an internship, because it had to do it for my studies. I worked as a marketing intern and learned a lot about marketing strategies and public relations. I really liked the company and the people working there. It was a good experience and I’m glad that I got the chance getting to know the company and a bit about marketing.

To be successful at the company I interned, you have to work independently. The peopleKristina Roeder (words) working there don’t always have time to come to your desk and give you a new job. So you should find useful things to do on your own sometimes or go to them and ask them for a project you can help them with.

My practicum was a part of my university studies and it was really useful for that. It was useful for my career goals as well and besides that a great personal experience.

I lived in a homestay in South Vancouver with three other students and my host mum, who I liked really much. The only negative aspect was, that my room didn’t had a window, but it was still good living there. INTERNeX helped me finding the homestay.

During my first weekend in Vancouver I was a bit homesick, but after making new friends and going on weekend trips I was fine.

My first impression about Vancouver was as good as my last impression. Vancouver is a beautiful city and it was a pleasure living there, even if it was just for three months. I’m sure that it was not my last trip to Vancouver.

I joined nearly every pub night during my stay in Vancouver and each one was so much fun. I joined the Kelowna weekend trip and lots of other day trips. Each trip was amazing and I’m glad I got to see a lot of beautiful places and got to know amazing people. Iris, Tess, Danielle and Janel did a great job! I visited nearly everything you can visit in Vancouver and also Kelowna, Whistler, Banff, Jasper and Seattle.

I love the combination of living in a big city and living so close to such a stunning nature. Canadians are incredibly kind and polite, which is really strange at the beginning if you’re from Germany.

My personal highlight was my Rocky-Mountain-trip with my dad during my stay in Canada. We walked on frozen lakes, did snow walks and walked through the Rockies. We took the “Banff Gondola“ and I had the most stunning view in my life so far.

This experience definetely inspired me to travel more! After my studies I want to travel again for a longer time and I want to go to New Zealand. The first thing I did when I arrived home was visiting my family and friends and I slept a lot to conquer my jet lag…

– Kristina

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Candidate Exposé – Iris van Knippenberg

Iris van Knippenberg 3

I am Iris van Knippenberg, a 21 year old Dutchie, and am studying International Leisure Management at NHTV in Breda.

I always wanted to do my internship abroad, as I think you learn way more from that and it is just an amazing experience. After I went abroad to Finland, I even wanted to go abroad more and preferred going outside Europe this time. Canada was in my top 3 of countries outside Europe, so it wasn’t hard to finalise my decision when I got the offer to do this internship.

I first tried out to find internships on my own in the US, but it was really difficult to get one as you really need a network for it and they prefer people who are a native speaker as well. When I couldn’t find one on my own, I decided to look at my school database and that is where I found the vacancy to do an internship with INTERNeX. It spoke to me, as it was outside Europe and I really liked the tasks I would need to do here with INTERNeX.

I am doing an internship with INTERNeX itself, so I am sort of part of the practicum Iris van Knippenberg (words)program of INTERNeX. I had to do an internship for my study, so I couldn’t choose another one. I really like the internship at INTERNeX, I feel like I already learned a lot and there is so much opportunity to actually learn something if you really want to. It is really nice to hang out with the others who are part of the program too, as they experience the same things as I do and therefore really understand it.

The atmosphere in the company is really good. Besides that I also like my tasks and the projects I am doing for them as well. Like I already mentioned, I also got a lot of opportunities to work on my personal goals, which I really appreciate. Characteristics and skills you need to be successful here are I would say networking, being client-oriented and having good communication skills.

This internship is part of my university program and I think it is really useful because you finally get to actually practice everything and learn the skills, which you should not be able to learn when you are just in a classroom.

Iris van Knippenberg 1When I arrived I felt like Vancouver was really big (the buildings and the city itself) and pretty warm. I expected snow before I came here, so I was really surprised to arrive in a city where there was no snow and 7 degrees. When I left the Netherlands, it was way colder, so that is why I expected at least the same temperature in Vancouver. Right now it doesn’t feel big anymore, I got used to the city and I know my way around now. Canadians are really polite and easy-going. Besides that I found out that Canada has beautiful nature and there is so much to do here.

I attend every trip we organise with the PR-team, because I always like to go with the INTERNeX family, there is a really good atmosphere among us. I also like the events and the pub nights are always really nice too, so I always try to go to as many things as possible.

I already did a lot in Vancouver. While I am here I visited quite some amazing places. The ones that stood out the most were the Rockies, Kelowna and Joffre lakes. Besides that I also did a lot of amazing activities such as bungee jumping in Whistler, going to my first professional hockey game, hiking at Lynn Canyon, celebrating King’s Day in Vancouver and I went to a boat party.

I love the nature here and that it is so easy to just go on a hike or to the beach. While doing this, I have the feeling that I am actually escaping my daily life routine. I have been homesick in the beginning and in the middle of my time here. In the beginning I wasn’t used to living alone anymore and had to get used to it again. In the middle of my internship, a lot of my good friends were leaving Vancouver again and I felt a bit alone because of that. However, because of all the great people of the INTERNeX family I felt way better.

I can’t choose between two experiences which have both been really amazing for me, the Iris van Knippenberg 2Rockies and Joffre lakes. When you are at the Rockies, it totally feels like an escape of reality when you are there. The mountains and views are amazing and the atmosphere here is just the best ever. At the Rockies I got the chance to do a hike at Johnston Canyon while every waterfall was still frozen. Besides that I also did a hike on the mountain in Banff where I got amazing views over the mountains. I also walked on Lake Louise to a frozen waterfall. It was a bit scary to walk over it, but also really great.

Joffre Lakes was an amazing day-long hike, which was challenging but really worth the time and effort. As I did not have the right hiking shoes yet, I kept falling and it took me a long time to get to the second lake. Climbing up the mountain was also not really helping either. However, once we were at the second lake, I forgot all the pain and exhaustion. The lakes are blue-greenish as they are fed by glaciers and absolutely look amazing.

This trip definitely inspired me to travel more since I heard about a lot of amazing events and places while I was here (Oktoberfest in München and Carnaval in Aachen). Besides that I do not have the time to see the other side of Canada now, so I would love to go to the other side to see Quebec, Montreal, Ottowa and the Niagra falls.

INTERNeX helped me to find my way in Vancouver regarding finding friends. Besides that the organisation also gave me the opportunity to explore a lot of places where I would not have gone without them. Yes, my experience would have been way different without INTERNeX and I would not change a thing about it.

When I get Back home I will eat a lot of chees and order a “frikandel speciaal”.

– Iris

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Candidate Exposé – Björn Jentschke

Bjorn jentschkeMy name is Björn Jentschke, I’m 21 years old and from southern Germany (close to Munich and Stuttgart). Right now I’m working on my Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration specialized on Finance.

I have never really thought about going to Canada until I started working with Internex, who offers internships in New Zealand and Canada. So finally I decided to go to Canada and I’ve never regretted that.

In my third semester I was constantly thinking about doing an internship abroad as part of my studies, but I didn’t know exactly how to start with that project and wasn’t sure about it at all. Then, I think back in October 2015, I heard about Timothy Wells, the owner of an international exchange agency, would give a little presentation. So I decided to join that and yes, he convinced me to do such an internship abroad. After some weeks I decided to go with Internex, the following decision that I’ve never regretted!

I’ve chosen the international coop because I wanted to gain more experiences in the financial sector besides banks and of course experience how it is to work in another country with a different language and culture. That program was perfect for that.

I am placed at a company that is situated in the wealth management sector. So it is all Björn Jentschke (words)about individual portfolio construction or analysis, a whole financial advice in the matter of tax minimization, pension and also loans. It is a really fast growing company and they just changed their head office to downtown Vancouver, where we have a great lookout over Vancouver. To be successful here you have to show great commitment and being interested in the financial sector. You need to have basic knowledge about financial instruments and Excel. People there are very nice and friendly, so it is an asset if you are also really open.

It is not required to do this international placement in my university program, so it is more like an individual gaining of experiences. As a dual student I depended on the permission of my company to do this in my practical time, but luckily that was no problem. Is it useful for my career goals? Yes of course! I just can recommend doing something like this to everyone. Of course it is good for your CV, but I also learned a lot of the investment business from a lot of different people and perspectives now. I also improved my English skills a lot, which is very important and the most important part is that you will really grow as a human; being more confident and experience how other people live. Tim told me in our chat of the beginning of my program just to be confident and trying new things, also in my job here. It is all about that.

Here I live in a homestay with three other students and interns. I really enjoyed it. Also the owner of the homestay was fantastic so it was just perfect.

The first impression I got from Vancouver is that it looked beautiful between the pacific and the mountains and people were very friendly. Right now I feel very comfortable in this town.

The Internex PR-team organises several activities but it’s no duty to attend those, so I wasn’t at every event. But I really think that these events were always very good organized. They are a very good opportunity to meet very quickly some new people, especially in the beginning of your stay in Vancouver, and of course to have a lot of fun. On the weekend events you really have the chance to see the environment of Vancouver and a lot of nice places. Also, the PR-team always keeps you updated about changes in the planning or other things.

Activities I did and places I visited are: Zip-lining and bungee jumping in Whistler, kayaking in Deep Cove, visiting the VERY BUSY Capilano Suspension Bridge. I went to beautiful Bowen Island, did a weekend trip to Portland and Seattle. I went hiking to Lake Garibaldi and on the Howe Sound Crest Trail. I visited Vancouver Island, went to a country festival in Surrey, walked through Stanley Park and much more!

What I like most about Vancouver is of course the location between the mountains in the north and the pacific in the west. Also downtown is a very nice place to be and the environment is beautiful with great nature.

In the beginning it was a bit difficult to get used to the language, but after two weeks it wasn’t a problem anymore. With some help I’ve never experienced problems with the public transportation, but you have to be aware of spending every day at least more than one hour just to get from your homestay to work and back.

Internex was helpful for me for just organizing everything. From the homestay, to the visa, till the job. Everything worked very well and you can always call them if you have any questions or problems. They always replied within 24 hours and it is very personal and they have the know how. And it is also nice that they are just there if something goes wrong with your job or homestay, cause you will never know. I will definitely recommend Internex.

This experience definitely inspired me to travel more, to as many places as possible! But when I do get home, the first thing I will do is eating some Non-Asian food. Although I think I will miss the rice…

– Björn

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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Candidate Exposé – Danielle Struijk

Danielle Struijk1I’m Danielle, I’m 22 years old and I come from The Netherlands. I am studying International Event Management at the NHTV in Breda. My internship here is part of my study program to finish my third year.

I decided to come to Canada because I love travelling and I have always wanted to go abroad at some point in my life, so when I got the opportunity to do that for my study I knew this was the time to do it. I didn’t really mind where I would go, so I searched for a company instead of a country.

At my university they have a database with vacancies and that is also where I found the one for being a PR-coordinator at Internex. So now I am doing the practicum program since I had to do an Internship for my university.

I’m a PR coordinator for INTERNeX. It’s an awesome company to work for. I get to do a Danielle Struijk (words)lot of stuff and besides my daily tasks I have projects that are challenging. The atmosphere in the office is really great and they don’t make me feel like an intern, but like I’m really a part of the team. They are always open to teaching me whatever I want to know. Here you need to be an open and social person, since you have to deal with a lot of candidates that come and go. You also need to be structured to know what is going on when. As I mentioned before it is for my university program and I have definitely learned things here that will help me in my future career. That included social media management, sales, video production and Photoshop.

Here I’m living in a house with 5 other people. We have a guy from England who is kind of our landlord, and 4 girls from Australia, Ireland, Netherlands and Canada. I found it through Roomster, a platform where people offer rooms.

When I arrived I first took a cab to the Airbnb I had booked, that was around 5 PM. I remember sitting in that cab and looking out the window thinking how different it looked from back home. At night Tess and I wanted to get some dinner and we passed trough East Hastings on our way there. In that very moment I was asking myself what in the world I was doing here and how I would ever survive the next 7 months. We got dinner, went back to the Airbnb and went to sleep. The next day the sun was shining and I felt very happy being there.

As a PR coordinator it is my job to organize the activities, pub nights, trips and events, so therefore I attend them as much as possible. But I feel very lucky to be able to organize and attend all the events. I have gotten to know so many amazing people from all over the world because of it. If I would ever go abroad again I would definitely try to find an organization like INTERNeX to go with.

Danielle Struijk3I’ve done so much here it’s insane. I’ve been to Granville Island, saw the Chinese New Year Parade, went skiing on Cypress, saw a Junior Hockey game, a Canucks game and the Whitecaps. I’ve been to Metrotown, Queen Elizabeth Park, FlyOver Canada, Joffre Lakes, Stanley Park and Deep Cove. I’ve been to the John Legend concert at Rogers Arena, a boat party and experienced St. Patricks day. I went to Kelowna to go skiing and do a wine tour. Went to Kamloops to visit my aunt. To Whistler where I went bungee jumping. Spend 4 days in The Rockies, which were amazing. Visited Vancouver Island with my mother, sister and boyfriend. Rented a scooter to explore Bowen Island and went to Squamish with my group of friends. I’m still going to Kelowna, Seattle and The Rockies again!

What I really like about Vancouver is that there is always something to do. There has never been a weekend where I have been bored. What I love about Canada is the nature. There is so much to see here and I’ve had amazing views. Vancouver is an expensive place to live though, so as a student it can be challenging at times to manage my budget right.

It is really hard choosing my most memorable thing here in Canada. I’ve done so many great things and I’ve had some amazing nights with my friends here. I guess my favourite was our trip to the Rockies and my boyfriend coming over as a surprise.

This trip definitely inspired me to travel more. Before I always used to be scared to go abroad, but this experience has really shown me that everything is possible. I have so many places and people that I want to visit all over the world.

The first I will do when I am back home is EAT! I’m looking forward to eating all the amazing Dutch food. I’m also looking forward to seeing my family, boyfriend and friends again.

– Danielle

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Candidate Exposé – Zack Aloisio

Zack AloisoI am Zack Aloisio, 21 years old and I am from Melbourne Australia. I am studying a Bachelor of International Business. I decided to come to Canada to experience a different part of the world and for cultural and business practices.

I found Internex through an agency who got me in touch with them. I am participating in the practicum program of Internex. I choose this program to give me experience in my future field of employment and to increase my employability.

I am placed at a company where we recruit firm working on both local and Zack Aloisio (words)international recruitment. It is an amazing group of people in an interesting workplace where you work with a variety of countries. I think characteristics and skills you need to be successful here are: adaptability, ability to work independently and be detail oriented. I am convinced this experience gives me invaluable hands on experience.

When I first came here I first stayed in an AirBnB and then found an apartment through Craigslist. My first impression of Vancouver was that it is a friendly city, with lots of nature close by. I think it is a slower paced, laid back city and very welcoming.

The Internex PR-team organises activities, trips and pub nights and I think their amazing, so good job PR-team! I visited a lot of pub nights, went hiking and I went to the Rockies, Whistler and Squamish. The most memorable thing I did in Canada so far is the Rockies trip.

Internex was helpful for me to get connected with a group of other excited people to explore the city, which is great when you don’ t know anyone. I would definitely recommend their services.

This trip definitely inspired me to travel more and I would like to go to Europe. When I get back home I will catch up with my friends and family and go back to university again.

– Zack

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Candidate Exposé – Tess Mallens

20170624_135608I am Tess Mallens, 20 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I study International Event Management at NHTV Breda. I am in my third year now were we need to complete a 7 month during internship to finish the year.

I decided to come to Canada because I had to do an internship for my study programme and I wanted to do this abroad. When I was 17 years old I moved out to live in the city of my university. That was already a big step for me back then, but now I already survived that for three years now, so I guess it was time for a new challenge. I wanted to have a good placement, so I didn’t pick a country, but just an internship that suited my needs and that happened to be in Canada. Besides that my uncle also studied in Canada and I heard many great stories from him, so that also made the decision easier. So now I am interning at Internex itself as a PR-coordinator and I found it through the database of my university.

As a PR-coordinator I am responsible together with the other interns to make sure our candidates have a great time here in Canada. We organise pub nights, weekly events and monthly trips. We are there for the people when they need to get something from their chest, and just to create a great group of friends, who become kind of your family while you are here. I really like my work since I’ve met so many great people and learned a lot about their cultures. It is a fantastic and dynamic group and great to hang out with. I also really like my colleagues in the office and I am really into my projects. I develop the monthly videos and I built the new Candidate Exposé, so what you are reading now, is my project 🙂

For this internship I think you really need to be open-minded, a planner, have Tess Mallenscommunication skills and you need to be adaptable. You are working with people from different cultures, so they also communicate different. I think you have to be open-minded about their cultures and also adapt yourself to every person to make everybody comfortable. I know Dutch people, me included, are very direct so I needed to be careful with that. I guess I found my way through it though, and I learned a lot from it.


I live in a shared house in the Kitsilano / West Point Grey area, which are great neighbourhoods. I found it on Roomster, which is a platform to find rooms and apartments to rent. I am close to the beach and it takes me about half an hour to get downtown and work so I am very satisfied. I also get along really well with my housemates and I really can do my own thing there.

I remember it like it was yesterday when I arrived in Vancouver. I took a cab to my airbnb and after settling in a bit me and Danielle decided to walk into the city seeking for dinner. We didn’t know anything about the neighbourhoods yet so we walked on east hastings, a place you may rather avoid in the evening. I saw quite some homeless people, large buildings and it was dark. The only thing I thought was “What did I do, why did I come here”. Luckily the next day the sun was shining and we understood the neighbourhoods better. Once I walked in the financial district and around Canada Place, I already felt way better!

IMG-20170703-WA0022Because I organise the pub nights and activities myself, I attend most of them. I think they’re throughly great, since they give you the opportunity to meet other interns and young professionals really fast. Those people became my family during my time here. I think it is great Internex created this, since it would be really hard to get a group of friends when you’re just working in a company and only socialize with your colleagues. We get to explore fantastic places and create beautiful memories together.

surfing3I visited many places around here. I did many hikes and I am still planning to do a few more. My favourite trips were the Rockies trip, traveling with my parents around BC, experience Canada day in Victoria, snowboarding in Whistler and my trip to Tofino.

What I like most about Vancouver is the diversity of the city and its people. I am just never bored here and everywhere I go, somebody is in for a chat with you. People are really polite here, sometimes maybe a bit to polite in my opinion, and very understanding and accepting. I feel very welcome here and I just love the variety in Nature. I am really going to miss the mountains and the sea with its amazing beaches.

16144535_10202610003927059_1448813019_nSome difficulties I had while living here was the beginning of my stay, when I didn’t feel comfortable yet and I really had to adjust to the culture. Keeping up with my bank account was a difficulty as well, because you really run out of money fast in this city. Besides that I sometimes had to deal with home sickness, but that went quite fine. My friends made an amazing booklet for me where each of them wrote a story about me, accompanied with ridiculous pictures. They always get a smile on my face again with that, even though they are not here in person.

The most memorable things I did here are snowboarding in Whistler with my colleague 20170304_112545Becky, the Rockies trip and a surf trip to Tofino with my friends. Whistler mountain is amazing, and I felt throughly grateful for being there. It is a dream that came through, and with good company it only makes the experience better. I also surfed two times in Tofino and I really have no words for that feeling. Especially the second time was amazing since the conditions were just great and I experienced a great weekend with friends, beautiful sunsets and breathtaking nature.

This trip definitely inspired me to travel more, and also to travel more by myself. I lived all by myself for seven months, miles apart from my familiar and save life. I can do anything now and I will explore the world. Next stop: I hope to see London really soon, I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet, South America is definitely on my list as well and I am thinking about southern Asia.

The first thing I will do when I get back home is say hi to all my family in the airport and then run to the first restaurant / cafetaria I see to order a “frikandel” and “patatje oorlog” (A frikandel is kind of a fried sausage but then ten times better than the thing you are imagining now, and patatje oorlog is fries with satay sauce, mayonaise and onions). Then during the week I hope to get spoiled by my mums’ dishes, a croissant with melted cheese, cheese in general and cheese onion chips. I guess I like cheese.

– Tess

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