PuB NiGHT Review: The Relish Pub

Another PuB NiGHT, in another pub, but with familiar faces. Yesterday, the INTERNeX candidates and the PR-team had a seat in the Relish Pub. For the first time since January, this pub was the place to be on a Wednesday evening.

And being in this pub was not the only first-timer of the night. It was the first PuB NiGHT for our new PR-team member Elisabeth, too. As well as for several candidates, who have only been here for a few weeks or even days so far. We were sitting at 3 different tables, because we were with so many people! This is also why I decided to switch my spot every now and then. It’s nice to talk to all of you and I enjoy listening to your stories about your life here in Vancouver.

But as sad as it is, there were also people that joined our PuB NiGHT for their last time. Linus and Lore are leaving Vancouver soon. Their time here with INTERNeX has come to an end, unfortunately. So, we had one, two or three (maybe even more) last beers together. We even signed a Canada flag with our names and personal messages that serves as a memory. We’ll miss you guys! Have a safe trip, I’m sure we’ll see each other again somewhere in this world!

I hope you all enjoyed the PuB NiGHT as well!

– Nadine

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

PuB NiGHT review: 131 Water

The same procedure as every Wednesday: meeting up at a pub, talking and having fun. But obviously, not every PuB NiGHT is going down the same way. Here’s the short story of last night.

It’s 7.15pm. The INTERNeX PR-team is 45 minutes early for the PuB NiGHT. But of course, this didn’t stop us from going to 131 Water sooner. We ordered our first round of drinks and decided to play a game: Rummikub. 2 winners and 1 loser later, the first candidate showed up. It was Toni, who had her last PuB NiGHT here with us in Vancouver.

The more time passed by, the more of you joined us at our big table. And look: several drinks, laughs and talks later, another last-PuB-NiGHT-candidate came: Sebastian. And while the last few people just showed up, some of you were already heading home. Why? Well, it was getting late already and some of you are responsible adults that want to be fit for the next day at work. Good for you!

When 131 Water closed its doors at 11pm (which is actually still very early), many of us were not ready to go home yet. So, we decided to head to another bar. After paying our bills, we walked outside, crossed the street and within 2 minutes, we were sitting at a table at the Lamplighter. Everyone enjoyed 1 or 2 more drinks. Suddenly, it was already 1:30am. Once again, time flew by fast.

Thank you for the great night, see you all for our barbecue on Friday!

– Nadine

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-


Put on your poker face for a variation of our weekly PuB NiGHT! Tomorrow we will have a Poker Quiz Night at 7:00pm in the INTERNeX office. Internex

The Poker Quiz Night functions more or less like a traditional poker game, combined with knowledge you need to answer the quiz questions. Instead of using cards you’ll get one question per round. You cannot answer the questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or just with one word but with a numeral. After writing down your first guess and putting in some chips you’ll get a hint so that you know whether you are on the right way or not. When you think you are still good with your guess you can put in more chips. You will get around two or three hints before the right answer will be shown/told. The person who is closest to the correct answer wins the round. You will get a more detailed explanation tomorrow at the office. Hope my effort explaining the rules was not to confusing.19921488425_1f3e7acc0b_b

Does it sound good or does it sound good?

Hope I could arouse your interest with that short insight about what we’ve planned. Click here to sign in for our Poker Quiz Night. It’s definitely not to late to join us.

Looking forward to a thrilling night with a lot of fun!


Fore last night was Trivia Night at Moose’s Down Under. We had a lot of fun and we really tried our best to answer at least some questions but most of them were so specific that our general knowledge wasn’t enough. 22185858802_8ba211742b_bLooks like we all need to study up some more! I actually wouldn’t have expected that it’s so hard to answer the questions right although I was warned about that before. Nevertheless it was lots of fun guessing the different kind of issues. To be honest we were guessing almost every time or actually we would have known more if they had accepted the German answers as well. Even at the mini games in between the four quiz rounds we were so bad though actually the only thing you need to win these games is a bit of luck. Since our group was knocked out after every first round of mini games we obviously hadn’t that much luck. We had to split up into two teams because we were too many people and you are only allowed to play in a group of 6 participants to win the jackpot. For us it didn’t matter … we were too bad anyways.

9957210503_50b7753078_bMoreover we weren’t there to win the game we were there to have fun, spend time together and to extend a warm welcome to our new candidates. I guess everyone agree with me.

On Saturday we will meet up to prepare for Halloween. There are only two weeks left therefore it is time to find a suitable outfit for this occasion. Did you already think about a Halloween costume? I informed myself about the Halloween trends 2015. As I read, the most popular costume trends include superheroes (e.g. Batman, Superman), science fiction stars (e.g. Star Wars characters), the Minions and throwback Thursday outfits (e.g. back to 90s outfits).As far as I’m concerned I prefer a “traditional” costume such as zombies or other spooky creatures. But we will see what the stores have plenty to offer.

Let’s get in a terrifying Halloween mood by shopping some costumes on Saturday.

Looking forward to Halloween!

INTERNeX Summer Event Calendar

It’s summer! This is the season to go out and have some fun!
And after listening to your feedback, we’ve put together an Event Calendar just for you.

To see what’s going on with INTERNeX over the next few weeks:

Check it out!


July 18, Sat: Paintball

July 22, Wed: Scavenger Hunt + PuB NiGHT

July 25, Sat: Celebration of Lights

July 29, Wed: PuB NiGHT

August 1, Sat: Whistler Day Trip

August 4, Tue: Open Air Summer Cinema @ Stanley Park

August 8, Sat: Brewery Crawl

August 12, Wed: PuB NiGHT

August 28-31, Fr-Mo: INTERNeX Goes Rockies

Stay tuned for updates or changes in the calendar.
See you at our next event!


Your PR Team

PuB NiGHT Announcement

Pub Night @ Moose’s Down Under

Wednesday again!? The past week went by way too fast!

After our glorious return from the camping trip back to civilization, we want to mix and mingle once again.
And what better occasion is there other than our weekly PuB NiGHT?

Since it was so awesome last time, let’s give the Trivia Night at Moose’s Down Under another try. When we went in May we had tons of fun although our knowledge ended up being somewhat lacking. Even so, this won’t stop us!

Trivia Night begins at 7 pm and consists of 4 rounds of 10 questions with mini games in between and if you win your team will be able to win the weekly cash jackpot and drinks for the in-between games.
Every team consists of 6 people which is why you should definitely come to increase our chances of winning!

Aside from the weekly Trivia Night the food is great, drinks are reasonably priced and most importantly the atmosphere is fun!

We’ll meet a little earlier this time to not be late for the games.
6:30 pm is the time for Wednesday, July 15 at Moose’s Down Under located at 830 West Pender Street. (Look to the ground when you arrive. It’s on the basement floor!)

See you there!

Your PR Team

PuB NiGHT Announcement

PuB NiGHT @ Black Frog Eatery

Yay! Once again it’s Almost Wednesday and that means it’s time for another PuB NiGHT.

This time we’re going to The Black Frog in Gastown east of Waterfront Station.
We’re meeting there tomorrow (July 8th) at 7:30pm and the exact address is 108 Cambie Street.
You can even see the Steamclock across the street from the pub’s patio!

Black Frog Eatery has good prices on food & drinks and the atmosphere is casual and fun. That’s just right for a group with lots of new faces.

We want to get to know each other better, so we hope many of you will join us.
See you at the Black Frog!