Year Review – Part 4

If you are reading this – congratulation you made it to the end :D! Joking, of course.
As wintertime comes closer, everyone is getting quieter and humans and nature tend to calm down a bit – well not us, that’s for sure. Indeed, the past months have been very exciting, especially the Wednesdays have been everything but “calming”. But let’s start at the very beginning. EscapeRoom1.jpg
Once again, the INTERNeX crew went to an Escape Room Game this time with a different team and different challenges, but with the same success? Well, all I can say is, that there are a few faces on that group picture I never got to meet… alright, I am just trying to be funny here okay, don’t be too hard on me 😉 (
After a fantastic thanksgiving dinner and a fun time together at the office, a new face joined the group. Thanksgiving1.jpgAnd I am very glad to be part of this amazing group, thank you guys, ever since I arrived here I had a fantastic time (https://internexcanada.

MY very first event to attend was the Haunted House, well I thought this was super exciting and I had a fantastic time. Turns out that I am a lot jumpier than I wanted to admit (
And because it was that time of the year the upcoming weekend just happened to stay in the same theme, a little less scary this time.Halloween3.jpg The INTERNeX Halloween Party took part at the Blarney Stone. Great costumes, music and of course some drinks made it a fantastic night once again (https://internexcanada.

The next trip happened to be very closed to the city and still it felt like taking a break from the busy life in downtown. Granville2.jpgWe took the ferry to Granville Island and had some amazing food and some deep talk over a beautiful sunset watching Vancouver’s Skyline (https://internexcanada.
As the weather was surprisingly nice, we decided to go on a little hike once more before the cold and rainy winter days would finally hit us. And as Lynn Canyon Park combines so many highlights and natural beauties, this has been a very good choice. LynnCanyon1.jpg
Some of us (just one wild Swedish) decided to climb some rocks to conquer the wild and raging river. Well to be fair, this is a bit exaggerated, but it got quite challenging and everybody was happy to have him on the safe side of the river again … dry. Still you are a brave man, I am not going to take this from you :-D! (https://internexcanada.

As the Christmas season had just began, we decided to go on a little – very European adventure. We went on the German Christmas Market here in Vancouver. And it was beautiful.ChristmasMarket1.jpg But since the Glühwein just happened to be $9 each, we had to come up with a different plan eventually. Yes $9! And no, you did not get a whole bottle for it, just a single cup!  Long story short, we went to the Yale Saloon and changed from mulled wine back to our weekly classics (that sounds a lot worse than it actually is … I promise :D). It turned out to be a wild and interesting night after all (https://internexcanada.
As the December started, we got to do a “Canadian Classic”, as I like to call it. We got to see the hockey game of Canucks vs. Oilers. Independently from the final result, it has been a good game … as far as me as layperson could judge (
And then we got to welcome another addition to the PR-Team. Therefore, thank you to our one and only Australian ;-). You did a great job and we miss you incredibly! ( Sabrina.png
The following weekend we went ice-skating, for the sake of the winter feeling. And we actually discovered big talents within the group. Guess what it wasn’t me… proof is to be found in our Instagram highlights (internexcanada) :D. Jenny and Sophie actually delivered quite a show and took their time to teach us some of the basics, like moving forward for example …. (  IceSkating2.jpgAnd because snow isn’t really a thing in Australia (surprising I know, but I desperately needed an opening line here) we actually we actually someone’s dream come true to see snow again. Equipped with skies and snowboards we spent a beautiful time up on Grouse Mountain (https://internexcanada.

Some of us (another Swedish guy), were unstoppable and actually went skiing and snowboarding (even tho time wasn’t split equally 😀 >> sorry for those Inside jokes, but I had to mention this). Skiing1.jpg
Finally, our Christmas Party was the perfect way of ending this incredible year. Thank you so much for being part of it.
I hope you enjoyed our little journey through time. You are also more than welcome to check out our Instagram page, where you will find all the pictures of this journey summarized in our highlight (internexcanada).

Anyways, I cannot wait to start 2020 together with you.

See you very soon!

–Nadja xx

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Year Review – Part 3

And here the story continous – let’s take a closer look to July, August and September 2019!

As July came around it was time to put our hiking shoes back on and make our way around Lynn Canyon, one of our favorite places to visit here at INTERNeX. LynnCanyon1.jpgLocated in the district of North Vancouver we certainly let our watches behind as we missed the first bus (oops) but that just gave us more time to get to know each other 😉 when we finally arrived everyone was super excited to cross the famous Lynn Canyon Bridge, defiantly something to see while you are here in Vancouver. (


Vargas2.jpgTrading in our hiking shoes for our camping tent, we enjoyed the most beautiful weekend camping on Vargas Island. I never knew how much Tetris can help you in life until we had to pack all of our stuff into only 3 cars while still having to fit our bodies in there. It was going to be a challenge to get back into the cars on the way back as we enjoyed many tasty foods on the island such as burgers and s’mores (s’mores are a must when you are camping). Enjoying each other’s company with an island fire and a beach party was something you won’t forget. Unfortunately, every weekend has to come to an end, but the memories will stay with us forever (


VanDusen1.jpgWe always love getting our INTERNeX team together and what better way to do it than to enjoy a day at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden. The weather was on our side this day as the sun wash shining bright and the beautiful atmosphere of the botanic gardens filled our eyes with colour (


INTERNeX has finally grown out of its teen years and we wish it a very happy 20TH ANNIVERSARY!!! A surprise party had been organized for Tim. We thank Tim for all of his hard work and everything that he has done for INTERNeX and everyone involved. We had organized many people from all over the world to come and experience this special moment with us and surprise Tim with some familiar faces. With both current and former INTERNeX people the night was then all about celebration (


Rockies1.jpgMoose bus adventures always have our back when it comes to our Rocky Mountain Trips. On Friday we started our very long bus trip but our spirits were always lifted by our driver, Mike. Here at INTERNeX we always love a good challenge, why not jump in every lake we find (I think we underestimated how many pretty lakes there were in Vancouver haha…) Everyone enjoyed the scenes even if they didn’t swim in every lake though. After the long exhausting trip on the bus we still felt the need to share a drink or two or three that night – this lead to the very quiet bus ride the next morning 😉 (


DeepCove1.jpgSunny and warm days are for hiking and exploring. The INTERNeX team arrived at Deep Cove then hiked up to Quarry Rock to admire the view. Its always nice to reward ourselves with some delicious Honey Doughnuts and goodies. Although we still had a long bus ride ahead of us back to vancouver we had another amazing day with the INTERNeX team (


BikeTour1.jpgBike tours are a great way to see more of Vancouver. We met at the Waterfront Station where we started the tour and we thank Vancouver for holding the thunderstorms till later (






Lilly has spent many countless hours planning these events and writing Blogs to keep all of out INTERNeX team informed and entertained during their stay in Vancouver. She has done an incredible job and should be congratulated on her work. Thank-you Lilly from all of us here at INTERNeX.




– Sabrina

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Year Review – Part 2

Welcome back.
I hope you had a fantatstic Christmas and so much food, that you aren’t able to walk anymore. Since you can’t move anyways, I guess there is enough time to read the Year Review Part 2!
Our journey reaches spring, so please just picture the warming sunlight on your skin (in case you haven’t forgotten about it already ;)).

April started off with a very lovely event here at the INTERNeX office. And it was so nice, having everyone around in such a familiar atmosphere. We had a Game Night, getting all the dust off all these games stored in our cupboards. As you would have guesses, not everyone is having the same understandings of how certain rules of games work. So it ended up in many discussions and laughter’s. As you might know it from game nights with friends or family – it either brings you closer together or tears you apart forever. GameNight.jpgOkay maybe, I am slightly exaggerating with this one – but you know what I mean. Anyways, this was the perfect shot to get to know each other in a different way, than in any other possible occasion, at least we know now who the bad winners and loosers are 😉 (

Inspired from all these games in the past week, he INTERNeXer decided to go and play a slightly bigger game in the week after. And before you might get a wrong impression – Yes, I am talking about anEscapeRoom.jpg Escape Room Game. As everyone got the chance to into a different character and solve problems for everyone’s sake, once again, the group grew together as a real team. And especially activities as such, point how good a group of people needs to function together, so that they’ll find their way out!

And finally we got to welcome a new member to the PR-Team. megan-03.jpgMegan from Germany joined the group and did an awesome job providing a great time for everyone (

Right away she and a lot of candidates got the great opportunity to take part in one of our best trips throughout the year, the one highlight everyone seems to talk about forever – The trip to the Rockies!

No other trip is to be compared to this one. Rockies3.jpgI don’t know if it’s about the amazing views you get to share, or the joined campfires including the delicious smores or just the overwhelming spirit of the Rocky Mountains, but the group always comes back different, much closer than they were before (

The group of INTERNeXer at this point seemed to be a very active bunch of people anyways. The upcoming weekend events and their participation showed, how much energy our INTERNeX family has. LighhousePark1.jpgThe hike in Lighthouse Park was another highlight, just giving the candidates a great inside about the beauty of the country we all decided on living in (

And since there was a lot of energy left, the INTERNeXer went to the Trampoline Park on the following weekend. And whoever has got energy left after this, just didn’t do it right. And there was truly something to do for everyone, since this is one of the biggest Trampoline Parks around (!

And the following weekend also involved sports, but for a change you didn’t have to participate yourself. We got the great opportunity to watch the White Caps against the Portland Timbers. Especially the European soccer hearts started to beat a lot faster by thinking of this event! Even though we all know what soccer is all about, this was something absolutely different! Soccer2.jpgNot only the whole vibe in the arena, but the entertainment and cheering happening during and in between the game was an experience of a lifetime (

Motivated by the energy of the game, we got out getting active once again. During a bike tour through the famous Stanley Park, everybody got to see beautiful sides of the city of our choice, Vancouver. The beauty of all the pictures taken is one StanleyPark1.jpgthing, but  Megan even managed to use the right words to describe this wonderful experience ( After all – definitely a must do when visiting Vancouver.

And since Canada is just offering so much, the INTERNeXer just had to go out there again and explore nature. This time a very special trip to Joffre Lakes, including the Shannon Falls, was happening. I feel like I could never sum up the experiences that were made and views everyone got to catch, while visiting this stunning place.JoffreeLake1.jpg So just make sure to give the post a look, since there are also pictures included so you will get the chance to see it yourself (

Another must see in Vancouver is definitely the hike up Grouse Mountain. And so it just happened to be another highlight of this year. Pictures may say more, than the words could, so just take a look at what Vancouver actually has to offer (!

After that we didn’t only welcome one new Pr-Coordinator and not two either but three!

Barbara Barbara.jpeg







Franzi Franzi.jpeg






Karina Karina.jpg( completed the PR-Team for the next few weeks. And as these three were an amazing team, we got amazing stuff to see and to do. Big thanks to you girls!






The last weekend of June was perfect to start a trip to Whistler for the INTERNeXer to join. Whistler4.jpgWhistler has just given the perfect chance to escape the big city life for a while. The INTERNeX crew got to do zip-lining, some biking, a beautiful gondola ride and obviously some nice pub crawls in the evening. What a great chance to get to know Canada a bit better (

In the upcoming days, we’ll be moving on to July, August and September. I hope to see you. If you want to see more pictures and a lovely video summarizing all of this. Check out our Instagram profile (internexcanada)!
Till than,


— Nadja xx

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Year Review – Part 1

Finally a new Blogpost. I know you must miss the daily INTERNeX Blogpost incredibly over the holidays. And because we don’t want you to be too heartbroken, we have something very special prepared for you in the upcoming days:
As the year of 2019 is coming to an end, this is the perfect opportunity to take a look at what happened the past year. There were truly some great highlights and events, that made the year 2019 very special. So we should take a closer look at the past months and thank everybody who made it as special as it was.

First of all, we have to point out, what a great group of people joined the INTERNeX family this year. So many who decided to spent this very outstanding time in their life along side of INTERNeX, thanks for being as great as you are. We are sure the experiences you made here in Canada (or the ones you will be making) will stay for a lifetime!
Furthermore we had a great group of PR-Coordinators making everything possible, organizing trips and events and just making this time unforgettable. And of course, thanks to the partners of ours that also put in a big impact of this very successful year!
img-20190302-wa0043-1-e1552434605363.jpgThe year started with Jasmin, coming all the way from Finland and taking over the job of the first PR-Coordinator in 2019. Starting from there we had a lot of stuff coming up, to keep everyone busy and well entertained. Thank you for doing a great job. Unfortunately I never got to meet you in person, but I heard many stories :-D. You will never be forgotten <3.
As the weeks passed by there was one major highlight coming up. img_20190317_123723-e1552952465741.jpgThe INTERNeX-crew made their way to Seattle, to smell some American Air for a change. Together with West-Trek the INTERNeXer got to leave Vancouver and see one of the most beautiful cities ever (right behind Vancouver of course ;)). Since I am only summarizing this, you are more than welcome to check out the whole story around it, the following link, will bring youright away to the post about it ( Last but not least, the INTERNeXer got to attend a very special event in Vancouver. img_20190323_173411-e1553560515397.jpgThe Fashion Week, and I am not talking about just any Fashion Week, but THE Fashion Week. If you are all about it, this was definitely a very exciting event. As the year continuous any other highlights were just waiting ahead.
More photos will always be provided on the Instagram profile, so just in case you are not one of our followers yet, make sure to do so >> internexcanada 🙂

Our journey through 2019 will continue soon.

Until then, I hope you are having a great time and Happy Holiday everyone!

– Nadja xx

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Highlights of the Year: October, November and December

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas and since the holidays are already over that also means that we will discuss the last part of 2017 this week!

So keep on reading if you want to know what we did in the months October, November and December.


In October we had a very special INTERNeX Explorer because it was Halloween. In this episode we showed you how Vancouver celebrates Halloween and we also talked about the past and upcoming events. But as most of you maybe already has seen is that we used a lot of special effects in this video and even made Bart look like a ghost. If you haven’t seen our Halloween Special go check it out here. Other blogposts we would like to highlight are:



In November we created one of the last INTERNeX Explorer of this year. We talked about our upcoming and past events. We also gave you some tips on “How To Play Secret Santa”. If you haven’t seen Episode 11 of INTERNeX Explorer yet go check it out here. Other Blogposts we would like to highlight are:



In December we created the last INTERNeX Explorer which was a very special one! It was the Highlights of The Year video in which we looked back on all the amazing things we did! Go check out the video here! Other Blogposts we would like to highlight are:

Not only did we look back at 2017 the last couples of weeks through the blogposts,  we also made a highlights of the year video this month. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, than check it out here! Also check out our previous highlights of the year blogposts here:

Highlights of the year Q1

Highlights of the year Q2

Highlights of the year Q3

We all wish you an amazing 2018 and we are looking forward to all the exciting new adventurers we have planned for you. See you all at our NYE party tomorrow!

– Mandy

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