Candidate Exposé – Jakob Rodehorst

“Moin Moin” that’s how you say Hello really often in the northern part of Germany .
Today i would like to introduce you to Jakob, a 26 year old student from Germany.

Originally he’s from Hamburg but currently he’s living in Berlin doing his Master’s degree in political science.
Back when Jakob was planning his stay abroad in Canada his main motivation was to improve the chances to a masters degree. Additionally, since he did his internship at Amnesty International and this company still represents a future potential employer for him, this practicum was an ideal opportunity. For sure he also wanted to get some international experience after finishing his bachelors degree, get to know new people and improve his language skills. He really enjoyed working at Amnesty International, a well known human rights organization, where he organized the volunteers and helped them in planning the events. He was able to acquire skills such as working independently on his own topics, organizing different tasks as well as communication skills while finding new partners for the company. For him an additional interesting point was to learn a lot about and from the first nations in Canada.
He definitely had many unforgettable memories but meeting amazing people from all over the world while exploring the Rocky Mountains and the many other beautiful nature spots was the most memorable thing for Jakob. He joined several INTERNeX pubnights, did a bike ride in Stanley Park, went to Richmond night market and celebrated the typical German “Oktoberfest” at UBC with us. As I can say, it was a really fun time.

For him Vancouver, Canada presents the most beautiful and unique landscape he has ever seen in his life. Next to this there is this unique North American city which has so much to offer. The perfect place to be 🙂
Has this trip inspired him to travel more? Yes of course. He actually did right after his internship was over. He rented a car with his girlfriend and travelled to the eastern part of Canada, flew to New York and Mexico. This definitely sounds more than amazing.
During his stay abroad INTERNeX was a great support for him. We could help him to get in a social circle and he appreciated having someone to talk to with small problems. INTERNeX made the perfect start in this new and at the beginning even strange environment possible for him. And that’s definitely a thing everybody wants to hear.

Thanks Jakob for sharing your special Canada memories with us 🙂

Have a great week 🙂

– Tatjana

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How was your Weekend?

No #Raincouver this weekend and we definitely made the best out of it. But no matter if it’s raining or the sun is shining, Vancouver is beautiful with all it’s faces 😉 (Seems like I am getting very emotional these days). 

However the INTERNeX group definitely knows how to appreciate sunshine and therefore we packed our bags and started our Saturday morning fairly early to make the way up to Cypress Mountain. (Or at least most of us …. right Martin? And as you can see in the picture here, this is what you get for being late for the group picture :D). GroupwithMartin.jpg
As the ride itself is already stunning, we had a lot to do with simply looking outside the window and enjoying the scenery. As we reached the mountain we were beyond excited to get ourselves tied up in those snowshoes and hike as we were not to be stopped by anything or anyone.
But it turned out to be a lot harder to find the actual rental place, than expected.
With my mouth wide open and my eyes widened, I had to accept the fact that we had a 30 minute walk ahead of us, to eventually get back down the mountain. Great. But hey, walking was exactly what we were here for anyways right?!

Luckily we are in Canada and the people are just too friendly to be true. As we started to make our way down the mountain, a bus driver stopped right next to us and offered us a lift down to the nordic area – lucky us :-D.  
After getting a short introduction of how to apply those things to our feet, we were good to go. Some of us more than others.
I think after about 2 minutes, I already faced the snow .. “it’s as easy as walking” they said, “you won’t even notice them on your feed” they said … well apparently I don’t know how to walk then. 😀 11669e83-6b31-4eca-8b91-4526104a7496.JPG
For the next few hours we found ourselves wandering through the beautiful forest and breathtaking sceneries. Of course there was the one or other race in between to spice things up a bit. And as we felt more advanced on the Snowshoes we even did our favourite line dance with them – we are truly loyal to the one and only Yale Saloon :-D.
The way down the mountain turned out to be way more challenging than the way up. I don’t think there was a single one of us who didn’t sit or lay in the snow at least once. And thanks to that I’ve got like thousands of videos on my phone that will entertain me for a long time. 

9e0e4d56-a6f0-451a-a601-33ce259e3d5d.JPGFinally, we had the chance to sit together over a few snacks and talk and laugh together.
All that is left to say is – thank you vey much, it’s been such a fantastic day. I had so much fun, and I would like to quote William here: “We were all strangers to each other, now we are friends with memories.” And damn you are so right with that.
Therefore, thank you very much for being simply great!
(As I said, slightly getting emotional this week) 
Sunday was the day of the Super Bowl, but to be honest, you guys will have to tell me how that went, cause I’ve got absolutely no idea.
But I am sure you’ll tell me what I missed this Wednesday at the Yale Saloon.

edf9cfb9-009c-4826-aa54-d1fb11f4699f.JPGHave a great week. 


— Nadja xx

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How was your weekend?

The weekend is behind us, so let’s take a look at what we did this weekend.


On Sunday we went on a trip to Joffre Lakes. We left Vancouver at around 8 in the morning in our own bus, which was great as we could listen to our own music. On our way, we stopped at Shannon Falls, which is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia. Thus, you can imagine, that it was quite impressive. On our way to Joffre Lakes, our guide, Corey, pointed out some interesting facts along the way. For example, did you know, that the McDonald’s in Squamish is the busiest McDonald’s in British Columbia?


It was a sunny day, so we had the perfect hiking conditions when we arrived at Joffre Lakes. The Lower Joffre Lake, was close to the parking lot, so we were able to get there within 5 minutes. It was nice and peaceful. After a few minutes we headed towards the Middle Joffre Lake, which was 3 km away. I think, I can speak for most of us, that this was the hardest part of the hike. Not only was the hike 3 km long, but it was difficult due to the extreme incline. So by the time we reached the Middle Joffre Lake, we were a bit exhausted. At this lake, we had our lunch break and enjoyed the amazing view of the blue water of the lake.


Afterwards, we headed to the Upper Joffre Lake, which thankfully wasn’t too far away. On the way there we saw an amazing waterfall from up close. At the Upper Joffre Lake, we were happy to see that it wasn’t frozen. Again, we had a spectacular view and we seized the opportunity to take more amazing pictures. The hike back down was a lot easier.


On our drive back from Joffre Lakes, we stopped at Whistler for a dinner break. It was cool that we were able to see Whistler Village on this trip as well. After our delicious dinner we headed back to Vancouver. But we had to make one quick stop on the side of the highway for the scenic view. By 8:15 pm we were back in Vancouver.


Overall it was a great trip, even though it was a little exhausting at times. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to everyone who joined!

Have a good day and see you on Wednesday at Pub NiGHT!


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The Rockies Review – Part 2

We are back in Vancouver from our awesome weekend in the Rockies. The long weekend, which in my opinion was too short, was filled with many sights along the way. Since it was wonderful weather, we got to experience them in their full glory.

IMG_BanffBy Sunday we’ve already seen quite a bit of the Rockies, and that morning was probably the hardest for everybody to get out of bed, due to our long Saturday night. It was a sunny day in Banff, and no matter what everybody’s plans were, we had the best conditions. We had the opportunity to ride the gondola, which some of you did, and I heard it was amazing. Most of you, however, went to the hot springs and enjoyed the view. I explored downtown Banff, walked around and looked at what the stores had to offer.

IMG_lake louise


By 1:30 we left Banff and drove to Lake Louise. The lake was completely frozen, allowing us to walk on it. Since there was still snow, it seemed like a winter wonderland.



IMG_smoresIn the evening, we arrived at the Mountain View cabins in Golden, BC. It was in the middle of nowhere and we stayed in white little cabins. As the name suggests, we had an amazing view of the mountains. The evening began with a BBQ with burgers and hot dogs. Later that night, we all gathered around the campfire, made S’mores, and our guide, Nicole, sang songs for us, while playing the guitar. The later it got, the more people went to their cabins, as it got quite cold. The next morning our hosts prepared an amazing breakfast and afterwards we headed back to Vancouver.

Overall, it was an incredible weekend with a lot of fun. I was able to get to know you guys better, which I’m happy about. I hope you enjoyed this trip as much as I did.

See you tonight at the pub night at the Beaver.

– Megan

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The Rockies Review – Part 1

As I am writing this blog post I am having some mixed feelings. I am sad because our trip to the Rockies is behind us. I am relieved that everything went well. I am happy because I have some time to rest now. I am also thankful for all the great memories we made during this trip. This weekend was something I am never going to forget.20190420_121953_0-1.jpeg

I still can’t quite process how much sightseeing we managed to do during these past few days. I am not even trying to list all the places we saw since that would require a lot of space and I don’t think it would be that interesting to read. For a change I am going to tell you more about few things that were the highlights of the trip for me.20190420_020416_0

On our way to Banff we stopped at Glacier Discovery Centre. It was time to have a nice walk on a glacier. We hopped on to this vehicle called “the Ice Explorer”, which is especially designed for driving on a glacier. The weather was spoiling us as it was a sunny day and you didn’t really even need a jacket outside. We spent some time walking around the glacier, taking pics (ofcourse) and enjoying the amazing view. There was supposed to be an opportunity to get some super pure water straight from the glacier but it had been snowing so much the previous day that we didn’t find any running water. Instead we ended up collecting some snow from the glacier to our water bottles. I mean it kinda does the job, doesn’t it?20190421_104350_0-2.jpeg

Half way through our trip we spent a night in Banff. A stunning little town surrounded by breathtaking mountains. The night in Banff was a party night for us and we sure partied like there was no tomorrow. The next day it was time to explore the town itself a bit more. Checkout from the hotel was early and our party group was feeling pretty tired after having only few hours of sleep. We made a great plan and decided to visit Banff Upper Hot Springs which was located only a 10-minute-drive away. There we spent a relaxed sunny morning in steaming hot water. The views from the pool to the Rocky Mountains were absolutely gorgeous. What else can you wish for?

As mentioned, this weekend was super eventful, and this was only a sneak peak of the whole trip. If I were to tell you every single thing about the trip, I would have to write a book. What can I say; this trip is something you really have to experience yourself. Thanks to everyone who participated. I had such a great time with you all and without you guys it wouldn’t have been this amazing!

-Jasmin xx

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