Museum of Vancouver – Experience IT review

Yesterday we went to the Museum of Vancouver. It was great to explore the museum together with you. Thank you for coming!

The Museum of Vancouver is a museum about the history of Vancouver, located in Kitsilano. It is normally $18 (or $15 for students) admission. However, on Thursdays it is paid by donation, so you can choose how much you pay. Everybody immediately got their spare change out of their wallets after they heard that people sometimes only pay $1. Apparently, we are all changing a bit into Canadians ourselves, because all of us kept apologizing for giving so many small coins.

18190896_10203009258828182_926856067_nThen our journey through time began. We started off at the neon age of Vancouver. There were several cool neon signs on display, which used to be hanging in the famous streets of Vancouver. I could really imagine it in Vancouver, as I can still see some neon while walking around in Vancouver. After that we visited the “city before the city”, which we interpreted as the city before Vancouver. Here a few people of us got to meet the “Vancouverite”. I have seen the word quite often, but I was never sure if it is just somebody who lives in Vancouver or somebody who really likes Vancouver. After a bit research, I finally got the answer. A Vancouverite is somebody who was born in Vancouver or who is a resident of Vancouver. So now we know and can move on again.

18191086_10209376449070272_372199607_nNow it was finally time to go to the Rock ‘n Roll scene of Vancouver. In this room they displayed a seating of a snackbar. It immediately gave me the feeling that we were in the serie Riverdale, which also has been filmed in Vancouver. I also tried out the jukebox, but unfortunately it didn’t work anymore, so we weren’t able to listen to the classic hits of this great time. We ended off with the hippies. After seeing all these protest signs, we felt like protesting, which we all ended up doing too.

I hope you all had a great time and see you on our next PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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What to do on the weekend?

Only a few more hours to go and then our weekend starts! If you do not have any plans for the weekend yet and want to do something then check out one of these activities.

15630251392_c899ee6c08_o.jpgINTERNeX was first planning on going for a hike at Lighthouse Park. Unfortunately, it will be rainy tomorrow all day long. Therefore, we decided to go to FlyOver Canada instead. FlyOver Canada is a flight simulation. It will take you high into the sky and show you the beautiful scenery of Canada from above. The whole activity takes about 25 minutes. We will be meeting at the entrance of FlyOver Canada at 3 PM.

In the evening you can get some drinks in a pub while watching the last Canucks game or you can get tickets to see the players in real life. The game will start at 7 PM and will be against Edmonton Oilers. So let’s cheer for our favourite team one last time!

If you are a big Harry Potter fan and love classical music, then check out the Harry Potter Film Concert Series! During the show you will watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets supported with music by The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. You will experience the movie in a totally different way.

Till the 28th of April the Capture Photography Festival is taking over Vancouver. The Capture Photography is an annual festival celebrated in and around Vancouver. This festival is used to celebrate and promote photography and lens-based art. During the festival there will be exhibitions, public art and educational activities throughout Vancouver.

Have a great weekend and see you at FlyOver Canada!

– Iris

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HIGHLIGHTS REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2015: January, February, March


2014 was gone … and 2015 was packed with a lot of great trips and events!15945047721_17a5755a7b_o

The last four weeks of 2015 have been starting and that means it’s time for us to start reviewing the highlights of this year. Within the next four weeks we will weekly publish a ‘highlights of the year review’ in which we’ll summarize the four quarters of 2015 full of awesome activities. I’m sure it’ll be quite a lot of fun remembering all the crazy and awesome trips, events and PUB NiGHTS we had planned and experienced with people from all around the world. So DON’T MISS this time journey through 2015.

Among others we checked out several restaurants and pubs such as The ROXY Burger, Star Wings & Ribs, the Noodlebox and The Famous Warehouse.

The very first day in January the Vancouver Canucks started in their second half of the season 2014 / 2015. The excitement was obvious all over town! As you probably know, hockey is huge here in night1



Besides of going to several good known restaurants and pubs such as The Old Spaghetti Factory, The Morrissey and The Black Frog we also didn’t miss the Super Bowl. It’s THE BIGGEST sport event in the world. This year the Seattle Seahawks played against the New England Patriots in Arizona and therefore we met up to watch the game together. The American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots defeated the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Seattle Seahawks, 28–24, to earn their fourth Super Bowl title. We actually cheered for the Seahawks since Seattle is so close to Vancouver and the folks there are so similar to those here in Vancouver. Friendly, openminded, helpful, honest, interested, cosmopolitan, … Anyways the win was pretty close.


As the cherry blossoms and many other flowers filled our streets, parks, and yards with pink confetti, March arrived and by association spring. And as always there was a lot going on in beautiful Vancouver.14044795769_0c554afba9_o

Vancouver hosted the 37th Vancouver International Wine Festival and an International Dance Festival. Our INTERNeX group regularly met up for our weekly PUB NiGHTS. We decided to have a look what other pubs have plenty to offer. So we took our new arrivals to pubs like the Manchester Public Eatery, The Bismark, The Doolin’s and the Yaletown Brewing. Of course we also had to show them Blarney Stone.


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Belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! FullSizeRenderLast Friday we had a Thanksgiving Dinner at the revolving restaurant on Robson Street.
I know I already told you about that in my previous blog
post but I would like to tell you more about this awesome night we passed above Vancouver’s roofs. Especially the view was just gorgeous. During the Dinner the restaurant revolved, as its name already implies. So we had a 360-degree-view on several “sights” such as the Lions Gate Bridge, North Vancouver, the Pacific and Stanley Park. Regarding this holiday we had a 3-course-menu with traditional roasted turkey and stuffing.IMG_2237 After the Dinner some us went to Steamworks to have some drinks.

As I also mentioned in my last blog post I went to Victoria this passed weekend. We had an amazing time there and a trip from Vancouver to Victoria is definitely worth it! Compared to Vancouver, Victoria is more like a village than a city but that’s why it’s so beautiful. In my opinion our whale watching tour was the best part about the trip. Yes right, we were whale watching and it was just awesome!
Moreover it was not that expensive than we would have expected. Luckily we saw many whales and a lot of seals. Even three of the whales dived under our boat. It was an unlikely feeling because actually the boat must observe a certain safety distance. Probably this safety distance is more for the whales than for the humans but however I had a bad feeling in this moment. IMG_2262At the beginning I thought it’s a kind of boring, that we wouldn’t see any whales and that it wouldn’t be worth it but instead I’m so glad we did it. We also went to Fisherman’s Wharf to feed the seals there. They are so cute! You can buy some fish for them at the small stalls and they aren’t shy quite the contrary they steal the fish out of your hands.

Victoria is probably much more beautiful in the summer than in the fall/winter but you have to go to Victoria during your time in V
ancouver, at least for a daytrip.
Tonight our Pub Night is at Moose’s Down Under. It’s Trivia Night!

See you later!


Yesterday evening was an amazing night IMG_3114for all of us and especially for me. I have never seen an ice hockey game before and I guess for most of you it was also the very first time you saw an ice hockey game here in North America. That’s actually a chance you don’t get that often. In addition to that I got to know all of you and I had the chance to talk to some of you. I hope we will enjoy a lot more events and trips together.


But now back to the game last night. Unfortunately the Canucks lost their second pre-season game without a goal although they had much more chances to shoot a goal than the Sharks. However I would say we could be happy to join at least one match of the Vancouver Canucks during our time here. It was just such an amazing feeling to be part of it (although I didn’t get and still don’t get the rules).

What I can tell you, but only because I did some research is that, there is an overtime period, IMG_3124which takes five minutes with 3-on-3 hockey players. If the score is tied after this overtime, it results in a shootout. But as we all know the score wasn’t tied so we couldn’t see a shootout. But that doesn’t matter because there were so many other things to see and to experience. For me it was a gorgeous start to my time here in Vancouver. I hope they will play better during the regular season.


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How was your weekend? – Victoria Day Trip

Oh Yesterday! It was a cool Sunday morning when we gathered for our trip to British Columbia’s capital city. It took us quite a while to get down to ferry at Tsawwassen Bay. And shortly before 11am we were finally able to board the Spirit of Vancouver Island. On the ferry we first had to figure out our way around, but eventually ended up on the open deck where we enjoyed the sun and the open water all around us. At some point there was even an interesting presentation on sharks and stingrays that live near Vancouver.

Finally, we arrived in Victoria after taking another bus from Swartz Bay. The first thing we noticed? No skyscrapers! Also, everything looked quite different from Vancouver. Before, going on this day trip I had heard Victoria looks very European. And it’s true! The capital really had a European-ish feeling to it.

Our first stop took us to Craigdarroch Castle which seemed to be home to a deer that came by to check out the property. It’s amazing how nonchalant it looked. It seemed like it was just taking a stroll in its backyard.
Later we walked around Downtown, just taking in everything around us and when our stomachs started complaining we made our way to Fisherman’s Wharf for some Fish &Chips.

Time flew, so we headed back to catch the ferry in time. On our return we were able to see an amazing sunset which completed our day.

Next weekend: INTERNeX Goes Rockies! Can’t wait!

Your PR Team
Natasja & Amiel

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PuB NiGHT Review

Laser Tag: SO MUCH FUN!!

Yesterday we headed down to Richmond to play a couple of games in the largest Laser Tag arena of North America: Planet Lazer.

They offered a nice weekly special, which was two games for the price of one.

The general rules, that applied to all games we played, were simple: Every player starts with a certain amount of points and once you shoot someone you obtain more points, but when you get shot yourself, you lose points. Once you get shot, your ‘shield’ goes up for three seconds, which makes you unable of shooting someone or get shot yourself. Every game lasts 20 minutes.

The first game we played was ‘Free for All’. Everyone played against everyone. The one player to finish with the highest amount of points won.

We entered the enormous arena and after a few moments the game started. The people playing were only our INTERNeX people and another family. Not so many people in the arena, which made it hard to find people quickly. It was not allowed to run, but it sure was more fun, and more exhausting!! Everyone was shooting each other. We were hiding behind objects and walls, walking through small hallways and running upstairs to the other two levels. The whole arena was super dark, but lit up with UV lighted objects. The music was pumping. Adrenaline rush for sure, and everyone was super keen to win! Our winner this round was Chris and Laura followed closely after.

For our second game we were split up into two teams: the Red Team and the Green Team. Easy: shoot people on the other team. Also, during this round we were given strengths: invincibility, bonus points and rapid fire. These strengths could be given to you at any moment. After 20 minutes, the Red Team won! It was a close call though.

After the second game, some die hards who were not exhausted enough and who fancied another game, played another round! Thereafter we got on the bus. We still had a long way back home and some of us grabbed a beer in a nice pub in Gastown.

Thanks for all of you who showed up and hopefully we will all see you for our trip to Victoria on Sunday!

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