What to do on the weekend?

If you’re interested in fortune telling, moon gazing, arts & crafts, tea ceremonies and more we would recommend going to the Mid Autumn Moon Festival at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

Chinese Garden Portland

The festival is a historic event happening every year on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This year it’s on the 10th & 11th of September. In this time, the moon is on it’s fullest after the autumnal equinox. It’s supposed to be an event for the families to believe that the full moon is an coincidence for a good harvest in that time.

The beautiful festival is celebrated with some cool dancing acts, a Guzheng performance (a typical chinese instrument) and is surrounded with the music from DJ Nina Mendoza. The combination of music and the beautiful lanterns in the garden at night will create a very special vibe, which you better not miss!

If you’re not that interested in Chinese festivals I have another great option for you: The weather should be nice on the weekend so why don’t you visit Lonsdale Quay at North Vancouver. Just take the SeaBus from the Waterfront Station for a 15-minute ride over to the Lonsdale Quay. Turn around and enjoy a breathtaking view over the skyline of Vancouver and Stanley Park. Strole down the Lonsdale Quay Market and head over to the Polygon Gallery, a symbol of the revitalization of the area. Head across to the Old Wallace Shipyards to have a great area with cafés and other restaurants. If you’re more into having brunch try a croissant and a coffee at the Lift Breakfast Bakery. If you want to take some cool pictures, there’s a fun alley right next door.

INTERNeX Ziptrip

Now this weekend is going to be pretty warm! With a sunny day and up to 28-29 degrees Celsius, you must go to a beach! Have you ever tried Kitsilano Beach before? Facing English Bay, Kitsilano Beach is one of Vancouver’s favourite summertime hangouts. Since we’re about to have autumn, going to the beach is kind of the last call :). You can play some volleyball or basketball or if you’re fine with the temperature have a dip n the sea. For those who are familiar with warmer temperatures, check out the Kitsilano Beach Pool.

Whether you want to go to a festival, the beach, or see something interesting from the city, Vancouver has so many things to do on the weekend. Consider hiking, shopping, meeting people in parks or going out for the night! You’ll find something suiting you, I’m sure!

I really look forward meeting you on next week’s pub night to hear from your perfect weekend!

See you!


Tino 😀

How was the weekend?

This is my third week here in Vancouver and I’m impressed by all the things you can do in this city! New things I want to try out pop up every single day and I love it! 

One of the things I did this weekend was to go to the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival at Granville Island and it was a blast! The event started at 1pm and showed work performed by local, national and international artists and it was so cool! Definitely a great event if you are into dance and music. The performances were in five acts so after the first one we went to see the Granville Island public market to get something to eat and drink and of course I found a coffee shop and bought an iced coffee because of the warm weather we had during Saturday (it still feels like summer here, haha!).

One of my personal highlights during this event were the street artists who performed, while other people had a nice time enjoying their food with friends/family by the water with a nice view of Vancouver. Later during the day we went to a Sushi restaurant and it was so delicious, such a long time ago I had sushi and from now on it will be more of it! 

The rest of the weekend I had really cozy days at home including an extra day off because of the Labour day – a great time for me to catch up with my studies and just being at home, settling down and get to know the nearby area better where I’m staying for the moment. Goosh I love Vancouver!! As I mentioned before; there is a lot to see and to do! See you out there!

Don’t forget to come to tomorrow’s pub night and tell me about your weekend ! 7.30pm at Relish! 



What to do on the weekend?

For some of us it’s clear, we’re going to the Rockies! How exciting! Glacier lakes, Mountain ranges, Wildlife and more. This trip will be epic for sure! I wish we could take more people with us, but I’m sure this won’t be the last time we’re going. 🙂 If you’re staying in Vancouver however there’s lots of other cool stuff you can check out this weekend.

Monstercat Compound, an annual free block party produced by the Vancouver-based independent record label, returns for its fifth year on Saturday, August 20. Happening at Monstercat HQ in Railtown, the all-ages festivities will include live electronic music on two stages featuring local favourites, label newcomers, and globally renowned acts. Much more than just a day of music, the festivities will also include live art, interactive games, music technology, merch, food & drinks and much more totally free of charge! Sounds like this is the event to go to this weekend!

The Richmond Maritime Festival opens at Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site on August 20–21, 2022, from 11am–6pm. The 19th annual festival will be free and open to the public with no advance bookings required. The two-day event will unfold across the eight-acre site, and will showcase a vibrant program of live music, historical characters and storytellers, heritage vessels, and displays by community groups. There will also be hands-on workshops this year, so if you’re interested make a whole day trip out of it and explore the shipyards in Richmond!

If you want to know about Canada’s History and its Indigenous peoples, then I recommend to visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum. They have several exhibitions, e.g. ‘Tapestry in Change: Inuit Art in Context’, or ‘We were so far away’. The ladder is a travelling exhibition by The Legacy of Hope Foundation and Archives Canada that uses first-person narratives and archival images to tell stories of the Inuit residential school experience. The exhibition highlights the stories of eight Inuit residential school survivors. Each survivor talks about their experience in their own words. The price is very affordable with $13.50 per person. Why not use the time you’re here to learn more about this country, its people and its history?

Whether you feel more like partying, hanging out at the beach, maybe playing some volleyball, watch a Baseball game, or learn more about Canada, I believe there’s definitely something to do this weekend for you!

I look forward to seeing everyone again next week at Pub Night!

Until then, have a great weekend!


Laura 🙂

How was the weekend?

The weekend was really great for me. On Friday a few of us went to an Australian Bar and Krystelle made us try a lot of her favourite Aussie foods, e.g. Kangaroo meat, a Chicken Schnitty, or Vegemite, which is a spread that you put on a toast with some butter. The taste is very specific, not for everyone. 😉 She told us it’s usually a breakfast meal. For dessert we had Fairy Bread which basically is toast with sprinkles on it, and Pavlova, probably my favourite food that night. It’s Meringue filled with cream and topped with fruits, it was soooo good! Have you ever tried any of these? If not, you’ll have the chance not at this weeks, but at next weeks pub night! We’ll be going to the Moose Down Under, try more Aussie Snacks, Beverages, and give our best at the Trivia. Who’s in?

On Saturday we went to Belcarra for a little hike to Jug Island Beach. The silence in nature was beautiful, so was the break at the beach. Larissa saved a starfish, we had some snacks and relaxed by the water, taking in the views of the beautiful mountains around us. The hike was moderate, but it felt very short, I guess everyone was just really fast and advanced, seems like we need to do a harder hike next time! A bunch of us went down to the pier and spotted some more Marine Life, before we headed back home. My evening just ended with a Barbecue on the balcony, pretty relaxed. 🙂

BUT, this week there’s a lot going on. We have our Rockies trip on Friday already. Who’s excited for more breathtaking mountains, gorgeous lakes and wildlife??? Also, a new INTERNeX PR Intern will be joining our family and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Since I’ll be gone for another work trip, Ida will be taking over for me here in Vancouver. More about that in our following blog posts, so make sure you stay updated. 😉

I hope you have a great start into this week and we can chat more at Wednesday’s Pub Night at the Beaver Taphouse. See you there at 7pm.


Laura 🙂

What to do on the weekend?

Summer is hiking season and what better way to explore nature in beautiful British Columbia than with a nice walk? That’s why INTERNeX has planned another hike for the weekend to Jug Island Beach near Belcarra Regional Park. The path is 5.1km long and a rather moderate route with many incline/decline switches. It takes around 1.40h to complete, but we’ll have a nice lunch break at the beach across from the Island. If you want you can even take a dip in the water. 😉 It’s a popular area for birding, fishing, and hiking.

If you want to keep it chill check out Bard on the Beach, a not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare Festival, offering plays, related dramas and special events in two modern performance tents. Productions include “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Harlem Duet”, and “Romeo and Juliet”. You can get tickets as cheap as $27! If you are under 22 you get a youth discount, so it’s definitely worth checking it out. I know that Tim was already there, so maybe ask him how he liked it. 🙂

If you don’t like cultural program too much you could go around and explore another area of Vancouver. Have you been to the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf? It’s in Richmond, has a lot of good restaurants, as well as a pier with a fish market and some free museums about the history of this cute area. I recommend trying Steveston Pizza co.! Their Pizzas are packed with delicious toppings and come in a tall box, super special and I bet something you haven’t seen before. Thank me later.

Whatever you end up doing, I’m sure it’s going to be great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine and as always, let me know how it was when we meet again next Wednesday for Pub Night!


Laura 🙂