Candidate Exposé – Linda Braun

My name is Linda Braun, I am 21 years old and I am from Germany. I am studying Business Administration with a focus on industrial companies in Mannheim, Germany. When I am back home in October, my last year is going to start.

There are two reasons why I decided to go to Canada with Internex. My parents were in Vancouver 26 years ago and they were so fascinated with the city and also the country. So they always told me that I have to go to Canada one day. After listening to the experiences with INTERNex of a few colleagues of my company in Germany, who did the practicum program with INTERNeX before, I decided to get more information and – finally – to apply. This program isn’t a necessary part of my university program, but I thought it would be helpful for my future work and to improve my language skills.

Arrived in Vancouver for  my practicum program, I started working for my company. I was there for 10 weeks in the Marketing department and I had an amazing time. I got some projects to work on and my colleagues were very friendly and open-minded. I felt and still feeling welcome since my first day!

But let’s tell you about my experiences I had here:

The day I arrived in Canada it was raining – of course. This has lasted for the next two weeks (my holiday weeks by the way). But then the weather turned around and I found out about the beauty of this amazing city! 🙂

Vancouver is a great city. Of course it’s a big city and there’s always something going on like in other bigger cities. But it’s not that hectic and there are still some places you can go if you want to have some time just for you. Also the people in Vancouver and Canada are so friendly, even the bus drivers. I will miss them! And – like I mentioned before – I love the combination of untouched nature and wildlife and the city life in Vancouver. It’s AWESOME! 🙂
I’m in love with this country – for sure.

Time to go on with my experiences…

There were the typical tourist activities and places that I have done and visited like Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Grouse Grind, Gastown, Stanley Park etc. But I have also visited Victoria and Tofino at Vancouver Island, went to Squamish to do the “Sea to Sky Gondola” hike and of course – the amazing trip to the Rocky Mountains. I also have went to Seattle for one day. And there was the Pub Night every Wednesday and other fun activities like the Outdoor Game Day, Outdoor Cinema and Honda Celebration of Light (just to name a few).

Of course I had also some challenges here. Being so far away from your home and your family and friends for such a long time isn’t that easy. But time goes by so far, right? Definitely one of my biggest challenges during my time in Vancouver was to find the way back home from West Vancouver after three hours of transit traffic because my navigation system sent me to the wrong “Sunset Beach” :(. So instead of having some after-work pizza with my friends on a great and sunny Friday evening at the Sunset Beach in Vancouver right beside the English Bay I was in West Vancouver and had to take the bus home for another three hours.
Well, to be stranded in West Vancouver was definitely a memorable thing for me, but not in a positive way. But leave that out. Nearly everyday of my time here in Vancouver was memorable because there were activities everyday and every weekend. But if I have to choose I will choose the Rocky Mountains trip because I have never seen such beautiful places before. And I also have never done a polar bear swim too, by the way. The INTERNeX group became so close in such a short time. Unbelievable!

Back home I will spend some time with my family and friends. And hug my godchild for a long time because she is asking her mum everyday when I’m back home.
I have traveled a lot before this trip too but never for such a long time and  INTERNeX supported me the whole time. They helped to find my practicum place and the homestay. Also they helped me to get my work permit (sorry for asking so many questions by the way). The events planned from the INTERNeX PR-team were very helpful to make some friends and to experience more about Vancouver and Canada. I would definitely recommend the services to others!

– Linda



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Adios, amigos!

Oh guys.. Now it’s also time for me. Time for me to leave. Time for me to say goodbye.
It’s been a great time and I cannot call myself luckier to have come to Vancouver and live those 13 weeks of awesomeness!

I know it’s just been three months, and there were just a few of you that were present the entire time, but I feel that I’ve known so many of you for more than just a couple of weeks. I cannot count the many moments that I will keep in my mind forever, that made 37192266_10156379462734647_3702215724152913920_nme smile, that I’m thankful for and that just showed me how easy it is to make friends and bond over some random, weird stuff.

So many events, so many PuB NiGHTs, so many trips that kept me busy during my stay in Vancouver. It was tiring and exhausting from time to time, but there was not one single moment that I regret spending with you guys.

The trip to Portland, Oregon, which was also my kick-off event with the INTERNeX-gang, was just incredibly funny. Even though, we were missing out on sleep and were quite unlucky with the weather, I enjoyed discovering the American city with you and spending the evenings playing “complicated” card games. Who would include “Kiiiii” and “Queeeen” in a card game, if not us? 😂

Speaking of weird neologism, our trip to Vargas Island was definitely one of my favourite moments. The introduction of the word “Schnäck” and all the achievements we made during that trip really left their mark. The successful attempt of lighting up a fire out of wet wood, building up the tents in pouring rain and installing the tarp from scratch was something I will never forget.

And last but not least, our four-day trip to the Rockies. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Just enjoying the breath-taking views of the beautiful nature was amazing. But spending the journeys in the bus with fun conversations and games made the trip so much more valuable. Thanks for joining all of this craziness with us.

35646874_1761660767260279_3469225791433211904_nBut there was way more that brought value to my time in Vancity than these three big trips. There were so many more funny moments that I either can’t remember or that are just too insignificant to list now! But I guess you all have your own favourite moment and will keep it in your memory!

As the orientation video announces, the PR-team  “will make your stay unforgettable”… but I have to say that it was you – every single one of you, that made my time here unforgettable. The office-team at INTERNeX, you candidates at events and in general the City of Vancouver (or the Day 2Country Canada). I don’t even know, what was the most special of all! I guess it was the composure of it all: Having the incredible nature in and around Vancouver, having you to discover it with, and having the INTERNeX-team that made all of it possible.

I can just say, that this chapter of my life has a very important spot in my heart. I grew profesionally but also personally. As I said, I am thankful for every single one who was part of this. I will really miss the times.

Keep up the craziness, I definitely will. And all of you: Stay the way you are – keep travelling, keep exploring!
Chances are that we meet again!

– Elisabeth

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

Time to say goodbye

So, this is it. It’s time to say goodbye. After spending 7 months in beautiful British Columbia, I am writing my last blog post. With a heavy heart, obviously… And not knowing where to start, because there are way too many great stories to tell.

I got a very warm welcome when I entered the world of INTERNeX. Not so warm was the weather in Vancouver at the beginning of my stay though. I remember a lot of snow, more than the city was apparently used to. I also remember hiking through the Lynn Valley during that time with shoes that weren’t winter and especially not water proof. So, guess who had wet and cold feet at the end of that day and a bit of a bad mood? Yep, me.

Nevertheless, the longer I stayed in Vancouver, the more I started to love the city, its weather and its surrounding. Looking back at my time there, I cannot imagine anyone who does not love this place. Vancouver is such a multisided city that has everything you need: a busy downtown, beaches, mountains, beautiful nature, a great nightlife and many wonderful people to meet.

So many wonderful people, indeed… I am a very lucky person who can say now that I have good friends coming from Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, England, and so many more countries. You made my stay unforgettable and my favourite memories include you guys! To name some of them with their insider jokes: DO YOU WANT CHICKEN WINGS?! – Aiiiiiiiis – whoop whoop! – Vodka quoi? – Kiiiiii!… I know, for most of you readers, this might sound very confusing and weird… But I also know that some of you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

BUT, those words only won’t be enough to describe the awesome things I did and saw. Thanks to INTERNeX, I could go twice (!) to the Rocky Mountains, for example. Once during winter and once during summer. Both times, I was stunned by the beauty of the country. I was especially mesmerised by the view and the colour of the water Peyto Lake, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake had during summer. But one of my favourite moments was doing the Polar Bear swim in the 4-degree cold Bow Lake. Brrrrrr, I’m glad that so many of you joined me in this craziness.

However, not only did I go on trips with INTERNeX, I also had the chance to organise one on my very own. And so, the PR-team and I decided it’s time to get out of the country. My task became to plan a weekend in Portland, USA! What a challenge, but totally worth doing so. We visited the Chinese Garden, ate Voodoo doughnuts and played mini-golf in black light, to name some of the activities we did. Let me tell you guys: the city itself is simply great!

You know what else is great? That every Wednesday, we had our famous PuB NiGHTs! It gave me the chance to chat the nights away and to enjoy the delicious Canadian beer with you. I also loved that sometimes, we could play (music) Bingo during some of these evenings.

Play hard – work hard. Or something like that, right? The time I had at the office was just as awesome as my time outside of it. This, on the one hand, thanks to the possibility that we could organise so many weekly events like playing laser tag, a pillow fight or hiking. And on the other hand, because I had the honour of working with a fun and wonderful team! This practicum gave me many opportunities to learn and to grow. Thank you!

And now, it’s definitely time to say goodbye. Goodbye INTERNeX, goodbye candidates, goodbye Vancouver, goodbye Canada. Thank you for all the fun times! To quote Doktor Kosmos: ‘Oh, everybody, now. Don’t look at photographs ’cause photographs is not going to change the world. You can’t look back, no no. You must look forward, yes (…)’.

I see you all soon again and I cannot wait to create some more exciting memories. Scherbatsky out!

– Nadine

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

Candidate Exposé – Vanessa Greiner

My name is Vanessa and I’m 21 years old. I’m from Germany and I’m studying taxation and auditing in Villingen-Schwenningen. 6E9A33E1-CEF1-4F45-ABE7-5A3C92B9DC04 - Vanessa Greiner.jpeg

I decided to come to Canada because going on a placement abroad was part of my studies and I wanted to improve my English skills. A friend of mine told me that Canada is a beautiful country and she recommended INTERNeX to me as well. I did my placement at the accounting department of a company in Burnaby. In order to be successful there, it is important to have accounting and taxation skills. Personally, my placement has been very helpful for my career goals so far.

My first impression of Vancouver was not that good, because I walked through East Hastings/Main Street, which is not the best place to go to. However, I now love Vancouver and all the nature around the city.

I enjoyed every event I did with INTERNeX. They always offer different activities, such as hiking tours, pub nights, visiting an outdoor cinema and of course, the Rockies trip (my favorite). The girls from the PR-team were always in a good mood and the activities were a lot of fun with them. Not only did I visit the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but the Sea to Sky Gondola, Lynn Canyon Park and Deep Cove as well, so a lot of walking and hiking.

What I like the most about Canada is that the people are so friendly. What I love about Vancouver is that you really have everything here: the big city feeling, beaches, forests, mountains and parks. The most memorable thing regarding my stay is the trip to the Rocky Mountains with INTERNeX. If I would have to describe my experiences in Canada in a few words I would say; nice people and breathtaking nature.

I would absolutely recommend going abroad with INTERNeX, because they helped me with every issue I faced, such as getting a work permit and crossing the border to the United States.

The first thing I will do when I am back home is buy some German bread.

– Vanessa

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

So no one told you life was gonna be this way

Like all good things, my time at INTERNeX has come to an end. What an amazing six months this has been! Although it is time for me to say goodbye now, I would like to tell you about my time here in this beautiful country before I do so.

I arrived in Vancouver on the 28th of February. A little bit overwhelmed by all these new impressions, I walked into the office the next day to have a look at the place I was going to be working at the next couple of months. The main topic at the office that day: the trip to Salt Spring Island that was taking place on the weekend. Yes, that’s right. Two days after my arrival, I dove straight into the world of INTERNeX by going on a trip! Staying in a big house in the middle of nowhere, hiking, cider tasting… yeah, not a bad start. Since I only just arrived, I still had to get used to the different time zone, the new surroundings and of course, being in a new country with new people. But you guys made me feel right at home. Because of you, I knew right away that my time in Canada would be an adventure I would never forget.

portland2.jpgOver the past six months, I have seen many beautiful places, done lots of fun activities and I have met amazing people from all over the world. One trip I really loved was the one to Portland, Oregon. Going to the US has been a dream of mine for years and being able to explore Portland, a city I really wanted to go to, for an entire weekend was definitely a highlight. I also loved our day trip to Seattle, it might have been short, but I enjoyed seeing the first Starbucks, the famous Gum Wall and watching the skyline from the Columbia Center observation deck.

rockies1.jpgObviously, when talking about my favorite trips, I have to include our trips to the Rockies. How many people, well, non-Canadians, can say they have seen the Rockies during the winter as well as the summer?! From walking on Emerald Lake whilst wearing 10 layers of clothes and slowly sinking into the snow, to canoeing on the lake and being able to see its beautiful, clear blue water. From not seeing any wildlife due to the time of year, to spotting a deer, two elk and a beautiful black bear. Crazy! Seeing a bear was high on my bucket list, so I am glad I could tick it off.

28708528597_2ef377d88c_zBesides our monthly trips, I truly enjoyed getting to know all of you a little better at our weekly PuB NiGHTs. (Music) Bingo, beer pong, karaoke, ‘who am I?’, we did it all. I will definitely miss all of your stories about life in your country, your work, family and your thoughts about Vancouver. Not only did I have lots of fun with you at PuB NiGHTs, I loved experiencing the weekly events we organised for you as well. Hiking in the Lynn Canyon Park, playing laser tag, watching movies at the outdoor cinema, being a Dutchie for a day (even though I am one every day)… I could go on and on. Not to forget, kayaking on Bowen Island with some of you on my birthday and spending Friday nights at the country bar The Yale Saloon to go line-dancing are definitely some of my favorite memories!

Not only did I have an amazing time outside of the INTERNeX office, I had a great time at the office itself as well. I was at the office all day five days a week, planning and organising amazing events and trips for you all, and I feel very lucky to have spent these days with such kind-hearted and supportive people. I have learned a lot from my time as a Public Relations coordinator and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Before I say my final goodbye, I would like to thank everyone I have met during my stay in Vancouver. It was an adventure of a lifetime! I am grateful for all the friends I’ve made along the way and I cannot wait to reunite with you somewhere else in the world!

That was easy!

– Angy

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

Candidate Exposé – Mandy Janssen

My name is Mandy Janssen and I am a 21 year old student from The Netherlands. Currently I’m studying International Event Management at NHTV Breda in The Netherlands.

23897738_1537788619643137_1424592398_nI’ve always wanted to experience a new culture and Canada and the US have always interested me. For my study I got the chance to do a practicum at INTERNeX itself as a PR-Coordinator for 7 months, so I decided to just take the jump and do it. Our school has had a relationship with INTERNeX for a few years now, so I came into contact with INTERNeX via the database of NHTV. My practicum is part of my university program and what I have learned until now is certainly very helpful for my future career.

For this job you need to be very social and a fun and open person. You need to be understanding of people and situations, but you also need to have good communication skills. As part of the PR-Team I join almost every activity and I always like to hang out with the other candidates and to be surrounded by people who are in the same situation as I am. So far I went on the Rocky Mountains trip, went to Victoria, Whistler and soon also Seattle. We did an escape room, went to a game of the BC Lions and many more things. The Rocky Mountains trip is definitely the most memorable thing I did. The nature there is so beautiful and since it was 2 days after I arrived it was a great first impression.

I rent a room in a shared house. I found it with the help of INTERNeX. At the beginning I was a bit overwhelmed by the size and the amount of people in the city but after a while you get used to it and it starts to feel like your second home. The people are really nice here and the food is amazing. I had some personal challenges since it was the first time for me living on my own. So figuring out the financial part was bit of a challenge but it’s getting better.

MandyThe first thing I will do when I come home is hugging my friends and family, eat a lot of Dutch food that I have missed and go out to the club with my friends.

This trip definitely inspired me to travel more. In the beginning I was a bit scared to be by myself for so long but hopefully my next adventure will take me to Scotland or Ireland for my 4th year practicum.

I would recommend the services of INTERNeX to everybody. INTERNeX is not just a company, but it’s a family that looks out for each other and helps each other where necessary. INTERNeX helped me find new friends and feel at home here in Vancouver.


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

215 days of action

215 days. That sounds like a long time. But I can tell you – my past 215 days passed by incredibly fast! Now, it is time to say goodbye to INTERNeX, Vancouver and of course, to you!

“Welcome to INTERNeX Canada!” How often did I hear this voice of our lovely orientation video? Many, many times! When I got to see the video for the first time in January, I did not know what kind of adventure was awaiting me. Every time I have seen the video from then on, I have met new people from all over the world. Some, I only saw once, but with others, I have spent so much time together. I am happy that I can call a whole bunch of them my friends now.

215 days – and I spent not one of them entirely at home. There was always something received_1908032345904902going on. At least one INTERNeX event per weekend and a long bucket list kept me busy. Skiing in winter was an absolute highlight for me. It’s awesome to leave the house in the morning in skiing clothes and just take a bus to the local mountains! Kelowna, Mount Seymour, Cypress Mountain, Whistler – all beautiful destinations to hit the slope. I am glad that I always had a cool crew with me who made these days even more fun.

IMG-20180526-WA0023.jpgBut also when the snow had already melted, I spent much time outside. Hiking, biking, kayaking, ziplining, surfing… BC offers many great opportunities to do so and I enjoyed exploring pretty parks, beaches and lakes. I also loved to spend time in the city and to scratch the typical tourist attractions from my bucket list. The weekly INTERNeX events were always a fun way to spend the weekend and discover Vancouver together.

However, Wednesday became my favourite day of the week. Chats, drinks, bingo and karaoke – I loved meeting the gang with old and new members every Wednesday night. Not only during the week, but also in the weekends there has always been a reason to go for ‘a pint’ and discover Vancouver by night.

As part of the PR-gang, I was also responsible for organizing a couple of weekend trips for you. “Back to nature” was the motto of both of my trips. The first one brought us to Salt Spring Island in March, where we spent the weekend in a huge house in the middle of nowhere. I will not forget all the laughs we had in the cozy outdoor hot tub where we squeezed in 14 people and our cider tasting in a beautiful scenery.

The other island trip just happened in July – our adventure on Vargas Island. What a IMG_20180719_105346_752journey! Struggling with lighting up the campfire, looking up into the beautiful sky full of stars, eating loads of schnäcks, cheering for everyone who was able to stand on the surfboard for a second – these are memories I will take home with me. I hope you guys are going to wear your Schnäckqueen/king shirts with pride. And don’t forget: no matter what, we will always have Vargas!

During the past 215 days, I have learned a lot: about the polite Canadians and how they say ‘thank you’ when leaving the bus; the rules of hockey and of many international card games; the three different words you can use to order a beer in Swedish; how to dance to country songs and so much more. And of course, I have learned the most important rule as a future leisure manager: Expect the unexpected!

In- and outside the office, I enjoyed the past months to the fullest. I am very glad that I had the chance to experience my Canadian adventure with the people I met here. It would not have been the same without YOU! A huge thanks also to the INTERNeX team who made me feel welcome from day one. That was easy!

The first reunions are already planned and I am excited to meet you again somewhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Brazil or maybe even back in Vancouver. Until then, make the most out of your time in this beautiful country.

See you soon!

– Kerstin

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-