How was your weekend?

Wow, that went fast! Weekend is already over. Time flies when you are having fun. Now the first question this Monday you probably need to answer is: “How was your weekend?” I also got this question this morning and this was my reply:

“Great” I answered when I was walking like a zombie to the coffee machine. On Friday after work I went with The Investor Group, Lucas’ work, to the Comedy Night. There were three comedians who all got me laughing. So they did a good job. Afterwards we went to The Dime to have some long islands with Corona’s on top. Never seen that before, but it tastes good. Because the night was still young, we decided to go to The Bourbon were we met the others from INTERNeX.

Next day I had to show someone my room, because I am moving out. When I looked around I decided to make it look good and rentable. After the showing I went bowling and we had to go to the Bourbon again. You are asking why? To see if Eirik was doing well with his new job he offered the night before. We played some beer pong and pool.

2017-10-22 17.11.31_preview
Sunday was a good day. There was no rain falling out of the clouds, so I had to use that and do something outside. I looked at my to do list and decided to go to the first unchecked thing on the list: The Lighthouse park. When I arrived there I looked on the map and decided where to go and what to see. The sky cleared up and I could enjoy a nice sunset after climbing the different look out spots. When the sun was under and it was getting darker, it was time for me to go. So how was your weekend? Tell me all about is at the next PuB NiGHT!

– Bart

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How was your weekend?

What do Granville, Chinese Garden, Playland, Bourbon and Koerners Pub have in common? They all have a ‘N’ in the word. Yes, that’s true. But they also have another thing in common. I visited all these places this weekend. Curious what I did there? Find out in the new ‘How was your weekend?’ blog post.


22501126_10212216658803668_742330225_nFriday around four o’clock people slowly were showing up in Oktoberfest style at the office. We played some German music to get in the mood for the Oktoberfest party. When it was 6 o’clock, it was time to go for the real work and we went off to Koerners Pub at UBC to have a nice Oktoberfest. We drank beers in big cups, sang along with music and danced at the outside stage.

Saturday I woke up. Barely. I knew exactly what I was going to do this day: Nothing! Laying in bed all day watch some Netflix. But when the night arrived, I had to get changed for some more drinks. Because it was the last night for Lara, we went to the Bourbon to celebrate she leaves. Just kidding, I will miss you. We played some beer pong and pool. After all a nice night.

2017-10-16 16.50.47_previewOn Sunday morning we went to the Halloween parade. We had perfect places underneath a heater and we got ourselves some food and drinks. We not only saw scary things, but also a lot of random things. From Chinese dragons to ghost busters, we saw it all. After the parade Lucas and I went to the Chinese Gardens. We learned all about the Yin and Yang of every little detail in the garden. In the night we went to the Fright Nights at Playland. We went into the attractions and haunted houses. I thought they wouldn’t scare me, but I was wrong about that part. In the haunted houses I scared a few times. After trying a BeaverTail we went home. Also had a nice weekend? Share your story at the next PuB NiGHT.

– Bart

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How was your weekend?

Mond… uh, Tuesday again. That means weekend is over and back to normal life. We could enjoy one extra day off because of thanksgiving. A day I spent well. If you are curious about what I did this weekend, keep reading and you will find out.

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little earlier than the rest of Canada. On Friday we went to White Spot to have diner together. For me a thanksgiving diner is not complete without turkey, so turkey it was. After we finished our meals, we took the bus to Granville to continue the night in the Yale Saloon. We learned how to line dance and we rode a bull. Yale saloon is a fun place where I will definitely go back again.


This weekend I also did the Grouse Grind. Man, what a lot of stairs! It took us 1 hour and 8 minutes to get to the top. We enjoyed some food with a nice view. When we finished our food we went to the bears and saw the Lumberjack show. Afterwards we ate something at the Warehouse and we closed the day in the Bourbon.

On thanksgiving we rented a boat on Granville Island. We drove past the Lighthouse Park and Bowen Island all the way to Anvil Island. We saw a lot of seals laying on the rocks. Despite driving a boat was harder than I thought, it was a very relaxing day. I hope you all had a weekend as fun as mine and I see you at PuB NiGHT tomorrow!

– Bart

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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Rasmus, Sweden

So I tried to get this trip going for several years now and it wasn’t until last year I realized this was a possibility due to the fact that I finally had enough money to do it. 12358080_10153344297817794_725497767_nSo I told everyone back home that I decided go to Canada and work and after waiting what felt like forever to get the visa, I finally left Sweden this June.

The trip was crazy from the get go. Arrived June 10 to Vancouver, I went to the INTERNeX office on June 11 where I met the awesome Timothy who had set me up for two job interviews that day and I got both jobs, and then June 12 I started to work as a Barista at one of the many Coffee shops here in Vancouver. I pretty much worked all summer except for going two trips, one to my friend in Seattle and the other one to go to Toronto. After this everything just went by like a blur and I am still working at there.

Now that you have read everything about my amazing life in its short version, it is time for you to know how amazing INTERNeX has been for me and hopefully for many others. I first had an interview with Timothy before I went to Canada and he pretty much told me everything I needed to know. 12348728_10153344296497794_1996805056_nThen my second experience with INTERNeX was day after I arrived and they set me up for my job interview and gave me advice on what I need to live in a city like Vancouver. After that I got to meet Amiel and Natasja who were the PR persons at the time and they put on all kinds of events but I mostly only went to the weekly pub nights which were a really fun time. All these events they put on helped me meet so many new awesome people. I also got to see Richmond night market, do Laser Tag and have barbecues and picnics.

We also went to see Celebration of Light, which is a firework competition that takes place every year.
During China’s firework Amiel had brought the classic red cups that you see in American movies and we got stopped by the police because it was so obvious that people were drinking alcohol in those cups and we got to pour it out. Anyway I was just laughing through the whole situation because I thought it was hilarious and then the police decided to ask Chris who sat next to me about who I was. So apparently if you just sit and laugh then will take notice about you even though I was only drinking mountain dew. 12346649_10153344300347794_1675551388_nThat is just one of many experience I have had so far here in Vancouver and I will have so many more because I have just been here 6 months and I still have almost 6 months to go.

This may be one those weird reads for you all because I am writing all this while being hungry and tired and also interrupted by a Skype call from my friend in Florida because it is all in a day of Rasmus. That is probably unneeded information but I will just throw it in there for added personality. #smileyface

So I can’t recommend enough for people to go to Canada to do working holiday or internship because the experience I have had is amazing and I can’t stress enough how much fun you will have with the help of the great INTERNeX.

Much love from the amazing Swede Rasmus.

ALL IN ONE: ‘Client Testimonial’ – Goodbye Post – Pub NiGHT Review

So, I guess it’s time to say goodbye to everyone … after 3 months my time as a PR Coordinator at INTERNeX has come to an end …rockies

I had an incredible time in Canada and from the very first day I was already in love with Vancouver! I met a bunch of really cool people and I hope it’s not only an empty phrase when saying that we will see each other again some time.

I want to say thank you to everybody in the INTERNeX Office:

First of all a big THANK YOU to Tim who gave me the great chance to work abroad. And of course thank you Simon for supporting me all the way through my time here. Thank you Mina for placing me at the best homestay in whole Vancouver. I’m truly amazed by the efforts you’re doing to make everyone feeling home, welcome and save. rockies5Last but not least thanks to all of you guys who attended in all the different INTERNeX activities I had planned for you. I hope you enjoyed hanging out together as much as I did.

A special thank you is going to Vivien who will overtake the arrangements of our weekly Pub NiGHTS and all the weekend activites for the next couple of months.

During my stay I saw so many gorgeous places for instance I’ve been to Victoria, the Rockies, Whistler and Seattle. I cannot even name the place that I liked most. All of those places are unique … but for sure I will miss Vancouver, Canada and all the experience I made. Never say never though! I’m pretty sure I’m coming back some day.

After wallowing in memories let us review my last Pub NiGHT at Malones last night:

Well, to be honest there is actually not much to say … IMG_3482We certainly had an incredible last night together and I got the chance to say goodbye to everyone. I hope you will enjoy the rest of your time here. I’m already going to miss the big city life.



I wish you all the best for 2016.



Christian, Germany


  1. For how long have you been here?

I´ve stayed in Vancouver for 6 months.

  1. Why did you choose Canada

I’ve been in Canada before as I went to a language school in Toronto. I experienced living in Canada and I was really impressed by the open minded and friendly Canadians and decided to go back for my practicum. Another big point why I chose Canada again is that the almost endless space this country offers and the many areas of untouched nature impresses me.

  1. How did you find INTERNeX International Exchange?

I did some research on travel agencies online and decided to get in touch with Praktikawelten that is the partner agency of INTERNeX.

  1. What did you like most about INTERNeX International Exchange? / What do you think are the advantages INTERNeX has to offer? 

I was really surprised about all the social activities INTERNeX organizes. I think especially the weekly PuB NiGHTS are a big advantage INTERNeX offers compared to other agencies or language schools. All these activities make it really easy to get to know other people. Another big advantage is the really warm and familiar atmosphere you find every time you come to the office with a problem or request. To know that you always have someone to help you with any kind of problem makes it really easy to enjoy your time abroad.

5. Did you attend the weekly Pub Nights / Events organized by INTERNeX and do you think this is a good way to meet new people?

Except my last week I went to every single Pup Night during my time in Vancouver. It is a great way to meet people and talk in an easy environment. I also attended to a lot of the other events organized and I always enjoyed spending time with everyone. I think especially for people who FB_IMG_1439422770060have difficulties to meet people on their own these events are a big advantage.


  1. Where did you stay? / How did you find a place to stay?

I stayed with two different homestay. The first family had a clean house and was located really close to a skytrain station. But unfortunately these are the only positive things I can say. The family barely had any interest in their students. The second family was much more interested and welcomed me friendly. My room was a way bigger than the room I had before and provided everything I needed. The provided food was not the European style of cooking and quite oily but it was always enough for every student in the house and we could always get some more or cooking something on our own. We also always got fruits and vegetables. All in all I was happy with the second family and would recommend them to other students. Furthermore I’m glad that INTERNeX could quickly fix that problem. Mina did a good job accommodating me in another family quickly.

  1. What did you do here?

I made an practicum at Purdys Chocolates in the purchasing department.

  1. How did you like your practicum?

I really enjoyed my time at Purdys and learned a lot about purchasing, business processes in Canada and North America and in addition to that improved my communication and working skills. But how could a practicum in a chocolate factory possibly not be awesome?Photo 9-19-15, 12 58 06 PM

  1. What kind of tasks were you responsible for?

My work was divided in the usual day-to-day work and special projects. My day-to-day work was to observe stock quantity and production schedules of certain products and place purchase orders if necessary. Another task was research to find suppliers for ingredients for new developed products or supply items. I had a lot of contact with suppliers though to discuss pricing, lead times etc. Some of my projects were for instance to develop concepts to improve the receiving processes or to collect data for packaging weights and some more.

  1. Was your practicum related to your studies back home?

Yes the practicum was related to my study program.

  1. What was your
    personal goal you wanted to reach during your time here? Did you reach it?

I had different goals for my time abroad. As it is my goal to work abroad after graduating from university I wanted to test for myself if I am able to live and work abroad. I would definitely say that I know now that I am able to do so. Another goal was to improve my communication, language and personal skills and I reached this goal as well. And of course I got the letter of reference I needed to finish my study program and have this awesome time of my life as an international work experience in my resume.

  1. How did you like Vancouver?

I really liked and enjoyed my time in Vancouver. To be in a big city that offers everything you need and makes almost everything accessible by public transport. Being at the coast and have gorgeous beaches in the city and be able to leave the city to be in the almost untouched nature in 1 hour or less by bus was really amazing. In addition to that Vancouver itself has a lot to offer. A lot of awesome places, parks, restaurants, pubs and especially people (international students and Canadians as well!).

  1. What did you like most about your stay? / What were your highlights?

I made a lot of hikes around Vancouver and really enjoyed the breathtaking views everywhere. But if I have to pick there would choose 4 highlights: Trip to the Rocky Mountains, Roadtrip on Vancouver Islands, Hike to The Lions and Unnecessary Mountain and last but not least Whale Watching!

  1. Where have you been in and around Vancouver?

Rocky Mountains (Hope, Banff, Columbia Ice Fields, Lake Louise, etc.); Vancouver Island (Victoria, Nanaimo, Torfino, etc.); Seattle; Whistler; Squamish; Lynn Canyon Park, Lighthouse Park, Unnecessary Mountain, Shannon Falls;Black Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, etc.

  1. Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange for other students?

I would definitely recommend INTERNeX to other students or my friends at all if they think about going to Canada.



Belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! FullSizeRenderLast Friday we had a Thanksgiving Dinner at the revolving restaurant on Robson Street.
I know I already told you about that in my previous blog
post but I would like to tell you more about this awesome night we passed above Vancouver’s roofs. Especially the view was just gorgeous. During the Dinner the restaurant revolved, as its name already implies. So we had a 360-degree-view on several “sights” such as the Lions Gate Bridge, North Vancouver, the Pacific and Stanley Park. Regarding this holiday we had a 3-course-menu with traditional roasted turkey and stuffing.IMG_2237 After the Dinner some us went to Steamworks to have some drinks.

As I also mentioned in my last blog post I went to Victoria this passed weekend. We had an amazing time there and a trip from Vancouver to Victoria is definitely worth it! Compared to Vancouver, Victoria is more like a village than a city but that’s why it’s so beautiful. In my opinion our whale watching tour was the best part about the trip. Yes right, we were whale watching and it was just awesome!
Moreover it was not that expensive than we would have expected. Luckily we saw many whales and a lot of seals. Even three of the whales dived under our boat. It was an unlikely feeling because actually the boat must observe a certain safety distance. Probably this safety distance is more for the whales than for the humans but however I had a bad feeling in this moment. IMG_2262At the beginning I thought it’s a kind of boring, that we wouldn’t see any whales and that it wouldn’t be worth it but instead I’m so glad we did it. We also went to Fisherman’s Wharf to feed the seals there. They are so cute! You can buy some fish for them at the small stalls and they aren’t shy quite the contrary they steal the fish out of your hands.

Victoria is probably much more beautiful in the summer than in the fall/winter but you have to go to Victoria during your time in V
ancouver, at least for a daytrip.
Tonight our Pub Night is at Moose’s Down Under. It’s Trivia Night!

See you later!