New ‘Kids’ on the blog

We have many new people joining us, yay!! I will introduce them here so you’ll all get to know them.

Name: Franziska

Age: 22 years old

From: Austria

What are you doing in Canada? Gaining international work experience within business improvement association.

What are you doing back home? Studying at university in Austria.

Why Canada? First time in Canada. I would love to go to the Rockies, nature, hikes.

First impression It’s really nice city, I explored most of my neighbourhood where I’m staying so far, since I arrived few days ago.

Bucket list? Visit Victoria Island, Lynn Canyon and to see more of Vancouver city.

Plans after this? Go back to Austria and continue studies at university in the beginning of October.

Hobbies? Travel, cooking, play music- guitar and piano. Hiking, play volleyball, hang out with friends.

Favourite food? Italian food.

Name: Selina

Age: 19

Where are you from: Austria

What are you doing in Canada? Practicum in law.

Why Canada? I always wanted to go here. Nature and the landscape and I do hope to see whales.

First impression: Beautiful city and so different from back home. Even more beautiful with the skyscrapers which is a bit overwhelming in a good way. It’s so beautiful.

Bucket list: Whale sightseeing. Go to the Rockies. Museum of anthropology at UBC. 

Plans after: I want to travel the world and I want to be active within organizations like Greenpeace.

Hobbies: Read books, write, being with friends, listening to music – I also played the flute when I was younger. 

Favourite food?: Ramen – Japanese noodle food. 

Name: Emily

Age? 18.

Where are you from? Germany.

What are you doing in Canada? Volunteer at an animal shelter.

What are you doing back home? Just graduated high school.

Why Canada? Mostly because of the nature. I want something different from back home in Germany.

First impression? Big city with cool skyscrapers.

Bucket list? To visit the Rocky Mountains.

Plans after Canada? Study veterinarian medicine back home.

Hobbies? I am a gymnast. I do also like to hang out with my friends.

Favourite food? Pasta with spinach, love it! 

Name: Julian

Age? 18

Where are you from? Germany.

What are you doing in Canada? I’m staying here for 2 months. I’m a volunteer, working in Stanley Park.

What are you doing back home in your home country? I am going to start my Air traffic controller training. 

Hobbies? In my free time I play football and hang out with my friends.

Name: Karolin

Age? 18 years

Where are you from? Berlin, Germany

What are you doing in Canada? Volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary.

What are you doing back in your home country? I just graduated high school

Why Canada? Because of the beautiful nature, the nice people and because it’s an english speaking country

First impression of Vancouver? I really like that Vancouver combines the sea, mountains and the big city. Many different people live here and there is a lot of diversity.

Anything on your bucket list while you are here? I would love to see some whales and fly with a seaplane.

Plans after this? I will start my studies at university.

Hobbies? Playing the violin and the piano, travelling, playing table tennis and badminton 

Favourite food? Every kind of noodles.

Name: Maja

Age? 18 

Where are you from? Düsseldorf in Germany

What are you doing in Canada? A practicum at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

What are you doing back in your home country? I graduated this year from school and I’ve worked in a bar.

Why Canada? Because of the nature, something different than USA or Australia.

First impression of Vancouver? Big city with beautiful nature around the city.

Anything on your bucket list while you are here? To visit Vancouver Island

Plans after this? Study at University 

Hobbies? Playing tennis, meeting friends, watching soccer

Favourite food? Pasta



How was the weekend?

This is my third week here in Vancouver and I’m impressed by all the things you can do in this city! New things I want to try out pop up every single day and I love it! 

One of the things I did this weekend was to go to the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival at Granville Island and it was a blast! The event started at 1pm and showed work performed by local, national and international artists and it was so cool! Definitely a great event if you are into dance and music. The performances were in five acts so after the first one we went to see the Granville Island public market to get something to eat and drink and of course I found a coffee shop and bought an iced coffee because of the warm weather we had during Saturday (it still feels like summer here, haha!).

One of my personal highlights during this event were the street artists who performed, while other people had a nice time enjoying their food with friends/family by the water with a nice view of Vancouver. Later during the day we went to a Sushi restaurant and it was so delicious, such a long time ago I had sushi and from now on it will be more of it! 

The rest of the weekend I had really cozy days at home including an extra day off because of the Labour day – a great time for me to catch up with my studies and just being at home, settling down and get to know the nearby area better where I’m staying for the moment. Goosh I love Vancouver!! As I mentioned before; there is a lot to see and to do! See you out there!

Don’t forget to come to tomorrow’s pub night and tell me about your weekend ! 7.30pm at Relish! 



What to do on the weekend

This short week is already over but that means we’re closer to this weekend which is going to be great! – Vancouver International Flamenco Festival is coming up which starts off with an free outdoor event this Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th. There will be performances of local and provincial flamenco dance and music artists on the Picnic Pavilion stage at Granville Island. How awesome is that? 

If you’re staying in Vancouver, Granville Island is a must!! Granville Island is known for it’s amazing food and you will find plenty of places to grab a drink, dinner, snacks, ice cream or coffee and if you’re interested in local, national and international food, arts and crafts this is definitely a great place to visit. Its especially great that the festival will be held on the island; so much to do between shows. This will be my second time going to Granville Island and I am super excited about everything that Vancouver Flamenco Festival will offer.

Other things Vancouver has to offer include Stanley Park. Rent a bike or go for a walk, have a picnic with a nice view and enjoy the waves from the ocean and the huge trees along the park. You could also go for a hike in beautiful Lynn Canyon. There is plenty of “swimming pools” carved out of the rocks, so bring your swimwear with you, it can get hot during your hike!

Hope you will have a great weekend!



New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce myself: I’m Ida, 26 years old from Sweden and I am a new member of the INTERNeX team in the PR department; this is a practicum as part of my studies.

A week ago I left the north part of Sweden where I’m originally from. I have lived in many different places in Sweden but never really enjoyed myself there for too long. I might add that I am one of those inspired types with a restless soul who strives for more adventures in life. I want to have a “everyday life” that includes a little bit of everything and here I am: I just made my “everyday life” into an adventure by living on the other side of the world, how awesome is that? 🙂

Adventures is one of the big reasons I started studying within the tourism industry: tailoring trips and destinations, promoting adventures on social media/websites, create events, exploring beautiful destinations, meeting with new people from all over the world and helping people explore dream destinations. 

The INTERNeX family is giving me this opportunity and I am eternally grateful and I am so excited about everything this internship in Canada has to offer.

See you out there in Vancouver!

// Ida

Hiking Survival Guide

Canada, especially the West Coast, is known for its beautiful mountains, vast nature and numerous options of outdoor activities. It would be a shame not to make use of it while you are here. A popular pastime is hiking, since there are thousands of great hiking trails around, that offer stunning views. But there are some precautions you should keep in mind when going on a hiking trip, since it can get quite dangerous if you are ill prepared. Don’t panic, I’ve got you covered. I will share some tips with you that are worth considering when going out into the Canadian wilderness.

I) Inform people where you are going
Always let someone, who is not going with you know, where you are and when to expect you back. Better, try not to go on a hike all by yourself. A lot of people underestimate the power of nature. Sometimes the trails are not properly marked, there can be unexpected changes in your route, difficult parts of climbing, or potential falling, etc., and sometimes it can take hours for another hiker to come by. It is good if someone knows where you are, in case you get hurt.

II) The right outfit
To minimize possible injuries it is recommended to wear some proper hiking clothes, especially shoes are important. If you are planning on going for a few hikes this season, it is worth buying some hiking boots, if you don’t have them already. They are a game changer. Compared to runners they are less likely to slip or sprain your ankle. I just bought some proper hiking boots myself and I love them. They make it way more comfortable for me to go up and down the mountains. I feel more safe for sure. Appropriate clothing would be non-cotton, functional wear, depending on the weather a rainproof jacket, a hat, or a toque, and a backpack.

III) Equipment
Some gadgets you should take with you are:
– A light: It can get dark really quickly, and I wouldn’t trust your phone flashlight on this one
– Water and food: It’s important to hydrate and have some high energy food bars, etc. with you since you are physically exercising
– Cell phone for communication and navigation: It’s recommended to also take other navigation devices like a compass and a map

IV) Survival Kit
There are some extras you should consider taking with you, especially when you go on longer, more advanced hikes:
– Signalling device, like a whistle
– Fire Starter
– Warm clothes (Layers are a good idea)
– Pocket knife
– First-aid kit (Always good to have for emergencies)

In the end it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

V) Another topic I’d like to talk to you about is Wildlife. Canada is not only widely known for its diverse nature but also for its furry habitants, like bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes, and many more. Encounters with animals are low and attacks are very rare. They usually only happen as a result of people’s careless actions. It might happen though that you encounter some animals while you are a little outside of the city and it’s good to have an idea on how to behave in such situation. So here’s what’s most important.

Try to avoid a close encounter from the beginning by:
– Hiking as a group
– Watching for signs
– Never approaching wildlife! Maintain a distance that respects the needs of wildlife
– Not trying to take selfies with wildlife. Selfies are not safe and not encouraged
– Not feeding wildlife.

Here’s a source that gets more specific on how to behave in case of a rare encounter with different animals:

I know this is a lot of information, but it might come in handy 🙂 I don’t know about you, but the German in me likes to be prepared for any possible scenario. 😀

I hope this post is helpful to you and prepares you for your next adventure.

Have great day!


Laura 🙂