New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Yay, a new week with new ‘kids’ on the blog! Let’s get right into getting to know them.

Let’s start with Weronika (she/her) from Germany, near Cologne. She’ll be volunteering at a pre-school for the next 3 months and then have some time to travel before she goes back home where she studies English and Psychology. Fun Fact: Weronika speaks fluent Polish because her parents are from Poland. Canada has always been on her bucket list, mainly because of the vast nature it offers. Her first impression of Vancouver was that it is very different from Germany, the streets are beautiful, people are super friendly and helpful. She doesn’t have anything specific on her bucket list but would rather like to see as much as possible. One thing she’ll be doing though is trying out a bunch of vegan cafes here in Vancouver. Her friend did some research for Weronika and gave her list with places she wants her to try, with proof photos and ratings. I told her she should make it into a blog post for us. 😉 In her free time she likes meeting up with friends, spending time with her dog, cooking and baking. Her signature baked good is a lemon cake. Maybe she’ll make one for us? 😉

Here we have Niklas (he/him) from Speyer in Germany. He’ll be doing a practicum at a company that designs traffic control systems. His expertise is in Mechanical Engineering which he studies back home in Germany. Fun Fact: Niklas has family in Kelowna but has never met them. At the end of his stay he’ll be visiting this part of his family for the first time, but that was not the only reason he picked Canada. Niklas also likes the colder weather and the mountains around Vancouver. His first impression when he got here was that the city is very multicultural and the public transport system is pretty good. 🙂 On his bucket list are Vancouver Island, some cities in the United States, like Seattle and some hiking trips. I’d say he’s in the perfect place for that! In his free time he likes to play soccer, and he has a little workshop at home where he creates jewelry, mostly rings for his friends and family. How cool is that? I wish he had it with him to make us some cool INTERNeX jewelry, maybe next time. 😉

Next, please welcome Julia (they/them) with me! They are from Hamburg but live in Paderborn, Germany. While with us they volunteer at a Crafts Council, helping with the organization of events and social media. Since it’s part of their English and Art Education studies to gain experience in an English-speaking country the choice was limited to a few but technically they didn’t have a choice at all. 😉 Canada is their mom’s favourite country – with Vancouver being the favourite city – and their sister has been here before as well and absolutely loved it. Both told Julia to come to Vancouver of course which they don’t regret so far. Their first impression was that everyone is super nice. There’s no real bucket list, they rather want to take it as it comes and maybe just get them out of the house to be more active and explore lots of things because they tend to be a homebody. I think we can arrange that. 😉 In their free time they like to make art, go to museums, read, or swim. How about a swim in the Pacific Ocean while they are here? B)

Last but not least we have Lucy (she/her) from Soest in Germany. She as well as Weronika will volunteer at a pre-school as part of her studies to become an elementary school teacher. Her choice to pick Canada was based on multiple reasons. One is that she wanted to go far away from home in order to get out of her comfort zone, but Australia and New Zealand would be too far for her. She also thinks Canada is a little similar to Europe which she likes. You might ask yourself why not the USA? Lucy traveled for quite some time through the States but didn’t necessarily enjoy it. She thought that the food was bad and too expensive, everything was hectic, filled with people and party which she doesn’t like too much, plus the people she met were not very friendly, even though in her experience the West Coast was at least nicer than the East Coast. I’m telling you, West Coast Best Coast. 😉 Here in Vancouver she seems more comfortable. Her first impression is that the food is good, diverse and not too expensive, and if we’re all honest, food is one of the most important things, am I right? 😉 Other than a visit to Vancouver Island Lucy has not much on her bucket list and would rather go with the flow, explore whatever there is to explore. 🙂 In her free time she likes to read and spend time with her little baby sister which you can see here on the picture, adorable!!!

I’m excited for you to meet them all at Pub Night!

See you then,

Laura 🙂

How was the weekend? – On Sasquatch Mountain

I’m not sure if it was more relaxing, or more exciting!

The weekend started with our bumpy ride up the mountain, with probably 20 minutes on ‘the milkshake road’ how one of my friends calls it. 😀 Once at our cabin we realized how there was not much around us, just a few other cabins, the lifts, a mountain lodge and a whole lot of snow! Good thing we brought plenty of food with us, since there was no option for us to get anything up there! I loved how quiet and peaceful it was, until we started drinking of course. 😀 That’s when it got exciting. We explored our beautiful cabin with its fireplace and the highlight: the hot tub right outside the door in the basement with views over the snowy landscape. We made good use of it! Other than that we had a great time playing games, and taking Salsa lessons by our personal dance teacher Tim. We all left as better dancers for sure. 😉

The second day was all about food, we had a great breakfast – a little later in the day, so our bodies could rest from the night before – went for a walk to explore the mountain and ended up at the lodge where the big wooden Sasquatch is located. The restaurants’ and cafes’ systems were down, so they gave out free hot chocolate and coffee which we couldn’t say no to! While slurping our beverages and warming up we got mentally ready for our next point on the program: A build a snowman contest! We all gave points to each other and in the end we were not really contentious with our decision of who actually won. 😀 They were all great in my opinion, decide for yourself and let me know which one you like most:

After the day in the snow we went back to our cabin, warming up in the hot tub (of course) and treating ourselves to a chocolate fondue that Stelle brought with her for us! She also made a cheese dip inside a loaf of bread, it was AMAZING! We all needed some down time and later on had pasta for dinner. Some discovered the Wii the place was equipped with and it was a pretty chill night compared to the first one. Everyone went to bed a little earlier to be fit for our way back into the city with one last stop along the road: Cascade Falls. It’s a very short walk that leads to a Suspension Bridge next to a powerful waterfall with its beautiful clear turquoise colour, surrounded by big trees and green moss. Breathing in the fresh air, listening to the water clash on the rocks and seeing the different shades of green was really calming and a great way to end our Canadian nature adventure. 🙂

Allover we enjoyed our time in the snowy mountains with a great mix of relaxation and activities.

How about you? What did you do on your weekend? Did you enjoy the city, or escaped into nature as well?

Let me know at next Pub Night! 🙂

See you then,


What to do on the weekend

Here’s some inspiration of what you can do on the weekend:

The Holiday Spirit continues and INTERNeX is going to The Van Dusen Festival Lights. This magical winter wonderland has more than one million lights decorating this beautiful garden. Wander around the lakeside and experience all themed areas that offer their visitors tasty treats, unique light features and holiday music. Let us know if you wanna experience this event together on Saturday evening. Price: $21 + taxes and tickets are available online only. 🙂 

Then there’s The Big Elf Run at Stanley Park on Saturday, December 10th. This holiday themed run is suitable for all ages and offers a 5km, 10km, 15km run around Stanley Park. Run together with hundreds of elves, enjoy DJ, “elfie station”, prize giveaways and more. The run starts at Lumberman’s Arch and goes on a trail that passes the Vancouver Aquarium and winds its way along paths surrounded by old oak trees, the seawall with views of Coal Harbour and the Burrard Inlet. Check-in opens at 11.30 and you can read more about their timeline on their website for more details. Let’s check it out! Admission: from $35

Last but not least: Steveston Festival of Trees at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Richmond. This event is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit, exploring a display of illuminated holiday trees inside the historic cannery at Steveston Festival of Trees. This event is an ongoing event and runs from December 1st until the 24th. The Christmas Trees are designed and sponsored by local merchants, so let’s vote for our favourite 🙂

Hope you find it inspiring and whatever you decide to do on the weekend, we hope you will have a great weekend!



Hejdå friends!

So it’s time to say goodbye as I only have a few days left of this week which happened to be my last in Canada before I fly back home to Sweden. My sixteen weeks here have been great, a time full of new impressions and experiences, laughter and adventures and not a day has passed without me singing of joy, haha. 😉 If you know, you know, I sing melodies when I’m happy. 😉 The longer I stayed in Vancouver, the more I fell in love with this city. In the beginning it was a lot to take in, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t used to the ‘Big City’ life at all, but I’ve experienced so many new things, gone on many trips and I’ve met so many new people who’ve become my friends. I know we will meet again somewhere in the world in the near future. Thank you for making my stay in Canada the best! 🙂

The trip to the Rocky Mountains, which was also my Kick-off event with the INTERNeX-family was an awesome four-day trip with an amazing group experiencing Canada’s incredible nature together. Such a great start of my Internship as a PR-coordinator at INTERNeX and I got a lot of new experiences that turned out to be the best ones ever. Definitely one of my many highlights 🙂

Hiking the Grouse Grind, a trail that is 2,5km long and has 2830 stairs, was another of my highlight events. It was such a great day of hiking, a bit challenging but absolutely worth it. If you are looking for trails near Vancouver with a beautiful view and wildlife I highly recommend this one. Vancouver in general has it all – city-life, mountains, forests, ocean and all the activities that come with it 🙂

Last but not least I have to tell you about the four-day trip to Vancouver Island, including Tofino and Victoria. During this trip we experienced a bunch of things such as stargazing and bonfire on the beach, whale watching, we went to the Long Beach where they filmed scenes of the first movie of The Twilight Saga which was so cool!! I also got the chance to feel the sea for the first time (it was dark outside and I was a little too close to the water so the waves hit my legs, haha, me in a nutshell) but it was such a great, happy moment. 😉

I also had the chance to coordinate the last monthly trip of the year: a three-day trip to Whistler. What a challenge, but I’m so happy we managed to go there in their peak-season. I definitely gained new coordinating skills and I really love how just a few thoughts turn into reality – this ski/outdoor-trip was a great end of my stay and I will live long on this one. 🙂

I must say that there was way more that brought value to my time in Vancouver than these trips, I’ve grown both professionally and personally and I have to thank the INTERNeX- family for that. I can’t wait where the next adventure will take me. 🙂 

You know what else is great? It’s Pub Night tonight, let’s party and say goodbye! 😉 



How was the weekend

Last Friday INTERNeX went to Whistler for the weekend. Whistler, beautiful Whistler! I am so happy we managed to go there last weekend as it’s my last weekend in Canada. 

Whistler is about two hours from Vancouver and it’s really easy to get there by Shuttle if you don’t have a car. As we arrived in Whistler we decided to leave our luggage at the hotel we’d be staying at while waiting to check-in, so we decided to head towards Whistler Golf Course Loop which is a 5km walk through beautiful nature nearby the village. While we were walking we saw people playing ice hockey on the lake, they seemed to be having a great time out there and so did we on our snowy walk together 🙂 

After the snow walk we went back to the village for some shopping and to get something to eat. Wow, there is something magical seeing Whistler Village covered in snow. Make sure you don’t miss out on it! Around 6pm we had dinner together at Splitz Grill where they serve all different kinds of Burgers and fries. I definitely recommend you try some burgers in Whistler, the village offers various options 🙂 The rest of Friday night was pretty much a chill night at our hotel which had a hot-tub in each room and a pool outside, not bad! Who would want to leave in the freezing cold -14 degree weather when you can relax in a hot tub?

Early Saturday morning we picked up breakfast to go, before our snowy activities outdoors continued. Some of us decided to go to a spa, some went shopping, some went ice skating in Whistler Village and some of us went downhill skiing. Since I went skiing, I have to say it’s a ‘must-do’ while you are in Whistler during the winter season. The mountains are huge with many ski-tracks, ski-lifts, a lot of snow-covered trees and it was so beautiful to see the nature surrounding the village. Luckily we had a few hours of sun while we skied. I have to admit it was a little chilly in the morning, but as soon as the sun came to our ‘side’ of the mountain it instantly felt so much warmer. As the ski-lifts were closing quite early, we were back in the village by 3pm. Just in time for Apres-Ski and I can say Whistler knows how to party 😉 As a late dinner we decided to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Whistler. We got it recommended and it was definitely the best end of the day. 🙂

Early on Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and as we were all a bit tired we went to have coffee and breakfast. We went to an organic café who served various organic and vegan dishes and I can tell we had a delicious breakfast. If you are interested to hear more about this organic café, just ask us and we will give you the details of where you can find this hidden gem in Whistler Village. 😉

This was a review about our weekend in Whistler. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next INTERNeX trip!

I hope you had a great weekend and I can’t wait to hear all about it at this week’s Pub Night!