INTERNeX Canada: “INTERNeX Goes Rockies 2012” Review

“INTERNeX Goes Rockies 2012” was a blast!!!!

Awesome countryside, amazing Parties, cool and nice people and soooo much fun!

Let me start from the beginning: Heeerrreee we gooo!! =)

One of the best weekend trips ever started on Friday Morning. 
Almost everbody has chosen the Party-Bus with the tour guide Lee and that was the best choice for sure!

Different things going on while we drove to the Rocky Mountains and a lot of entertainment made the 8-hours drive passed by really fast.
We stopped on different places, were singing songs on the bus and playing different games!

Lee taught us many interesting facts about the cities and sights we were traveling trough and always made it as funny as possible.

We were really lucky because the sun was shining the whole weekend.
We had a hockey game and a BBQ on the first night before we went to a PuB and had a few drinks.
The next day the real adventure started.

We went to the Columbia Icefield. The huge glacier was unbelievable and the information we got about it were surprising. Some took of their shirts and took a bath in the snow on the top of the glacier.

We stayed the 2nd night in Banff in an awesome hotel! Saturday Night was an unforgettable night out in Banff. We went to PuB together with hundred others and enjoyed ourselves with a few drinks.
Later on we went all together to the best Club in town, got in for free and partied all night long!


We got up on Sunday, the weather still amazing and went to the top of the Rockies with a gondola. After free time in Banff we went to Johnston Canyon and the famous Lake Louise.

We performed our dance we practiced all together during the ride. Around 100 people made videos and we had a awesome time!
The last night was amazing again. We hade a campfire, a huge BBQ and told ghost stories, sang songs and it was the perfect end of an amazing trip!

Thank you all for coming. You were amazing and we had sooo much fun together. Thanks West Trek Tours, Lee and the future Tour Guides for the perfect organization and making it to an unforgettable trip!!
Jiiiip-Jiiip heeereeeee we go…


Let us know how you liked the Trip to the Rockies and leave a comment!!!

Come to the AFTER PARTY & PuB NiGHT tomorrow!!!



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Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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