INTERNeX Canada: Whytecliff park review

Hello there!!

Last Sunday we went to the great Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver!

The bus took us until Horseshoe Bay and there we walked a little bit until we arrived there! We weren´t sure of the trail to follow, but our super instinct leaded us to the correct place!

All the area was just spectacular, there weren´t a lot of houses but the few there were, were simply amazing! We were joking about meeting our future husband/wife there or try to get a house family in that area! Yeah definitely It wouldn´t be hard to look throw the window and see the sea, the park, the islet…yeah could be worse!

We were 7 people because one of our candidates called Torben is never able to be on time so he almost arrived when we were going to come back! It was so funny to call him and he was replying “I am in the bus to go there” but he never arrived! Ay danish danish you are a disaster!!!

The park was really nice with the beach, the islet and it was so sunny! It was really idyllic!

We came up to the top on the islet and the views from there were just beyond description! Just the sun, fresh air, the sea and good company…Can´t ask for more!!

I just can´t stop thinking about how beautiful Vancouver is! You just need to take a bus and you appear in such an incredible park!

Do you want to check the pictures out? Just have a look in our flickr page!

We are open to organize some different plans wherever you want so just let us know what you want to do and we will try to do it together!

Let´s enjoy Vancouver!



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