New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Last week we’ve got a lot of Newbies joining our INTERNeX crew. 20 students from Bristol in the UK just arrived! Half of them study sports & fitness and the other half study travel & tourism. They are here on a four week volunteer practicum program in different, super interesting companies and organizations. Each of them will gain valuable work experience abroad while enjoying the few coming weeks of summer (hopefully). They are eager to get as much as possible out of their time here.

Friday, we went on a little hike in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, all the way down to Spanish Banks, to explore the area around UBC, because that’s where all of them are staying. Afterwards, most of the crew went Downtown to do some shopping. On Sunday almost all of them joined us to do the Grouse Grind! It was an extreme hike, but not extreme enough. I’ve heard from Luke that he wants to go either bungee jumping or skydiving while he’s here! Does anyone want to join?

The Brits were not the only newcomers! Jonas from Bayreuth in Germany joined us as well! He’ll be staying for at least 2.5 months doing a volunteer practicum, gaining experience in social media, organizing events, etc. He’s about to start his studies in Philosophy and Economics in Germany this fall. He told me that these majors open a wide range of possible careers for him. One of them could be Politics. His practicum combines fields of ethics and politics which is why he’s super excited to start and see how he likes it. I have the feeling he’s going to enjoy it.

Another reason why Jonas wanted to come to Vancouver is because he’s never been outside of Europe and he was seeking an adventure outside of his comfort zone. Plus, he heard about Vancouvers good weather ;), the vast nature, and the friendly people. In his free time he likes to do calisthenics, exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight, to play his guitar, and to meet up with friends. Maybe he can play us a song at pub night tonight? 😉

I’ll see you all there! 7pm at Sailor Hagar’s in North Vancouver!


Laura 🙂

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