What to do on the weekend

The weekend is here and I want to give you some inspiration of what you can do on the weekend:

On Saturday INTERNeX is going to a Christmas Market at the Olympic Cauldron, near Waterfront station, where we have the chance to try out Gourmet food, authentic German drinks and sweets that will keep our hearts warm and bellies full as we make our way through this ongoing event in Vancouver. The market offers over 90 artisan vendors, endless holiday cheers, traditional German cuisine, live entertainment and more. I can’t wait to sing Christmas Carols while we are there, haha! 😉 Are you into Christmas Markets? What are your Christmas Market experiences like? Let me know if you want to join us this Saturday 🙂 

Another activity I can recommend you is a visit to a Planetarium located at Kitsilano Beach. This Planetarium is also known as “Like no place on Earth”. The planetarium offers its visitors miraculous events on large screen projectors of the solar system, star theatres, historical astrology and more. I think planetariums are so cool and if you get the chance to visit you should definitely visit one! We went to a Planetarium of sorts on my last Rockies tour and you can read all about my star gazing experience in a previous blog post from August of this year. Check it out! 

Least but not last: The Peak of Christmas on Grouse Mountain. This event opens on November 25th and is an ongoing event until January 2nd. This event offers its visitors a visit to Santa’s workshop where you can meet Santa himself, meet the reindeer Dancer and Vixen, experience the Light Walk among sparkling lights in a magical winter wonderland, experience the Mountaintop Skating Pond and much more. Are you ready for this Christmas experience on Grouse Mountain? Let me know, as I want to go there and we can experience this event together 🙂 

This is some inspiration for what you can do on the weekend. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you will have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!



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