New ‘Kid’ on the Blog

I know it’s been quiet for a while, but finally we have a new candidate becoming part of our crew again! The first new ‘kid’ in 2023 is Julia from Belgium. 🙂

She’s here for Work and Travel after finishing High School in a city near Brussels, but Vancouver is not her first stop in Canada, she’s already been to Toronto for 4 months before coming to the West Coast Best Coast. 😉 Her city back home is quite small so she loved experiencing the contrast of the North American metropole. Now she can combine it with the vast nature Vancouver has to offer which is also one of the reasons why she chose Canada for her journey.

Her ideal job here would be working with children, but it’s not always easy to find a job in a specific area since there are many regulations. So, if that doesn’t work out, she’ll maybe look for something in the service industry. In Belgium she already gained some experience as a server. When she goes back home she’s thinking about studying to become a kindergarten teacher, but for now Julia is excited about exploring BC, for example she told me that she’d like to go skiing in Whistler and hike up some mountains once the snow melts in spring.

She’s also looking for opportunities to practice sports since one of her Hobbies is Triathlon, so if you have any recommendations send them her way, same as good crêpe or waffle places because she has a sweet tooth. 😉

Before going back home she might make a stop in Montreal to visit the French speaking part of the country. Of course she’ll have no issues there with French being her mother-tongue.
We’re happy to have her here and I can’t wait for you to meet her.

See you at Pub Night!


Laura 🙂

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