Howdy Partner!!

Yihaa, how doesn’t love the country!! I’ve been to various farms working as a cowgirl (yeah it’s true, I’m a country girl), and I loved every minute of it! Who wouldn’t love the wide open spaces, having beautiful sunsets each day, no city noise, just you, the nature, fresh air and the joy of working with animals. It’s simple and it’s amazing!

INTERNeX has a really cool Ranchstay program, where you get to live and work with a family at a farm. You get first hand on experience when it comes to exploring the Canadian culture, becoming a part of the family at the farm and learning how to work with the animals.  We recently got some feedback from one of our candidates who are doing the Ranchstay Program. These pictures from Larissa who’s 21 and from Switzerland really made me miss my farm life! She stayed on a horse breeding ranch close to Edmonton.

– Mette

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