Parsonsfield at Fox Cabaret – Experience IT Review

Yesterday we went to a concert arranged by one of our placement companies and one of our candidates. It was great to see all of you there. Thank you for coming and thank you for pulling it off for us!

The concert took place in Fox Cabaret on Main street. Fox Cabaret is a venue like you have 16934280_1649179631764148_961061908_nnever seen before. There are a lot of lights in and outside the venue. This also creates a different kind of vibe than you are used to having at your usual concert venue. The venue is quite small, which creates a very cosy feeling. Like all concert fans know, it is normally a bit hard to get close to the artists. This was not the case at Fox Cabaret. The stage is low and it is therefore easy to get close to the artist. They definitely do not host any mainstream artists, so if you are done with all this mainstream pop music, Fox Cabaret is certainly the place to be! Even the drinks are not normal in this venue. They serve beers in cans, which gives you a casual feeling. Therefore, it is also easier to feel at ease while attending an event at Fox Cabaret. Fox Cabaret hosts different kind of events such as comedy nights, concerts and parties. Definitely worth to check out!

At first we started off with Luke Wallace. His music is based on conversation and environmental action, which is placed in the genre ‘folktivism’. He has worked with several native communities and uses this experience as an inspiration for his music. Luke Wallace has a very gentle voice, which he combines with several instruments. Together with his guitar, he will make you fall in love easily. There was lots of space in front of the stage, so we decided to go to the stage and dance to his music.

After some warming up it was time for the main performance, Parsonsfield. Everybody had been saying they play folk music, but we still did not really know what to expect. Parsonsfield is not 16933666_1649179598430818_1092914395_na typical kind of band and therefore a very good fit for Fox Cabaret, as they never have mainstream bands. Even though Luke Wallace’s music is from the same genre, both artists were very different and therefore we needed to take a minute to get used to this different kind of music. However, it did not take long before we all went to the stage again to dance the night away. The band uses all kind of different instruments and uses it in a way that you would not expect. They even used saws to make music. Going to Parsonsfield was an amazing experience and we were all really glad that we were able to have this experience.

Thank you, Vancouver Folk Music Festival Society for arranging this great evening for us! Hopefully you all had a great experience yesterday! Tonight it is time to share your hockey knowledge during the Junior Hockey Game. See you tonight or at next PuB NiGHT!


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-


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