INTERNeX Goes Rockies – Review (Part I)

Hi everyone! All enjoyed your long weekend? We went to the Rocky Mountains for 4 days with a group of 25 INTERNeX candidates. It was amazing! Here a review of the first 2 days!

Day 1
Last Friday we all met at 7 AM in Downtown Vancouver, ready for a great adventure! Because we went together with travel agency West Trek, we left with 3 full buses. Our first stop was in Hope. A nice small place to have some breakfast. The drive just before Hope and after Hope is beautiful, so everybody was relaxing in the bus and enjoying the view. The second stop was in Kamloops, at this moment we knew that we were really lucky with the weather. Everybody started to create a sunburn while having lunch in the sun.

Spahats Falls

Then there was time to see our first waterfall at our third stop at Spahats Falls. It is a really high waterfall with a great view. After that we were ready for the last 2 hours drive to our Hotel in Valemount. Valemount is a small place, but the hotel has a pool and even a waterslide. It was a lot of fun, I found the waterslide really scary. Although we were not in Vancouver, we still had a hockey night! We went to the pub to see the game. Unfortunately we lost but we still had a great time.

Mt. Robson

Day 2

To make the most out of it, we had to get up pretty early. Our first stop was Mt. Robson, this is the highest mountain from the Canadian Rockies. It is 3954 meters high. You don’t always see the peak of the mountain because of clouds but because we had such a great weather, we saw it! After Mt. Robson we went to Jasper and bought some food. Our third stop was at the Athabasca Falls. It was nice to see a lake with waterfalls and Mt. Robson still in the background. We had some lunch and enjoyed the weather.

Snocoach Glacier Experience

We had to leave because our first crazy activity was waiting for us. We were going on a glacier!! It was perfect! We had a great view, still nice weather and going there by snocoach was fun. So a perfect place to make a group picture! After that we had a small hike through snow to see Peyto Lake. It was funny to see people struggling to walk in really high snow but the hike was worth the view!

Peyto Lake

We also made a small photo stop at Bow Lake next to the highway. After this we were ready to meet all people from the travel agency we went with, West Trek. We arrived with 5 full buses in Banff. We had some free time and met in a pub later. After some chats, drinks and games we were ready to party. All of us went to a nightclub in Banff to party together. It was a perfect second day. I think the drive itself from Valemount to Banff was already amazing! We drove on the Icefield Highway. It is in the top 10 of best highways in the world, so a great experience with beautiful surroundings.

Thank you all who joined the trip, you made it a great experience! The review from day 3 and day 4 will be published soon.


Your PR-team

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