INTERNeX Canada: Green Men

Now that the hockey season is back in full swing, what do you think? I personally find myself having something to look forward to every two days and it makes for better conversations.

If you’ve been watching the games, you might have noticed two men dressed in green spandex sitting, or more likely acting a little crazy, beside the penalty boxes.

Known as Force and Sully, the “Green Men” are mega fans of the Vancouver Canucks who attend every home game to entertain the fans and annoy the opposing players while they are in the penalty box. Some of their crazy antics have been doing handstands against the glass, signs with provocative sayings or using cutouts of celebrities.

The pair decided to wear green suits to a game after being inspired by the character Charlie Kelly wearing a similar suit in the television program, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Since then, they’ve become infamous not only in Vancouver, but also in the hockey world.

Amongst much recognition, they have been inducted into ESPN Hall of Fans last year, have even written their own book Behind the Green, documenting their journey into their new found fame and almost 200,000 likes on their Facebook page.

Force and Sully have said that they will be around to entertain the hockey world until the Canucks win the Stanley cup that is. Take a look at what they are all about!



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