INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Our weekend was pretty amazing! I don’t know you guys, but we spent a very nice evening in Stanley Park the last Saturday.

As you maybe know, this weekend was the Stanley Park 125th Anniversary. So we decided to go there to take a look. So many activities were organized in the park! Fortunately, the weather was amazing and we could enjoy the beautiful park more than ever.

I went there so many times but I have to say that it was definitely the better one. The entire place was full of people and you could find interesting things to visit everywhere!

The first thing that we saw was the Vintage Car Display just next to Lost Lagoon.  I’ve never been interested in cars, but here in Vancouver I’ve become a fan. There are so many beautiful vintage cars! I’m so jealous about the people who can afford that.

Then we visited the Rose Garden, where we could see a group of children making a Shakespeare show. Then we almost made a walk tour (there were like three different tours at the same time), but finally we decided to go to Beaver Lake.

It’s such a beautiful place. It’s a little bit hidden; so many people usually skip it. But definitely is a must-to-go inside Stanley Park. It’s completely full of vegetation, and surrounded by trees.

Talking about beavers, we continued our route through the park and we found a place with many stuffed animals, in the ecological center. We saw an enormous stuffed beaver called Rob. The guide told us that it was one of the biggest beavers found in Canada. I’m still trying to decide if it was scared o terribly funny.

And that’s was the end of the cultural part of the day. A music festival was organized in Second Beach, so we went there to have fun. It was the best part for me. We could see some people playing Giant Jenga (if you are a Big Bang Theory fan, you must to know about what I’m talking). After enjoy a couple of concerts and eat some food, we decided to go to buy an ice cream and go back home.

And we have some amazing ideas for the upcoming events, so stay tuned! And of course if you want to make a suggestion about what we can do together, leave us a comment below!



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