How was your weekend?

It’s Monday. Not only does it mean I have to work again, but it also means I get to tell you about my weekend. As forecasted, the sun rewarded us with her presence. But let me start with Friday.

I came home from work quite late in the evening, because I was searching for a special cream in all drug stores I could find in downtown. In the end I ended up buying it from the Real Canadian Superstore – still the best when it comes to low prices. After this exhausting shopping trip I spent an easy evening at home. 😉

42886494851_d931fb1979_nOn Saturday, a hike in Lynn Canyon Park was on the schedule. We met at 12.15pm at the Waterfront station and made our way to the park. We were very lucky with the weather and fortunately it was not too crowded. We enjoyed the nature and the break from the noise in the city. The picnic we had was down at the riverside where Euler led us. It was a little tricky to climb down to the riverside, but it was totally worth it. Surrounded by the trees and listening to the gurgling water, we were chatting and eating the snacks we brought. Afterwards, we went on to Rice Lake. The view was marvellous. Then, we had a walk around the lake. After three hours of nature to its fullest, we had ice cream and milkshakes at the “End of the Line General Store” in Lynn Valley. It was amazing and so tasty! If you happen to be there, try it! We were back in downtown at around 6pm. I went home and finished the day with a nice Skype conversation with my brother, but had to go to bed early because it was game day on Sunday.

As I already mentioned in the blogpost on Friday, the FIFA World Cup is happening right now. And since it takes place in Russia, the game schedule is pretty insane over here. I got up at 6.30am to make it to the Pint on time (doors opened at 7.45am). We arrived, just to find a huge queue of people outside the pub. I guess 95% of them were Mexicans. We attempted to find another pub, but since that wasn’t successful we came back and found a nice spot downstairs. Just 30 minutes after the kick-off, a waitress asked us to leave because we had two minors among us. Desperately searching for another pub, we missed the goal from the Mexicans *sigh*. We settled down in Malone’s and watched the second half of the match. Unfortunately, to our greatest despair, we had to witness the “defeat” of the German team. I just hope it will get better in the upcoming games. GO GERMANY!


After that game we stayed to watch Switzerland – Brazil. It’s just crazy how enthusiastic and euphoric Mexicans as well as Brazilians get when it comes to soccer. When the second match was over we all made our way home. I finished the day with walking around the Central Park in Burnaby and having a nice chat with my flatmate.

I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the weather. Let’s see each other at the upcoming PuB NiGHT at The Lamplighter!

– Elisabeth

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