How was Pubnight ?

Finally! Restrictions are already lifting, no more limits on tables, mingling is allowed, and INTERNeX pubnights are coming back to life. This is certainly what we all have been waiting for – just to spend some quality time with people from all over the world.
If you are new to Vancouver, it must’ve been not easy to make friends in this foreign city at first. But we’ve got good news! For the past weeks we’ve been able to host our beloved pubnights again with more than 6 people on a table. That means the time for cold after-work-drinks, chats with cool people and getting to know thecity a little better, is back. We from the PR-Team are super excited to hear that there’s so many people in Vancouver with INTERNeX right now, and we’d love getting to know all of you.
Throughout my years (Laura’s speaking ;)) I’ve met a lot of great personalities that become my friends. I’m also always a little sad when people leave, but then Ialways meet new people, we built bigger groups and I can tell – it’s so much fun!
Going to a new place, far away from home can be scary, especially when you don’t know anybody, but our pubnights can help you a lot making that connection with other like-minded people. I remember, and this is completely normal and ok, I was a bit nervous too before going to my first pubnight, but I realized very fast that I had no need to be nervous. We are all in the same boat. From my own experience I can tell, everybody was open, willing to engage and to meet new people. Pubnights are also a great place to plan other activities together, eg. hikes on weekends, or upcoming INTERNeX trips such as the Rocky Mountains trip in April!!
(We’ll talk about that in more detail in one of our next blogposts and on
Instagram, so stay tuned!) You just pitch your idea and there’s always somebody who’d like to do it with you or even had the same plan as you. It’s very comforting to know that even if you’re far away from home you don’t have to be lonely. I would rather say a stay abroad is more like a growing your own strong, personality and having the time of our lives thing 😉

Last week’s pubnight was at The Cambie which is especially known as a hostel, but it also has a popular bar. Here you can meet lots of internationals, as well as locals. Sounds like the place to be, right? We love how to go to different bars each week. It helps to get to know Vancouver and its night life better. We were around 12 people last week and everybody had a really good time. It’s nice that everything slowly feels like it’s getting back to normal.

Can’t wait to see y’all at the next pubnight!
Also, have you seen our first Tiktok? Check it out and leave a like !:)

Laura and Tatjana

INTERNeX International Exchange
2005-689 Abbott St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 0J2

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