Upcoming Events

Would you like to know what will happen the next two weeks?

Of course we are having our weekly PuB NiGHT on Tuesday the 11th March at the 

Bismarck, where you can win some prizes and also a discount for our amazing Rockies trip from the 18th till the 21st of April. So don’t miss that and click here to join this event.

On Friday the 14th of March at 6:30pm we are going to a Hockey Game: Giants vs. Kelowna Rockets. It will be one of the last games for the Giants for this season. So do not miss out and please make sure you pay till Wednesday the 12th of March till 3pm or at the PuB NiGHT. The tickets cost $20. For more information see this event on Facebook.

St. Patricks Day is coming up on March 17th. We will celebrate Paddy’s day by joining the party at Joseph Richards, one of the hottest clubs in Vancouver. If you want to join us for this special event please buy you tickets before March 12th till 3pm at our office or PuB NiGHT. The ticket cost $10 and includes the entrance fee and one free green beer. The dress code for this Party is of course green. We will not have a PuB NiGHT on the 19th of March, so join us to celebrate the St. Paddy’s Day with us.

However be aware that we will sell the tickets for the Giants and St. Patricks Day till March 12th at 3pm and only accept CASH.

We hope you all had a great weekend and see you all soon on our upcoming events.

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-
Web: http://www.internexcanada.com
Email: pr@internexcanada.com

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