INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

For those of us who went to Cypress last Saturday, we had a fantastic time skiing down the snowy slopes!  It was quite foggy in the morning and early afternoon so I couldn’t see where I was going (which really made it difficult)  but the first run I went on was green so it wasn’t that bad. And when I was first going up, I was dreading the fall after the lift chair but I actually didn’t (which really surprised me). As I was going down, I kept slowing down some of the people so I felt really bad but it was still so much fun. After couple of hours, everyone met up at the Cypress Creek Lodge cafeteria for lunch and we took a really nice break. As we were eating and chatting, everyone agreed to go up to the Peak together. I was so scared because I actually haven’t been up there wasn’t sure if I’d make it down alive! But they convinced me by telling me that there would be a really nice view to take photos.  When we got up to the Peak, it was still foggy so unfortunately I couldn’t see the amazing view they were talking about… but I did get awesome photos and the snow there was much better than the lower parts of the mountain! I also loved how we would wait for each other during certain points so that no one would get left behind or getting lost.

Speaking of getting lost, Ilse and I somehow managed to do just this. We went down a different path and ended up almost going off a seriously steep hill (even some of the pro skiers who were standing beside us were contemplating on whether or not they should go down this way). After much consideration, Ilse and I both decided it was best to hike back up and go down the other way (which we should have taken). Even though it was such a pain to hike back up in our ski/board gear, Ilse and I were laughing so much. We really found this whole situation hilarious and after much struggle, we made it back down without a problem. The others were waiting at the bottom all worried, oops!

We all decided to take another big break after that incident, and Ilse and I stayed behind at the lodge while the others went back for another round for night skiing. It was great bonding time, I thought. Then we all gathered around at the front of the lodge to watch the fireworks (it was short but sweet)! And to end this awesome day, we went to the look out to see the beautiful glowing city lights 🙂 it was perfect!

What did you do this past weekend?



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INTERNeX pub night at the Blarney Stone

Yes, it is finally that time of the week again. This time around we have picked out an old classic we are sure both new and old candidates will enjoy. This Thursday we will be heading out to the BLARNEY STONE! 😀

This pub night is Claudia’s last as a PR intern for INTERNeX, so come join us and give Claudia a night she will not forget.

What? INTERNeX Pub Night – for all our INTERNeX candidates and their friends

When? Thursday, June 16 at 8.30 pm

Where? The Blarney Stone, 216 Carrall Street, Gastown


Hope to see you all this Thursday!



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Hi everyone! We had a great evening yesterday at the INTERNeX PuB NiGHT! It took place at the Moxies, a fancy bar at Bute/Robson. We were sitting at a long big table but because there were even more people than we expected (around 35) we even had to start 2 new tables. It is nice to see so many people, especially when new people show up! Another great thing is that a lot of different magaritas and Canadian beer was only $2,99, so it was a cheap evening.

There was a chance to win prizes yesterday! We asked all the INTERNeX candidates 3 questions about INTERNeX. Everybody should know the answers because we provide them with this information in the welcome orientation. Laura won the ticket to the Vancouver Lookout, Christoph won the one day bike rental and Kim the $20 voucher for the Old Spaghetti factory. We hope you’re happy with your prize!

Next week there will be an INTERNeX PuB NiGHT again, this time it will be Claudia’s last official PuB NiGHT! Hope to see you all again!


Your PR-team

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INTERNeX PuB NiGHT – Moxie’s (Cheap drinks & Prizes)

Hi Everybody!  We hope you all enjoyed the nice weather last weekend! We would like to announce the great INTERNeX PuB NiGHT that’s coming up. First of all, it will be this Thursday instead of Wednesday, this because of the Stanley Cup Final Hockey Game 3. Second, we promised to give prizes away to make it up to you for the fact that there wasn’t an INTERNeX PuB NiGHT last week. And third, It will be Elvera’s last official INTERNeX PuB NiGHT!

We decided to go to the Moxie’s. The weather forecast is great so far and this pub has a patio, furthermore they have cheap drinks! So there is no reason not to come this Thursday. Come to win prizes like Bike rental, Vancouver Lookout, Old Spaghetti Factory vouchers and say goodbye to Elvera before she will leave Canada.

For all our INTERNeX candidates and their friends.

Thursday the 9th of June, 8.30 PM

Moxie’s Classic Grill
808 Bute Street
(Crossing Robson Street)
Vancouver, BC V6E 1Y4

Margaritas $2,99 (excluding taxes)
Canadian $2,99 (excluding taxes)
Moxie’s has a patio
Elvera’s last official PuB NiGHT
– A full day bike rental,
– 2x $10 vouchers Old Spaghetti Factory
– One pass Vancouver Lookout (Harbor Centre)

We hope to see you all this Thursday! If you have any questions, let us know!


Your PR-Team

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INTERNeX Class of 2011 – Must See Vancouver

The Annual NAFSA Conference is almost starting! Maybe you just arrived in Vancouver or you’re on your way but do you already know how to explore the city? We made a list of the Must See’s in Vancouver!

Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain is located only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver and truly is the marriage of wildlife and civilization. In case you take the courage and go up there what I definitely would suggest, you have to experience “the eye” – the jaw dropping 360 degree view from the world’s first wind turbine with a viewing platform on the top, which is accessible by an elevator. So do not forget your camera!

The Vancouver Aquarium in Stanly Park
In total you can experience more than 70.000 captivating creatures in Vancouver’s unparalleled Aquarium.
Enjoy dolphin and beluga whale shows in the huge outside aquariums and immerge yourself into the indoor world of Vancouver Aquarium. The Vancouver Aquarium is daily open from 9.30 am until 5 pm in the evening.

Stanley Park Horse–Drawn Tours
Have you ever been to Stanley Park and wanted to experience the park in a rather fast and comfortable way?
Stanley Park Horse – Drawn Tours are the excellent opportunity to do so. During the tour you will sit in one of these old-fashioned horse–drawn vehicles and experiences the beauty of whole Stanley Park, the number 1 attraction in Vancouver!

The Capilano Suspension bridge
This bridge is 70 meter above and 140 meter across the Capilano river in north Vancouver.Various other exciting things can be experienced around the Capilano river. 7 other suspension bridges will give you the opportunity to experience one of the oldest forests around the Vancouver region. More information can be found under
Harbor cruise & events
Do you want to experience Vancouver from the water? Harbor Cruises is the perfect company for that. They are the leading boat, sightseeing company in Vancouver. The company provides unparalleled views of Vancouver and offers a unique way to experience the city.

The Vancouver Lookout!
Enjoy the spectacular 360 degree view of  the most beautiful city in the world.
Go up in one of the two glass elevators and get ready for the lookout platform 130 meter high above the sea level. The view is incredible! Admission for adults is $15.

Vancouver Art Gallery
The Vancouver Art Gallery presents ever-changing world-class exhibitions, from historic masters to today’s most internationally acclaimed contemporary artists. The building also hosts collections of paintings from the beloved British Columbia artist Emily Carr.

Hell’s Gate Airtram
Vancouver’s last  “Must See Spot” is an attraction for all outdoor fans which like to immerge in the nature around Vancouver and who want to experience the freedom Canada has to offer. I am talking about the Hell’s Gate Airtram in the scenic Fraser Canyon. The Fraser Canyon is located in the heart of British Columbia and is accessible through a scenic route through the B.C. Mountains and 7 huge mountain tunnels.
Already the drive to the Canyon itself is a great adventure. Several different landscapes and a vivid wildlife can be found and experienced on your way to Hell’s Gate Airtram. Once you arrived at the top rim of the Canyon, at the observation deck, you will have an amazing view all over the Canyon and the masses of water that are floating down the Canyon!

But most of all, don’t forget to visit the incredible INTERNeX Networking Reception the 1st of June in the Blarney Stone!

If you want more information about these Must See’s, don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your questions!



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What to do on the weekend?

Banff: Summer Arts Festival

Every year, The Banff Centre invites professional artists from across Canada and around the world, in order to create the Banff Summer Arts Festival. There is a lot of creative energy you can experience when listening to Jazz music, watching plays or admiring contemporary literature. Head towards Banff if you are in for an arts experience in the brisk mountain air of Banff National Park!


Toronto: Contact Photography Festival

CONTACT Photography Festival explores personal and social consequences of the medium of photography.

In the previous year, more than 500 local and international artists became part of the event at more than 200 venues across Toronto.

This year’s theme will be Figure & Ground, aiming to find out, how we comprehend and understand today’s world, throwing a focus on the contrasts between humans and nature and echnology and culture.

Public installations will also be across the city, including TTC subway platforms and billboards throughout downtown.
Start Date: May 10, 2011
End Date: May 31, 2011

Depending on the weather, I can definitely recommend one thing:
– Rent a bike or a car and drive to West Vancouver, all the way up Cypress Mountain until you arrive at the Highview Lookout Point.

It is a very popular viewing area and can be very busy at times. But when I have been there last weekend there was almost nobody.

You have a spectacular view over Vancouver with the sunset in the back. Simply G-E-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!


Your PR-Crew

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Vancouver’s Must See Attractions – part VI

The day’s Vancouver Must See Attraction is pretty high in the city:

The Vancouver Lookout!

Enjoy the spectacular 360 degree view of  the most beautiful city in the world.
Go up in one of the two glass elevators and get ready for the lookout platform 130 meter high above the sea level.
The view is incredible!
On sunny days you can look far over the whole city of Vancouver.
Enjoy dining out at the restaurant one level above the lookout while watching the sunset behind the mountains in north Vancouver.
Come at night time and you will experience a total different city with all the city lights shining bright.

Talk to someone of the knowledgeable staff members which guide you through the history of Vancouver while also informing you about the local hot spots in the City.

Admission for adults is $15.

Students only pay $10.

I have been there during the day as well as at night time. The Vancouver Lookout is a unique opportunity to experience the city from a different perspective. So go and check it out!

I wish all of you guys a nice and sunny weekend!