INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday


If you are new here in Vancouver or just arrived a few days ago, maybe you didn’t notice yet that especially Vancouver is totally freaking out, if you talk with some people about hockey!
I mean, you definitely can’t compare it to any other type of sport in North America and probably in the world as well!

If the Vancouver Canucks have a game in Rogers Arena, almost every person comes out into the streets to watch the game, either in Rogers Arena or in a pub.
And I promise you, even if you didn’t watch hockey in your home country before, you will become addicted to hockey during your stay in Vancouver;

And I always can recommend watching a game directly Rogers Arena!
And if you’re lucky, maybe you can see one of the players strolling around in the city during a normal day!

So keep your eyes open and maybe you could take a picture together with one of the players.





Take care,

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INTERNeX Canada: “Picture your life” -Winners-

Go Canucks Go
As you know we had another contest for some awesome Canucks tickets. The name of our last contest was “Picture your life” and based on Lydia’s example we had lots of INTERNeX’er submitting great pictures and fantastic stories, which we will post in the following weeks.

All of the stories and pictures were great and we had a hard time to decide who will get the tickets to the Canucks game. So after reading every story and getting everybody involved in the decision we picked the stories from Meike and Frida as the winners, but as well decided to give away some other, also great prizes to many more who submitted great stories and pictures.

Gratulation Meike and Frida, your story will be posted soon.

Have fun tonight and let us know how it was to see the Vancouver Canucks in action 🙂



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INTERNeX Canucks Contest (Win Tickets for Sunday)

We have 2 tickets for the Canucks vs. Calgary Flames for upcoming Sunday at 6PM ! And you can win these tickets, which are each worth $145!!! Enjoy a thrilling game in Rogers Arena (where we won Hockey Gold in 2010) and experience the unbelievable atmosphere of a REAL hockey game! You have to see at least one game now that you are in Canada!

How can you win: Easy!  First: you have to be an INTERNeX candidate (*), since this is a special prize ONLY for INTERNeX participants.  Second: Write a story about your best experience in Canada so far and include at least one picture and send it to us. The topic of your story can be anything! about your work, travel, or free time! This is your chance to go to Vancouver Canucks for FREE! Give it a try and send us your story! Your stories will be posted to be read by future, present and past INTERNeXer’s.

Do your best, and write the most funny and most original story! Who knows… maybe you can support the CANUCKS on Sunday !!

Cheers, your PR-Team

INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

(*) You have to be one of our candidate in one of the following INTERNeX Programs:

  • Internship
  • Hospitality
  • Ranchstay
  • Volunteer

INTERNeX pub night at the Blarney Stone

Yes, it is finally that time of the week again. This time around we have picked out an old classic we are sure both new and old candidates will enjoy. This Thursday we will be heading out to the BLARNEY STONE! 😀

This pub night is Claudia’s last as a PR intern for INTERNeX, so come join us and give Claudia a night she will not forget.

What? INTERNeX Pub Night – for all our INTERNeX candidates and their friends

When? Thursday, June 16 at 8.30 pm

Where? The Blarney Stone, 216 Carrall Street, Gastown


Hope to see you all this Thursday!



Your PR team

INTERNeX International Exchange

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Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149