INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

Some famous and stupid Internet trends that made us laugh! Anything better to start the weekend in a good mood.


God save the absurd humor. Tumblrs, Facebook pages and YouTube videos full of cats, fatty little boys, pictures with a comment below, hilarious gifts,… The main source of time wasting, the only thing that you really need to enjoy an amazing evening with a friend (except a computer with network). The main reason that explains why I didn’t finish my bachelor with honors.

Do you have to study, to clean the house, to write that email to your mother….But finally what do you do? Go to the computer to waste many hours doing… anything. Only watching stupids things in Internet. That’s sound familiar to you?  Don’t worry, you are not a simply and boring lazy person, you are a victim of the Procrastination. What does that strange word mean? According to my good friend Wikipedia:

Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time.Chronic procrastination may be a sign of an underlying psychological disorder.

After this you feel kind of better, isn’t it?

Anyway, I want to update you about the hottest, craziest and why not, stupid trends that have happened during this extremely short summer which is now very close to the end.

Hot dogs or legs?

Somebody very tired about that trend of upload pictures to Instagram with a pair of legs and the sea/swimming pool/garden in the back, created that Tumblr where you have many examples about how difficult is to see the difference between a pair of legs and a pair of hot dogs. AWESOME.

Hungover Owls

Well, I think that this Tumblr doesn’t need more comments… How can an owl looks so sad? Don’t you feel the need to bring them a large amount of ibuprofen and a two liters of water?

Ugly Renaissance Babies

Basically, you can find here a wide range of Renaissance Art where the babies look very ugly. And then you have very funny comments below. Simple but effective

Funny Lori

That video is quite old… maybe the Real Frikies of Youtube will hate me to be too obvious, but this so so so so cute that I couldn’t resist about maybe one of the best videos in Youtube. ♥

So, I hope I have given you enough tools for don’t do anything productive in the next two weeks!



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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

And we are off! The journey through the Canadian Rockies has begun! We left this morning at 7.30am from Waterfront station with 5 Westtrek buses and we will eventually split up to go on two separate routes. There are INTERNeX Candidates in the party bus and in the regular bus as well, and we will be taking the North route. We expect to get no sleep on the party bus!

Would you like to follow our journey online and find out what we are up to? The three PR interns who are on the trip (Hannes, Petra & Lies) will keep you up to date on their current location via foursquare whenever they have access to wifi. Their check-ins will automatically show up on your Facebook and Twitter feed if you have liked our page on Facebook and/or are following us on Twitter. To like us on Facebook please click here.

We will be taking beautiful pictures of the locations so that you can share the experience too, in a way 🙂

Sad that you missed the INTERNeX trip of the month? Don’t worry we will be organizing another great trip for the month of May. Read our UPCOMING INTERNeX EVENTS blog post next Wednesday to find out where we will be going!

We hope you have a lovely weekend!



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The new INTERNeX Website (

We were working on the new website, which you can find under the domain, for some time now. As many of you know INTERNeX started in Canada. The first office was here in Vancouver, later INTERNeX had opened an office in Toronto as well and later one in New Zealand. The first INTERNeX website I personally was involved with was created in the beginning of 2007. INTERNeX changed from a website build with HTML and created by many different people, to a CMS (content management system).

In December 2008 I created the next version of the INTERNeX website, trying to implement some features which were useful for our candidates, our partners and of course ourselves. When I was building the site I realized how difficult it is to actually explain what we do without using to many word and therefore the 2008 version had still lots of information and many content.

In the beginning of 2009 we started with our social network activities and were building our PR department. When I started working on the new version of the INTERNeX Canada website I wanted to integrated all the information we provide to our candidates via our Blog, Twitter and Flickr on one website. This version had an event calendar, updates from our Twitter account and of course also our Blog was connected to it. But unfortunately the content about our programs and services were still a lot and we also didn’t really organized our FAQ’s very well.

In the meantime INTERNeX New Zealand was still presented by the version we created in 2008 and we start thinking how we can come up with a better concept. The website was in our opinion the solution, but it would take some time to actually build that site. With two location, offering the same services, but having different regulation we had to rethink how we want to present INTERNeX in the WorldWideWeb. It took some time to rewrite the content and to come up with an easier navigation and concept for the site, but I think we finally created a site which is nice, clean, organized and still looks good. Therefore I am very happy to present to you the website and would love to see some comments on our Blog, how do you like the site.

Over the years many people were working on the website and I would like to say a special thank you to:

  • Maarten, Christian, Liza and Mike who interned at INTERNeX in 2009 and helped a lot to improve our online presents
  • Lauren, Laura, Nathalie, Manouk and Mette who did an internship in 2010 and started rewriting our content as well as worked with me on the first version of the website
  • Franziska, Maads, Will and Claudio who did an internship in 2011 and helped with the design work as well as rewriting some of our content and entering the FAQ’s into the system
  • I also would like to thank our team in New Zealand, especially Paul, Robin and Lotte for amazing pictures and the content we received to finish the New Zealand part of the site.
  • I also would like to mention Hannes, who is still working on the website and writing some new content and entering missing articles into the system as well as Petra, who is doing a great design job. Both started their internship in January 2012.
  • Last but not least I would like to thank everyone in the INTERNeX team for rewriting content, prove reading, design adjustments and making sure everything is in order.

In case I did forgot someone my apologies, but so many people helped to make the site happened that I honestly lost track 🙂

Please be so kind and visit our website at and leave a comment below.

Thank you

The INTERNeX Website

As some of you may noticed our website is down. I made an announcement yesterday on our Facebook Page, hoping that the error is not to bad and that the site will be up and running soon. But I just talked to our provider and it seems that one of the server is broken and has to be replaced.

Fortunately our Emails are not effected and we can still receive Emails from you.

We are working hard to get the website up and running again and will stay in tough with you via our Blog, Facebook Page and of course Twitter.

Thanks for your understanding.

R. Simon Kaebe – IT Manager


Our gang having a couple of beers!

When have you ever heard these two words put together before?! A wise person once told me – beer is never FREE!

But for a limited time, the first few people who attend this Wednesday’s PuB NiGhT which is TODAY (October 20, 2010) will get FREE BEER, or until the first pitcher is finished! Tonight’s PuB NiGhT starts at 8:30pm!
We have alot of events that are brewing in time to celebrate Halloween!!!
Next Wednesday, we are going to celebrate Halloween in style!  You can choose to come dressed up for this frighteningly, scary holiday!  What costume would you choose?

Alot of people from other countries are telling me that Halloween is not “big” where they live, but you should experience Canada’s Halloween! It is quite a spectacular scene – we take Halloween seriously, and it shows! That’s why we should all participate in this holiday and show them what we’re made of!

Within the next few pub nights are trip give-aways, and even a ticket to Vancouver Fashion Week!!! You should all keep your eyes on our facebook, blogs, and newsletters to catch all the upcoming events for your chance to WIN BIG!!!

For more information, check out our many media sources (facebook, twitter, newsletters, blog, YouTube) or contact us:

INTERNeX International Exchange
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