Time to say goodbye!

Dear INTERNeXers,

Today is my last day that I am working for INTERNeX International Exchange, so here is my little goodbye blog post. The last 5 months I have been working for the company with pleasure! As probably many of you know, I was doing my internship at INTERNeX and now it is time for me to leave.
During my internship I have learnt so much and I am really thankful to the whole INTERNeX team! Everyone has been so welcoming and nice to me and I really enjoyed working with all of you. Also, I would like to thank all the INTERNeX Candidates, because you have made my internship even better. The Whistler trip, the Rocky Mountains trip, the Karaoke Party at the Staff house and all the PuB NiGHTS were absolutely awesome. So, thanks again everyone for making my experience what is was!








Now that my internship is over, I am going to travel around with my parents and my sister. I will visit the Rockies again and show my parents the staff house, the INTERNeX office and of course one of my favorite places the Blarney Stone! INTERNeX has been my first international work experience and I will never forget all the things I have learnt here! It’s hard to say goodbye, but I am confident to go as we have an amazing PR-team that will take over!! 🙂

Thanks again everyone!!

All the best,

Testimonial from our own staff: Marien

The testimonial this week is  from Marien who works at INTERNeX. She is talking about herself and about her work at INTERNeX! Here is a little piece of the whole testimonial:

‘’I have worked for INTERNeX for three and a half years now!  Originally I am from Mexico and my last job was working in an international programs office at one of the main private universities in Mexico City. I was primarily responsible for student placements within their field of study and INTERNeX was actually one of our partners and that is how I came to meet Tim.  I started working for INTERNeX in August 2007 and my position here at INTERNeX has been the Hospitality Program Manager.

The INTERNeX staff is so amazing, because we are all so passionate about our work, the company and our candidates. This really sets us apart from all the others. Also, first and foremost our tailor-made placements. In this process we are focusing primarily on the participants and their personal goals and from there we find a suitable position for them. Another important and unique aspect of our company is our international team and relaxed work environment. We are all highly committed to this companies missions and values and we appreciate the fact that even though we have a substantial amount of systems and procedure in place, we are granted a considerable amount of freedom in which we can truly flourish. Given this room for innovation INTERNeX can always be one step ahead…”

If you are curious for her whole story, please go to our website to check it out.  Would like to have your testimonial online? Please write a story about your time in Canada and send your it to: pr@internexcanada.com


INTERNeX International Exchange
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Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Web: www.internexcanada.com
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149
Email: pr@internexcanada.com

What is INTERNeX all about?

Hi everyone,

Since I am interning for INTERNeX I’ve learned so much more about the organization. I found out that they do so much more than what I thought before I came here, so let me explain a bit more about what INTERNeX is all about!

INTERNeX International Exchange is Canada’s leading organization allowing you to work, live and learn in Canada and now in New Zealand! INTERNeX believes that a person needs to gain real practical experience in a foreign environment, like Canada or New Zealand. Basically INTERNeX is there to give international students a great international experience. So, if you would like to work, live and learn and have an awesome time in Canada or NZ, INTERNeX has the right program for you!

The 5 programs
INTERNeX offers you five different programs:
• Through the City Placement Program you can get a paid job and gain international work experience at the same   time.
• There’s a Hospitality Program which gives you the chance to get a paid position in Canada and New Zealand’s most breathtaking resorts whilst still having the time to explore the beautiful surroundings.
• In the Internship Program you could learn in your field of interest or study. This could help you to get a better job in the future as you will have international work experience.
• With the Ranch Stay Program you can live close to animals and really have an “authentic” Canadian or Kiwi experience.
• Go for the Volunteer Program if you would like to help, rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals!

As you can see INTERNeX offers you all the things you need to have a great international experience!

While you are here in Canada or New Zealand you will need a place to stay. INTERNeX also provides you with different kinds of accommodation services, so if you need a place to live, they can help! The accommodation service consists of: home stay, student staff house and hostels. The home stay means that you will live with a local family, this will really add to your experience! The other option is the student Staff House. I live in the Staff House and it is great, because you will make friends really easily. A hostel is also a good solution if you prefer to live close to the city centre. A lot of people come and go in these places, so you will meet loads of people!

The INTERNeX Staff
The INTERNeX staff comes from all over the world and they speak together 10 different languages. This could help you, because there won’t be a language barrier, so they are always able to listen to you and give you insights from your own country’s perspective! The INTERNeX staff are there to assist you out with any questions or problems you have. They want to make sure you will feel comfortable coming into the office at any time with any problem, no matter how big or small.

I can imagine that maybe you are a little anxious to start your big adventure, but that is where I and the rest of the PR-team can help you out. A large number of INTERNeX candidates come alone here, so the PR-team could help you to meet new people and share your experiences through a lot of exciting events. An event we organize is for example the PuB NiGHT, which is every Wednesday, but there are also trips to the Rockies, Whistler and Seattle and many more fun events!!

I hope to meet you here soon! 🙂


INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Web: www.internexcanada.com
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149
Email: pr@internexcanada.com


Tonight is PuBNiGHT!


Yah it’s Wednesday again – and you know what that means! It’s time for the weekly INTERNeX and Global Work and Travel PuBNiGHT! Last week we had a big, crazy bunch of people attending, let’s see if we can top that this week. So bring all your friends and come to the Blarney Stone. If you are new in town or never been to the PuBNiGHT before, what better thing is there to do on a Wednesday night then to go out and get to know some new friends over a beer.  We promise you will have a good time, and some laughs 😉

Tonight is going to be an extra special night: West Trek and Moose are coming to the PuBNiGHT and are giving away some awesome prizes. Last week West Trek gave away a trip to Whistler, so who knows what they will give away this time. It will be Moose’s first time to our PuBNiGHT, and we’re looking forward to having them both there with us!

As some of you might know INTERNeX is partnering up with Global Work and Travel at the PuBNiGHTS. Global Work and Travel Co. is company that helps Australians come to Canada to work and have fun. Last week we had some of their Staff coming out and tonight hopefully we will have some of their travelers coming out too, so Anna (our only Australian these days) may not be the only Aussie there!

This week we sadly have a few people leaving Canada to go back to Germany, but luckily we also have a few new people coming out. We will do our best to make everyone feel welcome and make sure that everyone has a great time!

We will be at the Blarney Stone at 8.30 pm. See you there!

–          Manouk

Every Wednesday PuB NIGHT !!!!!

You made it so crazy and fun last times that we have no other choices than to do it again and again!!!!! Join us again at the Blarney Stone Pub for a couple of drinks or more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will be at the Blarney Stone as from 8:30 pm!

All the PR girls will be more than happy to meet you there, you and all our friends from INTERNeX. And don’t hesitate to come with your friends. Because, as the proverb says : ” The More The Merrier ! “.

Click here to find the Blarney Stone Pub on google map.