What is a practicum and why would you do one?

IMG_2807A practicum or internship is intended to supplement education; it is meant to familiarize and acculturate a student to operational business practices in a relevant organizational setting. Practicums are designed to give students the chance to get real-world, hands-on, career-relevant, specialized experience in their industry.

The quality of a given practicum will depend on a number of factors, including: university requirements, industry sector, relevant experience/education, the time of year and duration, not to mention the specific conditions of the host organization. Done correctly, practicums are the best possible way to put theory learned in school into practice and to broaden ones business network. Most practicums are composed of unremunerated participation in an operational business environment or occupation in order to gain a functional insight into the industry sector and business processes. In some cases candidates may be paid a stipend or basic salary though this should not be the main consideration when organizing a placement; if you an afford it, you should focus on he content of the placement rather than whether or not you get paid… Practicums should be primarily for the benefit of the student and designed to give candidates the chance to both observe and participate in operational activities in order to better understand the hosts industry sector and work environment.

Practicum students and hosts should be absolutely clear that a practicum is not a job. Practicum students should have the chance to participate in and explore different aspects of the host organizations operations and different roles with in the organization. Activities and tasks should mostly be project-related but can include some operational day-to-day tasks as well. These may not always exciting but are a necessary part of any practicum, however these sorts of tasks should not comprise more than 20% of practicum activities; it should not be about making coffee any buying donuts. Practicums should be non-supervisory in nature though candidates are given some real responsibility and accountability for the tasks they undertake. Placements are designed for the benefit of the candidates but are in real, functioning organizations and due care, an understanding or processes, limitations and protocols as well as a professional attitude are critical. Ultimately a practicum requires a lot of flexibility and a participant that can adapt to the style, culture, processes and environment of a host organization.

Have a look here for the specific requirements employers need to meet to host a practicum or internship student in the USA

Upcoming Portland trip

Only one month left until we’re going to Portland, so we want to give you some more information about what to bring for crossing the border to the US.

-Passport (Passports must be valid and be Machine-readable). All passports issued from 2006 and after are Machine-Readable. The date of issue is stated in your passport.

-Everyone must pay US immigration $6 USD at the border to process entry (please have exact change)

– Proof of medical insurance. Not required but definitely recommendable in case you accidentally get ill or injured (although the trip does not include hazardous activities).

– Any kind of proof that you’re going back to Canada. Can be a document proving that you’re participating in a study program in Canada, proof of work in Canada, or proof that you’re doing a practicum in Canada.

– In case your country is included in the visa waiver program you don’t need to apply for any other visa documents. A lot of countries are included in the visa waiver program. You can check the list here.

– Since we’re driving across the border you don’t need the ESTA tourist visa. This is only needed when entering the US on an air or sea carrier.

– Also important are some good walking shoes

Also remember to always have your passport on you when you go out in the US. Some places only accept your passport as ID.

A reminder what is included in the price of only $229:

• All Tips & Taxes
• Deluxe Coach Transportation
• 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation
• 2 Continental Breakfasts
• A Cool Canadian Guide
• & Much More!!

Hope many of you will join us for this great trip.

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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

This was a real interesting weekend, Saturday I rented a car in order to go to the border to get my visa and later that day there was the Staffhouse party. Everybody went crazy there and had a lot of fun as well as got to meet a lot of people, definitely a memorable day and night.

It’s snowing in Vancouver, that was the first thing I saw when I looked out of the window. That was not the best news on an early Saturday morning because I just rented a car for that day, and needed to go to the border in order to get my visa and driving trough that kind of weather is not my favorite past time.

I went together with three German guys, who also needed to get their visas. It was an interesting car drive because I was able to refresh my German language skills. It took about 45 minutes to get there and go to America and Flag Pole back to Canada, where we went trough the process of the visa application. All in all it took us about 2 hours.

Because I had to rent the car for 24 hours, I went shopping for the heavy stuff. I bought a lot of drinks and food at No Frills, which is a really cheap store. When I came back from returning the car the Staffhouse party was getting started.

This was my first Staffhouse party and it was definitely a memorable one.

The evening started slowly but more and more people showed up. At 12 o’clock there was a surprise, namely a lot of balloons where let lose into the room and it ended in a  mass attack on the balloons. It sounded like new years with firecrackers. But overall I had a lot of fun and got to meet people from all over the world. Brazil, Canada, Spain, Russia, China, Belgium, Sweden, Germany are just a few examples.

This was my official kick-off weekend, so I am really curious what the next weekend might bring.

What are you doing or what have you done on the weekend please write me and win amazing prices!!

Greets, Petra

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Ready to Dine Out in Vancouver?!

Today is the start of some serious eating! Yes ladies and gentlemen it is that time of the year again and might i say my favorite part of this month.

Presented by

, Dine Out Vancouver is the feature event, running from April 26th (TODAY) till May 6th 2010 so make sure you a part of this at least once.

This is a delicious celebration of all things that BC has to offer, such as food and wine! Enjoy a splendid three-course dinner at a total of 208 of Vancouver’s hottest restaurants for either $18, $28 or $38 per person, complemented by a fabulous BC VQA wine pairing suggestions. You honestly cannot get much better than that.

Of course, reservations are highly recommended. Don’t forget that you can also book online for many of the participating restaurants making it easy to secure that coveted eatery and avoid busy phone signals! For a list of the all the participating restaurants and there location I highly recommend that you visit this website…and they will even categorize them in terms of their cuisine type!