INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday


If you are new here in Vancouver or just arrived a few days ago, maybe you didn’t notice yet that especially Vancouver is totally freaking out, if you talk with some people about hockey!
I mean, you definitely can’t compare it to any other type of sport in North America and probably in the world as well!

If the Vancouver Canucks have a game in Rogers Arena, almost every person comes out into the streets to watch the game, either in Rogers Arena or in a pub.
And I promise you, even if you didn’t watch hockey in your home country before, you will become addicted to hockey during your stay in Vancouver;

And I always can recommend watching a game directly Rogers Arena!
And if you’re lucky, maybe you can see one of the players strolling around in the city during a normal day!

So keep your eyes open and maybe you could take a picture together with one of the players.





Take care,

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