PuB NiGHT Review: The Beaver Tap house


Another Wednesday, another PuB NiGHT! Besides it was my second PuB NiGHT with the INTERNeX gang and my first PuB NiGHT I had to organize. After some researche I decided to reserve the Beaver Tap House. I wasn´t there before but their Internet review sounded good. 


At the end of the night I probably can say, it was a good choice. I think everybody had a great evening. 

After we managed that everybody had a good seat, we talked a lot about everything and everybody. I also met some new faces yesterday. 

Furthermore it is to mention, that a special of the Beaver Bar is the famous music bingo every Wednesday. A song is played and you have to mark the singer and song title on your paper. Quite tough sometimes, but with team work we managed. In the first round Lukas and another girl, not from us, screamed BINGO simultaneously. But unfortunately she got the free Beer pitcher… 

All in all the music bingo was really funny, and I am sure that someone of us will win the next time.


We left the Beaver Bar at about 11:30 pm, but some of us were not tired at this time yet. Because of that a part of the INTERNeX group went on to the Yale Saloon. At the Yale we were almost the only ones, which is why the DJ played the Tequila song especially for us. The dance floor was only occupied by INTERNEX people. It was pretty cool to dance together with 10 other guys in an empty Pub 😀

At the end of this blog post, I like to say that I had a great time last night and I hope you did too! Thanks for coming!

Now I´m really looking forward to the weekend.

Cause that’s when our great Whistler trip is coming up. I hope to see many of you there again. 

See you on Saturday☺


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Review: Vancouver Canucks hockey evening

Last Saturday we had a great evening by watching a hockey game here in Vancouver. It was the last pre-season game this year and the Vancouver Canucks played against the Edmonton Oilers. After a few Minutes Vancouver did already the first goal and again after a few Minutes they did their second goal. So it seemed the game would be very one-sided and Vancouver would win for sure. But then the game turned and Edmonton did one goal as well by playing really not bad anymore. The game turned from one-sided into suspenseful and we followed the game passionately.
The atmosphere was great, so even ,if you don’t like hockey, it’s a lot of fun. During the breaks they threw Canucks-shirts into the crowd, filmed people, who were dancing or did other funny things and played good music. The audience did a la ola wave and cheered the Canucks on. Apart from the game there were so many things and people that entertained you…it was really not possible to get bored.
At the end the Canucks won by three goals to two…YIHAAAA!!

Since it was still early for a Saturday evening we went out to the Doolin’s Irish Pub to enjoy some more beers.
See more pictures of the evening here.




Hope all of you have a great start in this week and we see you on wednesday at the PuB Night.

Join us for a great movie evening next Saturday here.


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Smart Saver Vancouver

You all know that Yoga isn’t that cheapest activity to do but we found a free Yoga course every Monday. It’s called Sitka Vancouver and it’s located on West 4th (1864 West 4th Ave.) in Kitsilano. They offers free yoga classes every Monday evening from 7:30-8:30pm. Just bring your own mat and than you can start to stretch along with professional yoga teachers for free. The classes are open to anyone. So if the next Monday is a rainy day you should check the free yoga classes out.


Have fun at your free yoga class.

PS: we will have a PuB NiGHT on Tuesday the 15th of April!

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Special PuB NiGHT – Review

Yesterday we had a special PuB NiGHT going on at the Bourbon on Cordova St. Together with some of our INTERNeX partners we arranged this special event for you! The night started at 9pm when some of our INTERNeX candidates entered the pub. The theme of the party was ‘Been Around The World’ so a lot of people where dressed as their own country. To give you a good example, our candidate Flo from Austria was wearing his ‘lederhosen’ to the event, which was absolutely awesome!

Moose Travel was hosting some fun games during the evening. Some of our candidates wanted to play, so they were divided into teams. In the first round the teams had to crowd surf one of their team members, who had to drink beer with a straw afterwords. The second game was quarter bounce, where the players had to bounce several quarters into a cup. In the last round there was a real battle between the teams. Every team had to pick one team member to battle against the other team. Those persons were blindfolded and were wearing a helmet with an empty can on top of it. In the battle the players had to try to hit the can off the helmet of the other team player! Of course there were prizes to win last night, and team Jet Wild was the winner of the evening! They won Moose Whistler tours, tickets to the Giants playoff game and t-shirts!

The games were a lot of fun to watch and everyone was enjoying themselves. We had no cover, no line up and drink specials the whole evening, so basically we had a GREAT evening! Thanks for coming everyone. Check out the pictures from last night at our Flickr Page. Hope to see everyone next Wednesday!

Your PR-team

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It’s almost Wednesday!

Hey everyone,

This is just a reminder for the PuB NiGHT coming Wednesday at the Blarney Stone. This pub is voted as the best Irish pub in Vancouver. The Blarney Stone is both a local favorite and tourist destination. They have a Live Band every Wednesday! The INTERNeX PuB NiGHT has been in the Blarney Stone many, many times and Wednesday we are going there again! To make this evening even more special, there will be 2 free pitchers of beer! So be there at 8 p.m.

Details about this PuB NiGHT:

Blarney Stone
216 Carrall Street
(Gastown Vancouver)

Wednesday the 23rd of February
at 8 p.m.

$4.00 Pints
$4.00 Hi Balls
50C Wings

2 free pitchers of beer at the beginning of the evening !!!
There will be a live band
Junhwe Kim, an INTERNeX candidate, will celebrate his birthday party at the PuB NiGHT!

Bring friends or make friends at this pub! Make sure you don’t miss it..

Your PR-team

Fun @ the Disney Evening

We had a lot of fun Monday during the Disney evening. You remember the orientation room, from when you just arrived and got your orientation? Well you won’t have recognized it on Monday. We transformed it into the perfect cinema room with a couch, leather chairs and we even got bowls of popcorn to give  it even more of a cinema feeling!

We started out with the viewing of Lion King! One of our candidates watching the movie 2 a month and was able to sign along with every song!! For the rest of us it was great to see this movie again for the first time in a few years!

After the Lion King it was time for my favorite Disney movie of all times: Beauty and the Beast! This time it was my turn to sing along with all the songs!

Everyone really enjoyed the Disney evening, to see how much click here to view the pictures of the evening

I hope to see everyone at the PuB NiGHT tonight! I will be my last as an INTERNeX interns, so come out and celebrate a great time at INTERNeX as an interns!

PARTY like the IRISH!

After a phenomenal evening at the Blarney Stone last night, we just HAVE to do it again! If you’re feeling irish next week and want to come out for some good times and cheap drinks, join us on August 4 at the Blarney Stone in Gastown!

We had such an awesome time there yesterday, and everyone ended up on the dance floor! If you want to meet other INTERNeX candidates this is your chance! Make friends and chat with people from all over the world!

Wednesday night this bar has some great specials going on, like $4 pints, $4 highballs and 50 cent wings! Drink, eat, dance, sing – whatever! Do it with INTERNeX Wednesday night! No cover so come on out around 8:30 p.m.! If you haven’t been to the Blarney Stone before, this bar has a great atmosphere, and it’s really big! This means there’s tons of room to walk around, and practice those killer dance moves!

See you next week!

– The PR Girls *